Me Tarzan

Remember when I was bemoaning the idea of gift registries because I had to go to a wedding reception?  Well the blessed event was last week and I was anticipating a very quick in and out with a “go you” cheer in the middle.  I was relatively certain I wasn’t going to know anyone in the room which was fine because I actually had other plans that night. 

I showed up at the reception hall and imagine my complete and utter shock, when there standing right in front of me is GP.  Some of you may remember this is the guy that was my neighbor back in Utah that I could never talk to because well, he’s just too cute.

As we’re both standing there waiting to sign the guest book my mind is in hyper over drive at all the things I could say.  I mean, this is it.  My perfect opportunity that I’ve wanted and it’s finally mine.  All these things to say came to mind which I quickly dismissed and then quickly replaced only to keep doing it over and over.  I finally just went with the old fashioned “Hi” which he reciprocated. 

I’m not sure what happened after that.  I don’t know if I was so shocked to hear his voice directed to me, shocked to hear my own voice directed to him, or if my mind was momentarily abducted because the next thing out of my mouth was….nothing.  Not one blasted thing.  He turned and went on his way and the moment was over.  Smooth.  Real smooth.


Yep, that pretty much sums it up.

6 thoughts on “Me Tarzan

  1. I had to do a little double take because GP are my initials….

    That cartoon sums up the hopelessness of much of my dating history…. I can talk a blue streak with anyone (part of the job as a car salesman) but as soon as it’s someone I kinda fancy, and I don’t have an ‘IN” for conversation…I kinda clam up like that too…I go from smooth cars salesman to “I like crayons and ride the shortbus to school” sort of impression…
    Yeah, real smooth indeed

    “I like crayons and rid the short bus to school” that is a funny line! My best guy friends are all married and I think it’s because I’m not trying to impress them or worried that they won’t be impressed with me. I don’t get why the way someone looks has such a big impact on my behavior and my ability to speak. From now on I’m going to do my best to convince myself that everyone looks like a troll. HAHA!

  2. 😦 Oh no! Boys make stuff so awkward. but acutally usually I won’t even bother to say hi, I just stand there and dare them to talk to me. I don’t have many conversations. Way to go up and say something!

    Well thanks! I’m glad I can see the humor in the situation and it provided a blog entry so all was not lost.

  3. Oh I loved hearing this story. So glad you called me and gave me all the juicy details. Was there any response to your email?? Just wondering because I have nothing better to do than wonder. 🙂 I am now kicking myself for not mentioning GP in our pre-reception conversation…I swear it was going through my head but I thought to myself ‘no, that would just be stupid’. Glad to know I’m actually right….always. 🙂 ha ha

    I don’t know about you always being right…lol And no, I’ve not heard anything back from my email. Can’t say I’m surprised but I’m glad I sent one…maybe you are right about everything.

  4. I was, and actually still am, the same way despite being married. Whenever I get a man sitting in my chair for a haircut and he’s even kind of cute, I get a little melty and stuff because all I can think is “I’m going to be washing his hair, and my boobs will be in his face. I’m going to be cutting his hair and at some point, my boobs will be in his face.” This career is making me look far more forward than I actually am.

    haha Ok, so at least I wasn’t in that kind of an awkward position.

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