More Decor

I’ve been living here in AZ for a little over two months now and I’m just getting around to hanging things on the wall and adding little touches here and there to make my apartment look more like a home.  My mom came out to visit me for the weekend and thanks to her, this was all possible.  Here are the changes so far:

img_3151 img_3152

img_3153 img_3154

There are a few things I still want to do, like add something on the table and eventually that plant will grow and look a little better hanging there.  But I’m happy that virtually all the photography is my own and I’m happy I feel good enough about to put it on display.  Too bad this wasn’t done BEFORE all my visitors came…guess you’ll all have to come again!  Thanks again mom!


7 thoughts on “More Decor

  1. This is a testament to how opposite two people can be: after my husband and I moved people were still moving boxes and furniture in and I was hanging pictures. Yet, two months later, there were still boxes all over the place.

    I’m glad you like your work enough to frame it and hang it. That actually speaks volumes. You should try taking it to a couple places and selling it or something.

    I can tolerate blank walls MUCH better than boxes and clutter in my way! I’ve thought about selling the pictures before but I it’s always a fleeting thought. For some reason I just don’t take myself that seriously. But maybe I really should look into a bit.

  2. LOVE the table/chairs…did you just get them? They are C.O.O.L. Everything looks great!

    They just got here yesterday. I think they’re really nice and tie off the kitchen well!

  3. She bought you table and chairs? I’m waaay older than you and I still don’t have that! Looks good (and much nicer than my place).

    You’re not waaay older than me – way older maybe but not waaay. Kidding. Thanks I really like them!

  4. Wow, your place looks like such a cozy friendly place to hang out in!…but you’re too far for me to pop by randomly and demand to be entertained, haha 😉

    Thank you! It feels really cozy and I love it.

  5. Cool to know that you have a close relationship where your mom, meaning that you let her have her way or help out with your home’s interior design. 😀 I myself am not that tolerant.

    Yeah we are pretty close. That’s not to say I didn’t have the last say on how things were decorated or what was bought but I definitely appreciated her input!

  6. Your place looks awesome! Awesome enough for me to come visit! ha ha ha Um yeah, love the table and chairs….rude. I’d say there are only two things missing:
    1. newspaper clippings of the local college basketball team ticky-tacked to your wall…..and
    2. a wall paper border of candy bar wrappers
    Yep, you get those two things and you’re place is SET! (man, were we really that retarded? humiliating!) Love the plants too….I have always been a believer of greenery in the home. Fake or real…doesn’t matter. Nice work friend!

    HAHA!! Uh, ok well I have to say that while I did live in this apartment with candy wrapper borders and newspaper clippings on the wall, neither were my idea and I don’t believe I actually hung any of them up. But yes, humiliating none the less. Oh the stories we could tell…

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