Million Dollar Question

I was wandering around Target this afternoon and made my usual stop at the movies to see if there were any exceptional deals going on (there weren’t by the way).  I was completely lost in the world of cinema when I heard a female ask in a very baby voice, “Do you think you’ll want to pee in this one?  Or do you think you’ll want to pee in this one?”  Uh….and that’s when I looked up and discovered that the movies were next to the baby section and the lady wasn’t talking to me at all.  Phew.  That was a close one.

6 thoughts on “Million Dollar Question

  1. ewe! that must have had you startled…it had me startled just reading it…lol

    Well it definitely made me pause for a second.

  2. Wow, that is definitely a little creepy…even if the mother was talking to a child. Hmmm….very interesting. Would have been even funnier if you would have offered your opinion as to which one you’d prefer to pee in. 🙂

    HAHA!! That really would have made it hilarious.

  3. lol I sure hope she was looking at potty chairs or diapers!

    Sounds like shopping with you is always an adventure.

    She was looking at potty chairs. Would make a better story if she wasn’t though LOL.

  4. I love it when I overhear stuff like that. I always want to answer the person.

    I should have – that would have been really funny!

  5. Oh wow, that was hilarious. I love Target. But the people watching is Walmart….perfecto!

    It’s true. Walmart is a perfect breeding ground for quality people watching!

  6. I think The Curious Case of Benajamin Buttons came out on DVD on Tuesday…not sure if Target had a great deal on it, but I loved that movie.

    Mom/kid talk is the best of overhear…especially when it pertains to elimination functions.

    I actually never saw that movie but maybe I’ll have to go rent it and see what I think. Overhearing anyone can be funny but I think you’re right, parent/child conversations are some of the best.

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