Rethinking My Career Choice

I’ve been searching for work and have accounts on a few different job sites that send me updates every so often.  I was scrolling through one tonight and mixed in with the usual jobs in my field were four unexpected options.  One suggested I apply to be an electrician.  Uh, ok.  I know how to turn lights on and off but that’s the extent of my knowledge in that field.  Another suggested I apply to be an auto technician.  Yeah, that’s a good one.  I own a car.  How’s that for being qualified?  Then there was the application to be an environmental quality specialist.  Part of those duties included drafting environmental reports regarding the weather. I’ll tell you something about the weather.  Sunshine = smiley face, everything else = frowny face.  That’s my official report and I’d draw it out in crayon.  But the last one was by far my favorite.  Apparently I’m a good match to be a pipe welder.  A pipe welder??  What is this, Flashdance?   Maybe I should take another look at my profile.  Or maybe they know something I don’t…

*So I realize no one is welding in this video but Ted dumping water on his head cracks me up.  Besides, I think you get the point.

4 thoughts on “Rethinking My Career Choice

  1. So funny! One day I am going to make Mark watch that, since he has never seen Flashdance. So many jokes he just doesn’t get!

    It’s been a long time since I’ve seen it but it’s one of those that everyone has to see just for the sake of saying they’ve seen it. You should rent it tonight.

  2. I took a test one time to figure out my career choices and one of them was Private Investigator. So it’s true that I love Magnum PI, but I hardly think that qualifies me. Then again, I do watch a lot of Magnum… so maybe.

    A PI sounds like fun. A pipe welder…not so much.

  3. I was on a couple of those sites too after I quit working at the library. I had a few that were pretty far out there too. Sadly at this point I can no longer remember what they were but I want to say auto mechanic was one of them.

    Of course now I have the image of you handing in a weather report with smiley faces or frowney faces drawn in crayon. Hilarious!

    I think all reports should be done with faces and crayons. Simple and you know exactly what they mean.

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