Arizona Sun

You’re not scarring me!  Uh huh.  Go ahead with your triple digit temperatures in April.  Go ahead knowing I had previously decided not to turn on my AC until I get a job so the bill isn’t as high.  Go ahead, I can subsist on ice cream and otter pops.  Go ahead even though I can’t tell a difference between being outside or inside my own apartment.  Go ahead even though my fan has maintained a consistent 90 degrees in my living room for the past four days with promise to stay there for the next week.  Go ahead.  I’m not complaining.  That being said, if you want to go hide behind a cloud I won’t complain about that either.

I’ve had some visitors over the past couple of weeks.  Many of you have probably read over at Pammy Girl that she was here for a little R&R.  And can you believe it, it rained that weekend.  The first rain I’ve seen here and it happened when I had company.  Go figure.  But I loved having her here even though we mostly sad around playing cards.

Then this past weekend a friend flew down from Utah.  The weather was PERFECT!  About 75 degrees with a nice cool breeze and we took advantage by being out as much as possible.  We found a bunch of hiking trails not too far from my place and spent much of the time exploring.  Honestly the hike was kind of ugly but whatever, it got us outside doing something.  I was pretty excited to discover them, thinking I would go out there on my own during the week to give me something to do.  That was of course before the temps sky rocketed.  Call me crazy but hiking out in the open desert in 100 degree weather doesn’t sound  like tons of fun.  But hanging out with my friend for a few days was.

I had an interview today and as soon as I walked in I could tell it wasn’t something I really wanted to do nor was I really qualified.  If the guy calls me back offering the job I’ll know their organization is desperate.  That’s the only way that call is happening.  Regardless, it was good to have an interview and get a little practice in.

As for now I’m going to go raid the fridge for the last of my otter pops.

10 thoughts on “Arizona Sun

  1. Otter Poops! I love them! Especially the blue ones that tend to stay with you far after it’s gone.

    Blue ones are the worst!! I don’t even bother freezing them or the orange ones. I have an entire box filled with those two flavors that I need to throw out. You’re welcomed to have them.

  2. Otter pops are so good I just put a ton in my freezer at home. What you need is a friend with a pool:D work on that. jk Also I can’t believe its triple digits ❤ Arizona

    Actually there are a few pools right here in my complex. I was laying out by them but that was before the triple digits. I’m going to have to go back out and get in though.

  3. Three Cheers for Otter Pops! I’m usually ok with the extreme heat for the first bit of summer, just because I’m SO ready for summer to start. Near the end I tend to start complaining (a lot), but wow triple digits already?!

    I’m thinking it’s not going to last this hot for the next four months. Surely it’s a weird heat wave and will cool back down for a bit before climbing again…

  4. Eek. 90’s? 100’s? That’s a bit too warm for me…even as I sit here in NY freezing because it’s dropped to 40 degrees tonight.

    I saw a Sno Cone machine at Target last night. Sorry, but I think that trumps the Otter Pops and you should run out and get one (that is, once you get a job because I believe it was about $50, not including the cute polka-dotted paper cups). Just imagine the hours of fun you’d have!

    I’m putting that on my list of things to buy when I get a job!

  5. Save me all the orange ones! Grape = GROSS. Should hit 60 today, so enjoy the freakin’ sunshine.

    I’ll ship them to you! I am enjoying all the sunshine. The weather has cooled off some and if feels great!

  6. It was fun to see you! Thanks for driving me around when it was so last minute. And, enjoy that AZ sun. It was snowing here yesterday. Aye aye aye!

    I was so glad you called and we were able to get together!

  7. I apparently live in my own little world since I have no idea what an otter pop is.

    It hit the high 80’s here about a week ago and I nearly freaked out. Now I have perspective though, so I won’t freak out.

    WHAT?? Actually, I’ll bet you do know what they are and don’t realize it. They’re the same thing as flavor ice. It’s flavored liquid in long plastic that you freeze to make popsicles. They’re pretty yummy!

  8. You’re right I do know what they are, I’ve just never heard them called otter pops before. Come to think of it, I don’t think I’ve ever heard them referred to as anything but popsicles here in Chicago. Maybe it’s a regional thing?

    My favorite is the red.

    And I’ve seen something crazy but it totally appealed to me. Walgreens has those is soda flavors like 7-up, root beer and Dr. Pepper. The Dr. Pepper one was kind of gross but the others were good. My favorite out of those was the root beer though. I want to say it was A&W. If it appeals to you, maybe you can check out your local Walgreens.

    I had forgotten about root beer flavored popsicles – I used to love those. I’ve never tried the other soda flavors though, they don’t sound all that appealing.

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