One, two, three, and four..step step

I love to dance.  I just love it.  I’ve never had any training or taken any classes but I would like to think I would have been pretty good if I had.  That is to say I’m not a total spaz when I’ve gone dancing at a club, if that’s an indicator of a good dancer…though I’m not really sure it is.  I haven’t been dancing in a really long time because something happened to the style of dance while I was living in Guatemala and when I got back I felt completely disconnected.  Now it’s all about pop and locking and my body can’t contort that way.  I really wish it could because how awesome would it be to be an amazing street/breakdancer?  Sadly this is never going to happen for me.

I bring this up because I’m starting to get into a new phase of music.  I know some people discover artists or tend to stick with one specific style of music they like but I approach it a little different.  I tend to emerge myself  entirely into new genres.  For example, I went through a Motown phase a number of years ago.  All I listened to was Motown.  In the car, in my room, wherever.  Then what happens is I tend to burn myself out and go back to listening to current radio songs until I come up with another genre and the whole thing will start again.

I don’t actually know what to call it, jazz maybe?  But I’ve been listening to Frank Sinatra, Nat King Cole, Peggy Lee, well you get the picture.  It’s just so relaxing and timeless really.  Nat King Cole’s voice is like plush velvet and melted dark European chocolate all rolled into one.  And when I hear this music I can’t help but want to get up and dance.  Do a little ballroom, quick step, or something.  Except…I don’t know how.  So I’ve decided that if I ever get a job I want to look into taking dance lessons.  Watch out Julianne Hough, I’m coming for your job.

7 thoughts on “One, two, three, and four..step step

  1. No worries. Julianne Hough already left to pursue singing full time.

    Unless I’m making that up…. I think I heard that though.

    Well I know she’s on the show this season. Whether she stays on or not I have no idea.

  2. Why not take a dance class? Pam is. We took a swing class a long, Long, LONG time ago and it was pretty fun. Just do it!

    I would like to but I’d rather wait until I have a job so I can afford it. But it’s something to look into.

  3. Oh if we had only had a camcorder at college!! You wouldn’t even have to audition, you just send in that tape baby! I think I have a picture of us busting a move up in the loft of our FHE brother’s place. I’m sure it was a vanilla ice move of some sort. And who can forget Retrix? Is that how you spell it? (apparently I can forget) ha ha Oh good times. Remember to busting it out to Reel Big Fish? Oh that was fantastic. I might have to find their cd and put it on tonight. 🙂

    Oh man, no doubt! I forgot about the loft and hanging out up there every once in a while. I think I have a pic of you busting a move to Mulan – HAHAHAHA!! But Reel Big Fish! Definitely! If you want to burn me a copy of that CD…I’m just saying.

  4. For some weird reason, I see you dancing like Elaine from Seinfeld…not sure why.

    HAHA! Well I can mimic a mean Elaine. Not sure if I’ve mentioned that in a post or not but it’s kind of funny to watch.

  5. Well, if you do become a famous dancer, then you can become a famous singer without even having a good voice, like Juliann Hough! I agree with the music. Mark and I have loved those guys for a while! We also like Norah Jones, too. Same style. Not so into Michael Buble, though.

    I’ll take your word on Juliann’s voice, I’ve never listened to her. I do like Norah Jones and just burned some of her stuff today actually. I like some of Michael Buble’s stuff though. Not all of it but some and I did burn some of his music today as well.

  6. I agree with you on Nat King Cole – velvet… We had a neighbour before who adores Nat and almost every evening she and her husband would do some ballroom dancing with Nat on the speakers… 🙂

    I am more into the slow Matt Monroe… he’s my father’s favorite singer and it’s an unspoken requirement at home to be able to properly sing his songs and to include them as part of the repertoire during karaoke and videoke… 🙂

    Hmm, I’m going to have to google Matt Monroe b/c I have no idea who that is.

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