My Weekend 3

I got three things this weekend that should make my life better.  Not that life is bad, it’s just that these things will make it better.

1.  I bought a new pair of running shoes:

s5030786 s5030787

Why I had to take a picture while wearing them I don’t know because I haven’t actually run in them yet.  Anyway, I went running Friday morning and my knee hurt so badly after a mile that I threw my hands in the air and said “FINE!  I’ll look into new shoes.”  I went to Road Runner and they video tapped my feet while I was running on a treadmill and then we analyzed it.  It was so freaking cool.  I could have sat all afternoon watching videos of people running on the treadmill.  When I ran track in high school I remember my coach asking me a few times if I kicked my ankle when I ran and I thought he was crazy.  I mean, really, I think I would know if I kicked myself.  After watching the video I can’t believe I didn’t ever trip myself…literally.  The guy that was helping me was awesome and gave me a lot of useful information that I took to another store where the shoes were cheaper.  Thanks for the help but sorry, I’m not paying over $100 for shoes.  I’m not that dedicated – especially since I’m unemployed.  So I went to a store where I happen to have a gift card and voila!  Supposedly these shoes meet the criteria I need for my foot type.  We shall see.  All I know is that my knee is badly inflamed and it hurts like the dickens when I run.  So…fingers crossed!

2.  I bought a bathingsuit top.  After all the lame drama, can you believe it’s solid black?  I just couldn’t find anything else and I’m not overly happy or satisfied with this one but I was just too wore out to keep searching.  But it’s over and done with and now my life can move on.

3.  Peggle!!  My brother told me about this game only last night and I’m completely and totally hooked.  It’s a computer game that’s a cross between pin ball and plinko from the Price is Right.  To hear it described it sounds totally lame but it’s freakin awesome.  All you do is aim a little ball and shoot it and it hits other balls and bricks and you get points.  When you hit all the orange objects you advance to the next level and eventually the next stage.  I only have the demo version, because that was free, but I’ve been playing it almost non-stop.  Matter of fact I almost didn’t write this post because I’m itching to play.  It’s sort of  like being a kid who has to do their homework before they can go outside with their friends, only my friend is a unicorn named Bjorn.

And there you have it.  The three things I got this weekend to make my life better.  Now if I could just find some chocolate…


8 thoughts on “My Weekend 3

  1. LOL at your last sentence. I would say more, but I have to go Google Peggle, because I LOVE PLINKO.

    You’re going to get addicted!

  2. Wow! Sounds like an awesome weekend! Your blog post, especially your discovery of Peggle has come to our attention, and we’d love to help you fulfill your itch for Peggle! Feel free to shoot me an email, and I’ll get you a copy of Peggle!

    Xuyen Nguyen

  3. Nice shoes…I run in Asics.

    There are running stores that do the same thing here…it is where the running dorks go and they wear those “camel packs” too!!!!!

    BTW…I kicked myself (right foot into left ankle) about 7-10 times during the marathon. Once my hamstrings got tired, I think my form went downhill.

    I’m starting to think I should just stick to Asics because isn’t running their main focus? I tried out the new pair today and didn’t feel any pain on the outside of the knee but as I was getting to the point of stopping I started feeling some pain on the other side. I’m hoping it’s just from running again after the long absence and nothing more. I may keep it light this week and see how it goes.

  4. My knees and ankles don’t hurt when I run, but my boobs do. I also have a hard time breathing (thank you asthma) but the kicking myself thing isn’t a problem.

    BTW: Vivianne told me yesterday that Lynne was beautiful… movie star beautiful. Then she turned to me and said, “Don’t worry. You’re pretty on the inside.” *EYE ROLL*

    Vivianne is definitely a hoot!

  5. I love that you’re addicted to Peggle – I recently discovered Frozen Bubble (free online!) while looking for Commander Keen, a game we used to have on an old computer. It’s amazing to find those games online and free 🙂 Love it!

    I’m going to have to look up Frozen Bubble – I’ve never heard of it.

  6. Peggle is my little brothers favorite game. I’m jealous you got new shoes… I like mine ok even if I did supposrt sweat shopd by getting nikes, but being specially analyzed for my shoes seems awesome.

    I like Nike shoes it’s just that the ones I had weren’t conducive to running. And it was pretty cool to be “specially analyzed” shoes.

  7. I like the shoes. I’m not a runner but they look nice. I hope your knee doesn’t hurt now when you run. I’ve obsessed over bathing suits and trying to decide what color to get and then ended up with black too. It’s so frustrating.

    I’ve run on them twice now and there is a little pain but not near what it was and not in the same place so I’m hoping it’s working itself out and all will be well in a few more days. If I ever get another swimsuit I think I’ll save the agony and go straight for black. It’s just not worth it.

  8. Nice shoes!

    I never had any knee pain back in my running days…but now I do. So, I’m thinking I need to get back to running in hopes that the pain will go away.

    I hate the whole bathing suit search. I ended up getting various tops/bottoms (all with similar colors) at Target a few years ago from the clearance rack and just mix and match as I please. Ha. Who am I fooling? I probably can’t even get INTO any of them anymore. Grrrrr.

    Maybe you should try running again to see if the pain goes away. I think mine is just slowly. Now I just have to build my endurance back up. That’s a good idea to just mix and match how you want. I guess in that way I’m glad I just got a black top b/c I can war tons of different shorts on the bottom to go with it.

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