Color Crazy

It’s possible to like or behave in extreme opposites and not have a multiple personality disorder right?  Hmm, no?  Ok well it’s just me then.  A couple of years ago I was talking to a former co-worker and in the course of our conversation and in conversations since, I became aware that I like completely opposite things in different situations.  Naturally I can’t think of one example but take my word for it, I do.  And it’s weird, or at least it seemed so at the time.  Anyway,  because of these conversations I’ve become more aware of these differences in my day to day whether they seem strange or not.  So as I was sitting here wondering which show I wanted to watch next online, my mind drifted and this is what happened.

I got up to go into the bathroom to get some floss.  When I went in there I remembered how much I hate the way the bathroom smells.  It’s similar to Motel 6 (I know because I used to work there) which is similar to stale cigarette smoke.  My whole place smelled like that for the first few days I was here but I’ve kept the windows opened and a fan going so now the only part that still stinks is the bathroom.  I’ve tried spraying nice smelling stuff in there and have lit candles in hope that the stale smell will go away.  It hasn’t and if anyone knows of something else that will work I’m all ears.  The candle I have lit in there smells like coconuts and lime.  I’m not much of a fan of coconuts but mixed with the lime I like it.  I spent a long time in the candle aisle at Walmart trying to decide which scent to get.  And I noticed that I’m a citrus smell kind of person.  I really wanted the Tahitian pineapple but they were sold out of the size I was looking for.

I then looked down at what I was eating.  An apple, banana, and drinking orange juice.  My favorite thing to eat, besides chocolate, is fruit.  I love fruit.  Oddly, I don’t like those orange chocolate balls you can find at Christmas time.  They make me want to hurl and I would think that it would be something I would love since it combines my two most favorite things but sadly, no.  My favorite fruit is the mango.  I could eat this all day I’m pretty sure.  And my favorite juice of all time would be grapefruit juice.  The kind with no sugar, water, or any preservatives.  Just straight from the fruit into my cup.  Given a choice I would take mango, orange, or grapefruit over the blueberry or blackberry.  The former tastes like an explosion in your mouth.  Citrus is my thing I guess.

When I think citrus, I envision bright oranges or yellows.  While I was eating I was also looking at some pictures of some flowers my sister had taken this last week.  A handful of them were bright orange, yellow, and pink.  My favorite flowers are those that have these colors in them.  They’re bold and stand out from the rest of their environment and I love it.  They’re dramatic, catch your eye, and capture your attention.  So I started thinking of the fruit and the flowers and realized I must have a thing for bright and bold.  Sunsets are my favorite pictures to look at and take because the colors are so stunning.  And it’s true that I will usually pick orange or yellow rather than some other color for things.  Except my clothes because without a tan I look hideous in bright orange and yellow.

Then I looked around my living room.  Is it decorated with bright, zany, in your face colors?  Nope.  Every thing is a neutral,  earth tone.  The room is full of browns, creams, dark greens, navy, and maroon.  A couple of paintings or photos may have bold colors in them but the over all feel of the room is much more subdued.  From food, to smells, to photos, and everything in between I prefer attention grabbing and loud.  When it comes to my living room where I spend the majority of my time, it couldn’t be more opposite.  Maybe I just like the peaceful, calming effect of the bland colors.  Or maybe I’m just nuts.

8 thoughts on “Color Crazy

  1. I don’t know if you meant this to be funny, but it made me laugh. I can totally relate. I do like orange chocolate balls. I love color, but only sometimes. Other times I like beige-ness. And sometimes, I like color splashed in with the beigeness. I love real lilacs but I can’t stand lilac candles or lilac clothing. We are all enigmas

    I’m glad it made you laugh! And I’m glad to hear I’m not the only one that has extreme color preferences. I agree about the lilac candles! That was one I took a whiff of in the store and about gagged, it was just too much.

  2. Or maybe you just need to pick up a cover for your couch and re-decorate! 🙂 As far as the bathroom…try febreeze. I love that stuff. Usually you can find a small sample size of it in the Wal-Mart (or Target or wherever) check out area. It takes odors out rather than covering them up. Do I sound like an infomercial?

    I keep meaning to get febreeze but I always forget until I get out of the store. We had some in my other apartment and I really liked the smell but I don’t remember it working all that well. I’ll have to give it a try though.

  3. Orange chocolate balls are gross because the chocolate is cheap and tastes like wax. I too like bright colors and ever since I left DC, I’ve been trying to add color to my black-heavy wardrobe. Is my apartment cheery like someone barfed up a box of Lucky Charms? Nope… brown and black.

    And to get the smell out of your bathroom… I suppose you could clean it.

    You’re right, the chocolate is cheap and tastes like wax. My bathroom is clean, it just has a lingering smoke smell. I’ve seen the pics of your place and even though it’s black and brown it’s really nice!

  4. I like all fruits…except for grapefruit. Grapefruit is so gross, that it shouldn’t be allow to ruin the good name of grapes by even having it in its’ name. It should be banned.

    This is exactly how I feel…about papaya. *shudder*

  5. I don’t know how you can drink grapefruit juice. But, I can relate to the color thing. I’ve been living in a world of black and white for longer than I’ve even been in school. Being in school makes me long for color even more. Spring coming up is a blessing because it means I can at least add color at home, if not in my wardrobe.

    I know a lot of people don’t like grapefruit and especially the juice but I think it’s just yummy! Sometimes I think having to wear certain colors to work/school would be ideal because it would save time in the morning when you’re getting ready. But then I think in the long run it would just wear me down. Good luck with the color of spring your home!

  6. Congrats on the new place. Try a little bottle of automobile deodorizer. It comes in all scents and can be found at an autosupply store. 2-3 sprays per day for a week oughta do it. Mitch (

    Wow I would never have ever thought of trying that out. I’ll have to go somewhere and pick some up. I’m trying any and everything!

  7. Ok, so this probably sounds totally weird, but try peeling potatos and putting them in your bathroom, it should absorb the smoke smell. My grandma told me to do that when I had a car that smelled like cigarette smoke, and it totally worked. It is worth a shot. The potatos will turn all black and nasty, but it worked for me. You will have to try it and let me know how it works.

    Potatoes? Really? Well, if your grandma says it works then it’s got to work! How is she doing by the way?

  8. just a couple more random thoughts…the queen LOVES grapefruit and eats them every day with no sugar…can you believe that? and…AMEN to your thoughts on Papaya…the smell of it makes me want to barf-o-rama. Ew.

    She’s more like me every day. Ok, maybe not but I love that she loves grapefruit..yum!

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