Feels Like Home

Scottie wanted to see some pics of my new place so I figured why not?  So here’s my new home for at least the next 6 months:

img_2759 img_2758

Here’s the bedroom from different angles.

img_2761 img_2762

Because I know you were all dying to see my bathroom…

img_2765 img_2766

I guess I need a kitchen table and some chairs at some point.

img_2767 img_2770

There is also a small balcony with a storage closet and another closet in the hallway between my room and the bathroom.  I still have some boxes I need to unpack and a lot of pictures to put on the walls but I think you all get the basic idea.  It’s so nice to have open space!!


17 thoughts on “Feels Like Home

  1. WOW! look at all that space!

    And how did you know that I was just dying to see your bathroom? 🙂

    I envy your kitchen. It’s so bright—and mine is so dark. I can just see you in there mixing up a batch of cookies. As far as the kitchen table is concerned, well who’s to say that eating on cardboard boxes couldn’t be the new Feng Shui, hmmm?

    enjoy the breathing room, honey. The place looks great.

    The kitchen is one of my favorite rooms…who am I kidding? I love the whole thing! I think I might use those boxes and make shapes and designs with them and call it art. That way I won’t really have to go through them and put them away.

  2. We want to see the view 🙂 Like what you see when you step out your front door. That’s the good stuff.

    Well, when you open my door you see…drum roll please… another door just like mine. haha My door faces the neighbors but I guess if I took a pic at night it might be a little more interesting because they seem to like to leave their door wide open.

  3. Looks like a nice apt! Enjoy the warmer weather and constant sunshine in AZ!!!!

    I really like the apt. and the sun. Of course it hasn’t reached over 100 yet so we’ll just see how that goes.

  4. Welcome to Mesa! You’ll have to give me the particulars of where you’re located. It looks like a great apartment! Good luck on finding a job soon!

    Thanks! I actually think I live right down the street from you. I’ll have to email you to give the specifics.

  5. Good luck and don’t forget sunblock!

    Thank you! I found some sunblock while I was unpacking and thought “I might actually use this stuff this year.”

  6. Congrats on your new digs! Looks like you have plenty of bathroom counter space…a very important feature 🙂

    I was pretty excited when I saw that. My counter space in my other place was pretty much the width of the sink. It sucked but this one totally rocks.

  7. Aha! So you have finally settled in your new home… The place looks great and it’s quite spacious… Home sweet home… 🙂


    It is home sweet home. I’m loving the space and the fact that everything is mine – from the decor to the messes. It’s fabulous!

  8. Love it! I’m sure you’re loving having your own place! Any luck on the job hunt?

    Yes, I’m loving having my own place!! The job hunt, well, that I don’t love so much.

  9. Wow…what a fantastic place! And it’s so bright and roomy, definitely a place to call home for as long as you can! 🙂

    Thanks! Hopefully I’ll be able to call it home for a while.

  10. Very cool pictures. I love moving (once the unpacking is done and the coffee maker is going)

    Exactly! I was so good about unpacking most everything immediately that I think I just burned myself out because I still have two boxes and a pile of crap on the kitchen floor that I haven’t even touched yet. I just don’t have the energy.

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