A Tight Squeeze

My moving day is almost here!  I have it pretty easy because I’m only moving myself and everything I have fits into my bedroom.  That being said, my bedroom isn’t all that big to begin with and this is what it’s looked like for the past week and a half:

img_2644 img_2645

img_2646 img_2647

I’m more than ready to spread out into my own place.  3 days left!!


9 thoughts on “A Tight Squeeze

  1. Good luck with the move!!! I hate moving, but it’s always fun to be in your own place and start a new adventure! 🙂 Hopefully a lot of your friends show up to help….that way it will be done lickity-split! 🙂 Have a safe drive to Arizona!!

    Yeah I hope a lot of people show up also. I promised them it would be the easiest move ever. Everything already packed and cleaned and ready to load into the truck. Can’t get much better than that.

  2. A tight squeeze indeed!
    A new place definitely entails new adventures, new friends, new stories to write…

    Happy moving and have a safe trip!


    Thank you! I’m looking forward to the new people and adventures along the way.

  3. Good luck with the move! Drive safe! Next time I’m in AZ, I’ll finally get to see you after ALL these years! 🙂

    I gave you an award….check my blog for details.

    I hope you let me know the next time you’re in AZ! I’m heading on over to your blog to check this award out.

  4. If it weren’t for the packing, lifting, loading, unloading, and unpacking, moving wouldn’t really be all that bad.

    Have as much fun as you can, a safe journey and remember: lift with your legs!

    No doubt! Actually this hasn’t been all that bad. I don’t have that much stuff and I’ve been doing little bits of cleaning and packing everyday so I haven’t felt overwhelmed or worn out.

  5. Honey, I see your mattress standing up there in the corner ready to be moved…where in the world are you sleeping?!

    I can’t wait until you get everything moved and set up in your new place. I’m so excited for you!!!!

    Don’t leave……..TAKE ME WITH YOU!!!!!!!!! I don’t eat much..

    just kidding……looking forward to the new post from the new place.

    later Blue!

    PS. take lots of pictures along the way!

    Actually that mattress isn’t my bed. I sleep on a couch bed but just bought a new queen – so I’m pretty excited! I pulled out the mattress from storage for my brother to use. You’re more than welcome to come along though I’m probably not the most exciting travel companion! I’m excited also and will be sure to post updates when I can.

  6. First time back in weeks! I’m sorry. I have so much to catch up on. Give me until the end of tonight. Promise.

    So I’m looking at the clock and it’s pretty much the end of the night so…?? Kidding, I know you’re busy and you’re under no obligation to read this thing at all. Thanks for doing so though!

  7. Who knew you could fit all that crap into your room? Now that you’ve got your own space, you’re going to fill it with even more crap (like all the stuff I’m donating to your cause). Imagine your next move!!! You’ll need a MUCH bigger truck.

    I know it’s crazy to think all of that was just in my room and closet. I should have a lot of extra space now that I’ll be in my own place!

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