Valentine Weekend

This was a super Valentine weekend because my brother drove down from Idaho to spend it with me.  Whoo hoo!  I haven’t seen him since early January and now that I’m moving I’m not sure when we’ll be able to hang out again so I was glad he was able to make the drive down.  Here he is:


Since he got here we’ve been mostly just hanging out, not doing too much.  He brought Rock Band which I’ve always wanted to play but until this weekend had never done so.  My inner rock goddess emerged and I’m quite certain the block will be lined up with people just itching to get into my band that I form when I get to Mesa.  Just kidding – I totally SUCK!!  My version of drum playing resembled a toddler sitting on the kitchen floor banging on pots and pans.  As long as I kept the level on easy I was pretty so so on the guitar.  Once I switched to medium the only song I didn’t fail and get booted off the stage on was Eye of the Tiger, and that’s only because even on the second level you only had to play one note at a time.  My singing scores were the highest but before you start clearing your TV schedule to watch me on American Idol next year, you should know that as long as I was making noise when the notes came up I got points.


Since it was Valentine’s Day we had to do our part to celebrate.  So, we made heart shaped sugar cookies:




Yummy!  Now it’s not that I have anything against Valentine’s Day, I just thought these cookies would be a little more fun to have if they looked like this:

img_2662 img_2664

Double yummy!  What could look better than grimmy, grody, gray colored heart cookies with special, personalized messages written on them?

We also went to the movies and saw Paul Blart: Mall Cop.  Kind of lame but it had a couple of funny moments.  Basically that’s been the weekend so far and I’m lovin it.  Hope you all had a great Valentine weekend!

14 thoughts on “Valentine Weekend

  1. I love it when I get to visit my sisters. I live about two hours away and I’m broke, so it’s always fun to get to hang out with them.
    Your brother looks like the kind of guy I’d hang with.
    Rock Band is fun stuff. I am actually better at drums than guitar (in real life is the opposite) and I’m best at singing. Regardless of how well I play, it’s still tons of fun.

    I love your cookies, those are awesome, can I order some?

    I’m pretty much the best sister ever so I’m sure my brother has a blast when he comes down. Kidding, it’s me that has fun when he comes to visit. I could not get the drums at all! It was pathetic really. That’s a good idea, I should market those cookies and make some money. And the best part was that they tasted so good!

  2. My favorite one cookie was the one that said….”You + Me =No”….I about peed my pants….holy cats. You are the best. Love ya! Happy belated Valentine’s Day (aka…Single Awareness Day)

    Hey hey! Glad you got a good laugh. I think one of my favorites says, “I’d rather be dead.” Though I also like “Ur too ugly. Sorry.” haha I don’t think the dead one got photographed.

  3. “You suck!”

    “I hate you”

    “You smell like b*tt (drawing)”

    “U smell…like Poo”

    I’ll bet you guys were laughing…cuz I am!!!!

    Yeah we were cracking up a lot. Partly because those were funny and partly because we were decorating them at midnight and everything seemed funny then. This might be a tradition I keep every year.

  4. I’m sorry, hubby and I had fun! My point in commenting is to ask if you have any good recipes from Guate. I have to do this thing for my branch on Guate, and as I started to think about it, I didn’t get a single recipe for any of the good stuff down there. How dumb am I, I know! The only one that I have found online that I actually remember eating is Paches. Any way, if you have any that you wouldn’t mind sharing, I would greatly appreciate it!

    Glad that you and your husband had fun but I don’t get why you’re sorry. This was a blast to do. I don’t have any recipes from Guate. There is a store here that sells the Ducal black beans that I’ll get every once in a while. But as for entire dishes, I don’t know how to make anything. But if you find some let me know I would love to have them as well.

  5. hahahaha! I like you eat turd — looks like you would be. lol

    What? I don’t get this. Are you referring to the cookies looking gross? Despite how they looked, they tasty yummy!

  6. “Stinky Nookies”? Must’ve been Robert’s idea.

    Trust me… It just takes time with Rock Band. I still suck, of course, but not as much as I used to suck. I rock with all Bon Jovi and Duran Duran songs!

    I saw “He’s Just Not That Into You” because it seems to be the story of my life. I should’ve flown to SLC this weekend and hung out with you guys.

    BTW, do you need a roller? I’ve got an extra and will give it to you because you’re rolling out dough with a glass.

    Yep, that one was one of Robert’s. He’s pretty funny. I did start getting slightly better at Rock Band but not by much, but it was still a lot of fun to play. I saw that movie last week and liked it better than I thought I would. Well at least the main story line anyway. I like when she says something about leaving the guys alone that aren’t into her (or something like that) and the guy says “yes” and she’s all “but there won’t be anyone left.” I have a roller but I had already packed it when we made the cookies and I didn’t want to pull it out. But thanks!

  7. Strangely, since I started playing guitar (ok, using that term loosely since my playing sounds more like I’m torturing guinea pigs) I have actually gotten worse at playing Rock Band. Valentines Day always gets me a little down and I wish I had thought to cook or bake or something productive…instead, I sat down with a nice glass of wine and a movie and wallowed in my alone time.
    Loved the cookies! I really think you should mail me a few… dibs on the “Thats What She Said” cookie!

    I’ve come to the realization that I will never have a career in any sort of band…not that it was ever a possibility to begin with but still. Sorry you were feeling down over the weekend and hope you’re feeling better now. Glad you liked the cookies, not only did they look awesome but they tasted heavenly!

  8. Love the “dillhole” and “eat turd” cookies. LOL! I am so doing this next year. Love the idea! Glad you’ve been initiated into the rockband world. We have guitar hero, but same diff. Love it! I think I was born to be a rocker….now only if real guitars had colored buttons rather than strings. 🙂 Next time you visit we are so having a guitar hero battle…so practice up….I’m currently undefeated….bring it. lol

    Glad you liked the cookies. Oh it’s game on! Prepare to have your trash kicked!!

  9. Your brother looks like he’s practising for a forthcoming dentist’s appointment…

    That he does and really you’ve never heard of people making Valentine’s cookies? Mine varied a little from the norm though.

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