Just Passing the Time Away

As you all know I’m moving next week and am currently jobless so I have plenty of time on my hands to do whatever.  I have a list of things I need to take care of before I leave but it’s not that pressing, so I choose to do one or two on the list each day and have the rest of the time free.  I’ve watched countless hours of television (mostly crappy shows) and started deep cleaning the apartment in preparation for the move.  But I hate cleaning and would rather be watching crappy television.  Needless to say, I’ve been staying up late every night in a zombie like state watching more crappy television.  Then out of the blue the other night I wondered what it would look like if I tried to write left handed.  This is what it looks like:


Left handed print.  It looks like a little kid’s handwriting but at least it’s legible.


Left handed cursive.  It’s a bit harder as you can tell but still mostly legible.  Except that last letter e on Valentine.  Don’t know what happened there.

Then I wondered what it would look like if I tried writing with my foot:


As you can see it’s much more spastic.  Writing with your foot is really hard to do in case you didn’t know.  But it’s sort of legible and now I know if I ever need to write a message with my foot I can do it.

The other thing I’ve started doing to pass the time, is to google random people I’m acquainted with and see what pops up.  Sure I guess this is technically a form of stalking but I prefer to look at it as another form of getting to know someone.  You can find out a lot of stuff about people depending on how much you want to dig for it.  I’m not much of a digger and tend to stay only on the first google page that pops up but even there you can learn a lot.  So then I googled my name to see what other people could find out about me.  Not much I can tell you that.  My blog pops up at some point, my facebook eventually on the second or third page, and you might come across my myspace page if you keep going through the google pages.  Apparently there is a *ahem* “dancer” with my same name that has instructional pole dancing videos that make her pretty popular on google search.  Go figure.

And there you have it.  The exciting, current world of Nandango.  Crappy TV, cleaning, packing, left handed/foot writing, and random googleing.  Bet you wish you could stop by!

12 thoughts on “Just Passing the Time Away

  1. Oh yes the google thing used to be the only reason I didn’t die of boredom in my old computer tech class. My name comes up with very little that is actually about me. Only that I was student of the month in Junior High. There is a character in some romance novel with my name though.

    Also it really made me laugh that you tried writing with your foot, because it makes me want to try it too……

    Student of the month huh? Well, that’s something you definitely want on the web. You should try writing with your foot and see what happens. I can see both of you trying actually.

  2. Wow! I used to tell guys who had time cards that we illegible that maybe they needed to write with their foot…maybe I was wrong.

    Yeah it’s a little hard. My foot kept spazing out. Think I’ll stick to writing with my hands.

  3. Ok I am dying. First of all, sorry I just logged out of msn earlier….darn kids. This post is hilarious and I am really tempted to sit down and try to write with my foot. LOL! I must say that you really do have quite a bit of time on your hands though. ha ha ha Love it.

    No worries about the msn, I figured it had to do with putting the kids to bed. You should try writing with your foot and then letting me know how it goes.

  4. I think we need a foot writing contest to happen here……
    Best one wins a pair of rainbow, toe socks. 🙂

    It’s amazing and funny what we do when we get bored. Just don’t get the idea in you head that it would be funny to see how many cheese balls will fit up your nose.

    Cheese balls up my nose?? haha! The most food items I’ve ever stuffed anywhere was when I played I’m a chubby bunny but that was with marshmallows. And I like your idea about winning the rainbow toe socks.

    Have fun cleaning and moving, Blue!

  5. In high school I wrote backwards in cursive. I can still do that much better than writing left-handed, by the way. There’s a “dancer” with my name, too (maybe they’re sisters!!!) and there’s nothing wrong with Google stalking. I’ve been doing it for years.

    I just googled you and can’t find this “dancer” with your name. Maybe she’s out of business.

  6. On googling random people:
    ok, if you come across some pictures, I was young, impressionable and I needed money for college
    If not, then forget I said anything….

    HAHAHAHA!!! This was so funny! And good to know.

  7. Googling is stalking? Uh-oh. I’m a stalker and didn’t even know. I thought I was just passing time or bored or curious to see if anything would come up.

    I mean…. What? Who googles random names of people they know? That’s just weird…

    Er..I mean, I was watching this dateline on people that google stalk other peo….ok fine, it’s me. Glad to know I’m not the only one!

  8. I google random names of people I know, and I don’ think I’m weird.

    Also, I’m super-left handed, to the point that if I wrote with my right hand it would look like what you wrote with your foot.

    I’m finding that a lot of people google people and I just never knew this…I wonder if anyone has ever googled me? And I’d say that’s super left handed if your right hand produces the same result as my foot. Though, maybe your foot writing wouldn’t be as bad.

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  10. Way too funny! I haven’t scrolled through the search long enough to find something on me. Perhaps one day when utterly bored I might.

    You should try it out. Never know what may pop up!

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