9 thoughts on “I Love This Kind of Stuff

  1. Oh I about peed my pants watching this. The first time Tanner had to have work done at the dentist, they sedated him also….it was sooooooooooo weird to see the way he was acting. Bless his heart, he couldn’t walk but wanted to so bad. Totally ended up doing a face plant on the floor…he’s way too stubborn for his own good sometimes. 🙂 I never thought to record the aftermath of the dentist….I am so going to take the video camera next time. ha ha ha I love this little guys random scream in the middle of this clip! LOL! Hilarious!

    I wish you would have remembered to film him that would have been hilarious! Along with a book, I need to start carrying around a camcorder everywhere to catch all the random moments of a day.

  2. The little guy is just funny… haha! And in the middle of his near sedated state, he managed to ask profound questions… 🙂


    Indeed he did! So funny, I can’t get enough of it.

  3. Histerical! But, I bet he’ll be pissed for us sharing such a crazy/embarrasing moment, when he grows up.

    Probably. Or maybe he’ll just embrace his min-video fame. I would.

  4. hahaha…I saw that on my friend’s blog too and I called everyone around my cubicle to come watch it…we were in tears!!!

    “you have four eyes!”

    “why is this happening?”

    “it is gonna stay like this forever?”

    …hahahaha… 🙂

    Oh I know, I just love this video. I also love when he’s about to say something and then sees his fingers and says “I have two fingers. I have four fingers” haha

  5. lol. I love how he uses his hands when he says “I feel funny.” Hilarious.


    Yeah or when he’s about to say something and then sees his fingers and declares that he has two and then four fingers. HAHA

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