Another Up Date Post

I’m sorry about all these up date posts.  I’m sick of them so I’m sure you all are as well.  I just can’t seem to think of a story to tell and I want to be posting so…updates it is.  I left Arizona and right before I did I discovered a little piece of metal lodged into my tire.  I was kind of in a panic, not sure if I should drive on it or what but I didn’t seem to be leaking air.  I made it all the way back home without any problems with it so I don’t know what that was all about.  I even took it in yesterday to have the whole car serviced and the garage didn’t seem to think there was a problem so I  guess I’m good to go.

I did stop at my friend’s place in St. George on the way back and I was glad I didn’t have to drive the whole way in one day.  I was helping her 4 year old get into his Flash Gordon costume and was asking him what Flash Gordon’s superpower was.  His response?  “He flashes people.”  Haha.  That was probably the funniest thing I had heard in a long time.

Getting back to my apartment was uneventful and I got the talk with my landlord out of the way.  I got some boxes from the free bin at U-Haul and have started packing everything up.  I go back and forth from thinking I have way too much crap to thinking I hardly have anything.  The part I’m dreading most about the move is the cleaning.  I hate deep cleaning.

I decided that I was finally going to get a grown up real bed when I move into my new place.  I’ve been sleeping on a couch bed forever and it’s uncomfortable.  Plus my new place doesn’t have any furniture so I need it to now be a couch rather than my bed.  I’ve decided on a queen and have begun the process of trying to find the best mattress deals.  I think I found a really good one online but just to be sure I went to an actual store down the street from my apartment.  There were sales people everywere but no one came up to me for the longest time.  I’m kind of torn about this.  On the one hand it was nice not to be attacked the second I walked in the door but then I also noticed that they were going up to help couples who came in after me.  So, where they thinking that because I came in alone and was a girl that I was not serious about buying a bed?  That I was going to be a waste of their time?  Finally I went over to a sales person and asked a question about the brands of beds they sold and if they had a particular one.  They didn’t sell it and he basically walked me back over to the bed I had been looking at and read the bright red sale sign to me.  That was it.  That was his help in the matter.  Then he left.  So, then I left.  Too bad for them because I really do need a bed and wouldn’t have been a hard sell.  I don’t want buying a bed to take up too much of my time and was willing to get something quickly.  But I guess not at that store.  *Sigh*  Well, I guess it’s back to packing.


7 thoughts on “Another Up Date Post

  1. This is where you post the name and address of the bed store…or at least the city/town and get them mini-busted.

    Keep with the update posts…this way we know you are still with “us”!!!!!

    This is true. It was RC Willey located in Orem, Utah. I’ve talked with a couple of friends since yesterday and they said they all had negative experiences with this store as well. Maybe management should step in and take care of it.

  2. Now is the time when you use your boobs to get help and discounts!!! I’m kidding, of course. What a tool and I hate it when sales people ignore me or treat me like an idiot. I say they get a bad customer comment on their website and that you purchase your bed somewhere else.

    P.S. I’ve got several more items to give you now. Hope you’re ready for this.

    I did just get back from another mattress place that I just happened to see while looking for boxes. And I may go back and purchase one from there because it’s $100 less than where I went yesterday. And it would mean I can check one more thing off my list of stuff to do. The more you want to give me the better. Money I get to save in the long run.

  3. Gosh we live in an elitiist society designs for couples to prosper in…did you ever notice that? Grr…I hate it…and like I can be SO EASY! (…erm with respect to purchases of products… 😉 )

    Yep, I sure do notice that. And I would have been the easiest sell he probably would have had all week…and I meant with purchasing a mattress…

  4. You’re actually going?!? I keep wondering what the verdict is, but now I know! Good for you…I hope you love it there! Don’t leave without talking to me. 🙂

    Yep, I’m going! I’ll for sure give you a call before I head out.

  5. uhmmmm congrats on the move. By the way, who is moving you? moving company?…or are you moving yourself with a Uhaul or whatever? Wht not wait till you get there to buy a bed? It’s less stuff to move?

    Anyway, it’s gotta be exciting just picking up and going elsewhere. I love traveling and change … fresh starts…. so I’m jealous! good luck on the job search … Sam

    My dad is going to be flying out here that Wed night before and going to help me drive down. I’m just going to rent a truck. Buying the bed in AZ is an option but there are a lot of sales going on here and the plan is just to leave it at the store and pick it up in the U-Haul so there wouldn’t be too much moving it around. I don’t really have all that much stuff so the bed won’t be too much of a burden in addition to everything else. I’m exciting to go and start over somewhere else, a little nervous of course, but excited!

  6. The metal in your tire concerns me. How can a tire withstand a metal piece and still be able to act like nothing happened. I don’t get it.

    I don’t get it either. But the tire hasn’t leaked any air and I took it in to have it looked at almost two weeks ago and they didn’t seem concerned. So, I guess I’m good.

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