Step One Completed!

So today I finally made it official and signed a lease on an apartment.  This little one bedroom place will now be my home for the next 6 months.  Sure it’s lacking in some things but for the price it’s pretty good and probably more than anything I’m just glad the hunt is over.  I know in the other post I said I talked with people from at least 25 different places and since then it’s almost doubled.  Well, maybe more like in the 40 range.  I’m now a pro at talking to random strangers and not just those working in the apartment complexes.  I had semi conversations with the renters insurance lady and the guy setting up my electricity account.  And how could I leave off Vince, the guy who approached me outside of a small post office to ask me if I knew where an AT&T store was.  I know that Vince is from New York and knows where the really good pizza places are here in the area and he gave me some tips on renting my one bedroom place (though I never told him I was looking for a one bedroom) and that he himself was new to the area (only lived here for 7 or 8 months but I think he should know where an AT&T  store is by now) but so far liked it and liked his one bedroom apartment (um, his way of letting me know that he was single?).

So step one is over with and now come step 2: the actual move and getting all my crap set up in my apartment and step 3: finding a job.  Fingers crossed step three happens rapidly or in 6 months I’ll be letting you all know that I’ve sold all my earthly possesions, except my library card so I can still use the computers and blog to all of you of course, and have taken up residency in the shadows and I’ll be known as the crazy lady that screams at you.  Hopefully it won’t come to that.

So tomorrow I get back into my blasted car and make my way back up to Utah, all so the adventure can continue.


7 thoughts on “Step One Completed!

  1. IT is amazing to me the ability you have inside of you to pack up and move. I kow it is something that you are used to doing, but what is your state of mind?

    Is this just “getting a fresh start”?

    I would be going nuts having all of these unanswered issues hanging over me…my stomach is burning and I am only reading about it through you.

    My state of mind? I’m probably nuts! haha As you mentioned this is something I’ve done many times so it’s not totally crazy to me. It is mostly just a new, fresh start. I need to get out of Utah right now and be somewhere else and meet other people. Utah is a great place and I have great friends there but I feel as though I’ve come to a brick wall and can’t get over or around it. I fluctuate between being totally excited about the change and adventure to being a little stressed at not having a job. That’s pretty much my biggest and only concern right now. I think I would be more stressed if I had kids or a family to take care of but since it’s just me I don’t have that worry. And I do have some money saved up that if I budget carefully, could last (almost) for the whole 6 months I’m leasing this apartment in the event I don’t get a job (heaven forbid!)

  2. Crazy lady that screams at you?! I would have expected so much more from you. Like, we have a bag man here, who dresses head to toe in bags. I would expect something original like that!

    I’ll have to work on my delivery so that it meets your expectations. I’m sure if the time arises I’ll be more creative. haha

  3. Hey, I don’t know what your timeline is for moving but if you are moving out of your place and needing somewhere to sleep, let me know–we have an extra room. Walter misses you 🙂

    Holy cow thanks for offering. I still haven’t talked with my current landlord but I expect to pay for February but I’m taking off the weekend of the 20th so I think I’ll be good. But I do want to come by to see you guys and Walter too of course. Maybe sometime this week?

  4. Yeah you! I think this is a good move which will provide you with a fresh start. I know exactly what you’re going through! I move into my new place tomorrow for a 6-month lease. I’m pretty sure I’ll be moving again in 6 months so I’m not too sure I want to unpack everything.

    MTAE: Our family has done this enough times over the years that while it’s not something we enjoy, it IS familiar. Starting over is indeed scary, especially when you’re alone, but you learn so much about your self and abilities at times like these. I just made a huge move myself from DC to LA a year ago and to be honest, it’s tough and I cry. A lot. But you keep moving forward because that’s how to get through. Ben & Jerry’s helps.

    I don’t have all that much stuff so I’ll need to unpack everything I think. Well, first I need to pack it all up I guess. Blah.

  5. “the crazy lady that screams at you’……”

    HEY! I say you at the park the other day.

    I’m glad you found a place to reside. I envy you. It all sounds like fun to me…except all the driving and the packing and then the driving again just to unpack…AGAIN.

    Now I feel the child in me coming out…

    “Blue and Vince sitting in a tree…k.i.s.s.i.n.g. First comes ‘love’, then comes….
    (you’ll have to keep us informed of what happens next. 😉 )

    Yeah the whole thing is exciting except the actual moving part. That already has me tired. I do not think Vince and I will be doing anything! He looked like he was in his late 40s or early 50s which is way too old for me. haha!

  6. I really, really, really don’t want you to become a crazy lady that screams at us (you’re too funny to have your humour decay like that, haha! 😉 ), so I hope the step 3 comes about quickly as well! I am also looking forward to hearing more about step: Vince, because that sounds rather intriguing 😉

    Rather than Vince, I hope to be able to tell more about some other random guy I meet!

  7. But let’s not forget the great pizza places! Now really, hope this becomes a great experience for you.

    Haha. Yeah little did he know I’m perfectly fine with a $5 pizza from Little Ceasers. When it comes to pizza that’s just something I’m not that picky about.

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