So Sick of the Car

It seems all I have done for the past four days is drive.  Literally.    I’ve put my focus on finding an apartment, which there are ample amounts of here, but for one reason or another something wasn’t right about them.  The day before yesterday I saw no less than 25 and had enough paper and brouchers in the front seat of my car that I’m sure if combined would form a small tree.  I thought I had maybe found an apartment that would work and wanted to think it over before I signed anything and I’m glad I did because in the morning I got back online and came across a whole new list to check out.  I’m now in a semi debate with myself between two different ones.

Matter of fact the only reason I didn’t sign the first one on the spot was because to get the deal they were offering I had to sign a 12 month lease and at this point I’m reluctant to do so.  A shorter lease meant more money and without a job that’s a little scary to do.  Other than the lease part and that the appliances and counters were older the place seemed nice.  It was in a super location and had a lot of features that I was looking for.  I then went over to the other place I’m debating.  It’s a little smaller than the first, doesn’t have all of the same features, but the carpet, appliances, and counter tops are all brand new.  Plus when I said I was hesitant to sign a 12 month lease they worked with me and still got me a fanominal deal for a 6 month.  So maybe I’ve found my apartment afterall.  I think I’ll go over there and drive around the area and get a feel for the neighborhood before I sign anything but most likely that’ll be the place.  And then I can finally get rid of my ficus of paperwork in my front seat.

I have been able to make contact with and visit a few friends that I know here in Mesa/Gilbert and that’s been a lot of fun.  And really I can not say enough about my  friend and his wife that are letting me stay in their home.  I’ve been here longer than I had originally anticipated and may be here for a few more days.  It’s been great not having to worry about paying for a motel somewhere and they’ve given me free reign over their internet, gps, and a few other things that have made this whole transition easier and possible. 

Overall I’m still having fun and the weather is still great and fingers crossed I’ll have an apartment this afternoon.  Then comes the job hunt….


9 thoughts on “So Sick of the Car

  1. They must really like you! 🙂 PS, it gets really hot down there. If you have been in St. George during the summer, yeah, it’s worse. Actually, I would really love sweltering heat right now! MY pups are sitting in the window looking out whimpering. So I must say, we are all jealous of you and your fine weather!

    I’m actually excited for the hot weather (of course I say this now during the winter months). But then again Arkansas is hot with a lot more humidity. Right now I’m loving it though!

  2. I had no idea you’d gotten this far in your planning process. Good for you! I know the whole lease thing is scary… I just went through that process myself. Let me know what I can do to help.

    Well I think I found a place and am waiting to hear back from them after they do a background check or whatever. It’s all kind of exciting!

  3. Good luck my friend! Change mixed with uncertainty can make even the strongest among us a little queasy. Glad to see you have an agenda and a plan! 🙂

    So far so good. I’m having a good time and found a place. The next part is the job which may prove to really suck to find but I’ll find out in the next few weeks I guess.

  4. How is the job hunt going? I’m so glad you like it here enough to stay! Were you able to connect with Brandi the past few days? Anything else I can do for you, just let me know!

    I haven’t done too much with the job hunt yet b/c I was trying to get an apartment. Now that I think I have that my focus will be on work. I did get together with Brandi over the weekend and I’ll keep you posted on what I’m doing for sure!

  5. 25?!? That is a lot. Hope you find some where totally awesome to live. Arizona is pretty awesome.

    It is a lot and that was only the first day. Luckily I found a place and it’s now all taken care of!

  6. Sheesh…no less than 25? I think the most apartments I’ve ever looked at was 4!! Did I mention I live in the boondocks?

    It sounds like you have found your apartment. Good luck with everything!

    Only 4??? Oh man, what must that have been like? I can’t even imagine!

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