The Trip So Far

As some of you know, I had been toying with the idea of going to Mesa to check out the area as a possible place to live.  So I decided this would be the weekend.  I headed out Wednesday morning and stopped in St. George, Utah to visit a friend I hadn’t seen in quite a while, possibly over a year ago.  It was so fun to visit, catch up, and get re-aquainted with her three little boys.  Talk about a handful of energy!  The oldest boy (who is 5 I believe) is totally captivated by learning about the presidents of the United States and George Washington is his current hero.  He has a George Washington costume complete with a wig he kept wearing and showing off which was hilarious.  These boys are part Fijian so he also came out dressed in some Polynesian costumes and danced for me.  Best entertainment I’ve seen in a while for sure. 

We stayed up late talking, which was fun to do, but I had only gotten about 3 hours of sleep the night before and still had a long drive ahead of me for the day.  I was thinking I would leave around noon or so and arrive to Mesa sometime around 7 that night.  I was going to be staying at another friend’s house in Mesa and wanted to make sure he was home from work before I showed up.  I had only met his wife once for about 2 min. at their wedding reception a couple of years ago and I didn’t want there to be some awkward situation or something.  As it turned out I went on a date with my friend’s brother there in St. George and so I got a later start out on the road.  I’m not complaining because the date was fun and I mean, hello!, it was a date.  I believe this is my second one this month which just may have doubled the number I had in all of last year.  I know, I know, slow down Nandango it’s only January.  Pace yourself.

The drive from St. George to Mesa was awful because I was already sick of being in the car and realized I would not be getting there until late.  Which meant I had to drive a large portion of it in the dark.  The road is pretty windy and at one point there was heavy fog, which basically sucked.  Then about 20 min. from my friend’s house the exit I was supposed to take forked in two directions and I, of course, took the wrong one.  So imagine, I hardly slept in two days.  It was pitch black outside and I had never been remotely close to this town before and now I was completely lost.  And it was late at night and about an hour or two before I had discovered the friend I was staying with had to get up to go to his first job at three in the morning.  Had I known that, I would have left St. George that morning.  I was just about to call him and tell him that I would be stopping at a hotel because I was exhausted and about to break down.

And wouldn’t you know, my phone rang right at that moment and it was my best friend I was roommates with back in those Idaho college days.  Talk about a lifesaver!  She got on mapquest and guided me back to the road I needed.  Whoo hoo technology!  And double whoo hoo to friends that call just at the right moment!!

Yesterday I got up and went to a local company that does the same thing I was doing at my job in Utah.  I took a gamble they might be hiring and just so happened to run into one of the co-owners when I got off the elevator.  She was so incredibly nice and when I told her where I had been working she brought me in and gave me a little tour and an impromtu interview.  Which was above and beyond what I thought would happen since I had no prior appointment.  The downer was that they only had a night shift available and the pay is less than what I need.  But overall it was a positive experience.  The rest of the day I drove around trying to get a feel for the area.  As it so happens, the layout of the streets is very similar to where I am living in Utah so it was easy to get around.  I even managed to hook up with another friend I hadn’t seen in almost 10 years.

I eventually made it back to my friend’s house and went in to meet the wife for the first time.  She is incredible!  So toally cool and friendly.  Her sister and brother in law where there as well for dinner and they were all the same.  You know when you walk into someone’s home and it feels warm and inviting?  And you don’t want to leave because it’s a happy place with everyone joking and laughing?  That’s what it’s like here in their home.

So today I’m off to look at a few apartments and keeping my fingers crossed I can find one that’s nice and affordable.  Other than a lot of driving, this trip has been a lot of fun.  I’ve loved being able to catch up with friends and make new ones and so far, the Mesa area is turning out to be pretty cool.


7 thoughts on “The Trip So Far

  1. That was great timing by your friend!!

    Ask your friends for GPS for your next birthday.

    Oh no kidding! I should just learn not to try to navigate in the dark late at night in an unfamiliar area. I hope I learned my lesson.

  2. You had a date?!?! And it was your second one this month? What the hell? I suggest this as being a good sign. Maybe you’ll find a Fijian boy of your own in Mesa.

    A Fijian boy? No thanks, been there done that!

  3. Everything sounds hunky dory down there – and I bet the weather is awesome too. Don’t tell me about it though (the weather) because it might send me into the jealous ugly cry.

    Ok, I won’t tell you how it’s been in the 70s and sometimes close to 80 while I’ve been here – haha! Things are going alright so far, fingers crossed the rest of the trip will be just as good.

  4. What a great place to be especially on a cold day like today. You have a way of having things fall right into place for you in the past and they will this time as well. Bat those big eyes and those beautiful lashes and you’ll be surprised what will happen. Enjoy!!!

    I hope this is one of those times things fall into place because I really need an apartment and a job. Sooner rather than later!!

  5. I’d just ask to borrow someone else’s GPS if you go on a trip. There is no greater feeling than not having to worry about which exit and what turn….just follow the purple line.

    This is true. Although, generally I’m pretty good at navigating and having a sense of direction. I think it was a large combination of being tired and not knowing the area. But mostly because I was tired and just wanted to get out of the car already.

  6. Taking the wrong rout at the fork in the road is totally my style. And because me and you have wierd coincidences I’ll tell you this… I was just looking at the renting situation down there ( as in immediately before I came to your blog), checking out pricing and stuff out there. And I always think its funny outside of Utah Co ed roommates are totally normal. But I did find one mormon girl who is renting out the other room in her condo:D but there were alot of really wierd ones.

    There are some really nice places here to rent but all of them are out of my price range so tomorrow I’m going to start my hunt in the projects. I’d really prefer to live on my own but there are a lot of available places with roommates. If you’re looking for yourself and want a roommate I would suggest googling lds housing and you’ll find a lot of slots there. If nothing comes up for me on my own, I may have to look into that myself.

  7. I think it’s so cool that the world is your oyster right now! I am so glad that you’re taking us on this adventure with you…and that you had a fun date 🙂

    So far things have been fun and exciting. I just hope I get a job!!

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