Ho Hum

Oh man. Where do I start? Not in that “I have so much going on” kind of start but rather in the “I have nothing to write about so I literally don’t know where to start” kind of start.  Almost 5 years ago I came home from Guatemala and found myself in a situation similar to where I’m at now.  I had no job and no real plan set.  I spent the summer of ’04 sitting at home doing nothing and I absolutely loved it.  I didn’t understand how people could get stir crazy and bored.  I found it to have the opposite effect.  I had all the time in the world to do and go wherever I wanted.  Five years later I’m getting stir crazy and bored.  So I ask, am I maturing?  Am I becoming one of those people that have to be productive?  No, I don’t think so.  I think the difference is that it’s not summer and Utah is cold.

So this afternoon I decided that I should get out of my apartment so I could at least say that I did this week.  Going running (which I’ve been doing everyday except today) doesn’t count because I’m still technically in the complex.  Other than being cold, it was a really beautiful day so I thought I would go walking at the park.  I blindly threw on some clothes and when I looked in the mirror I thought, “My, my don’t we look spiffy today?”  I had all sorts of color combos going on and to top it off I wrapped up in a scarf.  Not too odd except I don’t think I’ve ever worn one before, so on me it looked a little out of place.  I sat down to put on my shoes and when I got up I thought, “Oh my gosh I’m pregnant!”  Yeah, it was the light hoodie underneath my rain jacket that had bunched up when I sat down.  Phew!  That was a close one.  And other than church on Sunday I haven’t worn make up in almost two weeks because honestly, why bother?  I now go days without any human contact.  At least I haven’t stopped bathing…yet.

And would someone please tell me why every time I walked past the window in the front room I still look out to see if my hottie neighbor is outside or if I can at least see his car.  Hello!  He moved a couple of months ago…HE’S. NOT. THERE!!  Ok, right.  Moving on.  I get to the park and start walking only to come across a very aggressive dog on my path.  He’s going beserk and all I can think of is Clint Eastwood asking me if I feel lucky.  No good sir.  No, I do not.  So I turned around and walked back to my car and left.  So much for the walk but at least I had gone outside.  I knew if I didn’t head back to my apartment I would find myself at Target and inevitably spend money.  They had a great sale not too long ago on their movies, two for $9.  How can someone refuse that?  And by the way, I know I mention Target a lot in my posts because 1) it’s my favorite store ever and 2) I’m really hoping someone fancy from Target will start sending me gift cards for promoting their awesome store.

I came home, sat down on my couch bed, and looked at my reflection in my TV and thought “man, my life is like a movie.  Not an action movie or heaven forbid, a romantic comedy, but one of those quirky Indi films.”  You know the kind where the main character is some normal, usually a little quirky character and for an hour and half you get to peer into their little world.  Waitress, Juno, Lars and the Real Girl, and Pieces of April are my favorite.  I don’t know if those are all Indi films but they have that style to them.

Something is on the horizon I’ll have all of you know.  I’m planning on going down to Mesa this next week – for real.  I’ve already talked to a few people I know down there, so if nothing else I’ll at least be able to catch up with friends I haven’t seen in forever.  I’ve been looking online at apartments in the area and it looks promising.  Now all I need is a job…  But I’m excited for the trip because it’s a change of scenery if only for a few days and it’s warm down there right now!

I just realized that it’s 6:00 and I’m starving.  And I also realized that the only thing I’ve eaten all day are little peppermint patties from a large container I bought at Costco sometime last week.  Or maybe it was the week before.  I’m off to find some food.

Oh yeah and P.S., Maury Povich should never be watched when you have nothing better to do.  Ok, so it should just NEVER be watched.  I learned that this week.  And I also learned that there are a lot of kids out there who don’t know who their father is because their mom is a slut.  And that’s just really, really sad.


10 thoughts on “Ho Hum

  1. hahaha….actually this post did read like some of those great indie movies….LOVED Lars and the Real Girl, but please don’t go for a man-doll…lol 😉

    PS: wow, I have like a serious scarf fetish, maybe you’ll develop one now 😉 …or maybe not if you are going somewhere warm again….go forth, you adventurer you! 😉

    I just watched Lars the other day for the first time since I saw it in the theaters and remembered again why I liked it so much. I love when the lady at church gives him the flower and he chucks it the moment the girl starts talking to him and then he takes off running to his car. Hilarious! And don’t worry, no man-dolls for me. Though I can only imagine the stares I would get driving around with one in the front seat of my car. It might be worth it. I think scarves on other people are really cute but feel like a real dork in one myself. Maybe I should just get over it already.

  2. Ok, so this whole post was very entertaining, but I literally laughed out loud during the last paragraph. Oh the Maury Povich show….that is really still on??? And yes, every chick on there is skank….so wonderful. Oh, and it’s time to move on from GP, although some might secretly wonder why you are choosing AZ….hmmm….strange coincidence? I think not. 🙂 You know you love me. 🙂

    Yes, can you believe that show is still on? I just don’t get it b/c I always think of his wife Connie Chung as being classy and his show is definitely not. I am a bit crazy but I’m definitely not so deranged that I would follow some guy, whom I’ve never talked to, across state lines….or am I? Kidding. No, seriously I’m kidding. But thanks for helping to narrow down who this mysterious GP might be. Thanks a lot. Good thing you’re my BFF (haha I had to write that in here. Hope Nancy doesn’t get jealous LOL!)

  3. Like Leigh I had to laugh out loud at the last paragraph. I didn’t realize he was on the air anymore either until we talked the other day…you should do a sarcastic post about all those stupid shows from the 90’s…his show, Jenny Jones, Geraldo, Ricky Lake, Jerry Springer…geez…why do I know the names of all these shows? Ick.

    Yeah can you believe he’s still on the air? I want to say that when he first came on the air his show actually had real themes and wasn’t so trashy. Same thing with Sally Jesse Raphael and I think Jenny Jones tried as well. Or I could be mistaken. I just might have to do a post on 90’s talk show hosts. Maybe a Where are they now? kind of thing.

  4. I’m glad I’m still your BFF, even after my questionable comment above. Sorry about that…although we could just get it all out now and I could write his name…..drum role please…….it’s_________! Ok, I would never do that….I do value your friendship! LOL! I don’t know that Nanci would be jealous, but she might be mad that you spelled her name with a ‘Y’ and not an ‘I’. LOL j/k. Wish you were here for bowling tomorrow….it’s going to be fun…and VERY entertaining.

    I didn’t realize Nanci was so fancy with an I rather than a Y. I will not make that mistake again LOL. I wish I could go bowling with you guys too but it’s a little hard when I live a few states away. But take a lot of pics!

  5. I kind of miss the weeks I had on the mountain with no human contact. I read what I wanted and really got lost to what was day and what was night. it was a weird time, but I miss it a lot. Now I am…like…the busiest guy in the world and I miss my mountain.

    If I had to chose I would rather have peace and quiet than be busy all the time. A friend called me the other day in the afternoon and wondered if I had just woken up b/c my voice had that scratchy sound to it. I said no, he was just the first person I had talked to that day. And then as I thought about it I realized he was the first person I had talked to in a couple of days.

  6. you are NOT the father.

    Yeah, shows like Maury rely on the same tired routine to attract viewers. It’s a tad played out in my opinion.

    But I’m not really sure if my opinion matters much anyway.

    Oh I agree – it’s more than a tad played out. I don’t see how his show is still on the air when he does the same thing everyday. Ridiculous.

  7. There’s nothing wrong with having peppermint patties for dinner. I resemble that remark.

    Good thing b/c it’s been my dinner for a few nights this week. I’m eating some right now as a matter of face…yum!

  8. You crack me up…..
    When you start wearing Kleenex boxes on your feet, let me know. I’ll politely have you committed. 🙂

    You know those might just be comfortable if they Kleenexes inside are soft!

  9. I’ll second the don’t watch Maury ever. That’s an hour you will regret for sure. I’m excited about your mesa trip. You always have such great stories!!!

    I’m excited for the trip down to Mesa as well and I hope some great stories will come out of it. And it most definitely was an hour I regretted and will never ever get back.

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