What the hell FOX?

I just learned today that Prison Break, my favorite show, is being canceled.  Sure this season started getting a little slow.  Yes, I understand the premise is to break out of prison and they’ve done that twice now.  I get it.  But there are loads of crappy television shows and they keep those on the air, so why not keep one that at least has an engaging, semi-complex plot?  I can think of a handful of shows I would love to see Prison Break replace.  Here are a small few:

1.  The Bachelor:  The plot is that some man whore gets to be the center of attention from 20 odd delusional females.  All females claim their undying devotion and love after a nano second meeting with said man whore.  This is great for the guy because he gets to sleep and make out with all these women (none of course have any morals and will therefore always say yes) and go on these crazy dates the network pays for.  Then he picks one “lucky lady” and they’re engaged for another nano second before the relationship falls apart.  Awesome.

2.  Knight Rider:  Didn’t this show already exist?  Like 20+ years ago?  Sure I loved this show when it was originally on but I was 4 – what did I know?  I was also obsessed with He-man and eating Mayo only sandwiches.  So what if his car talks to him?  My sister’s car talks to her.  It’s called GPS and it’s annoying.

3.  Gary Unmarried:  Basically about a guy who’s divorced, shares custody of his kids, and tries to revert back to the good ‘ol bachelor days.  What’s funny about divorce?  Nothing.  What’s funny about a 40 something year old male acting like he’s 18?  Nothing.  What’s funny about those old cliched marriage/spouse jokes?  Nothing.  What’s so great about this show?  Nothing.

4.  Grey’s Anatomy:  I know I’ll probably get flack on this one but come on!  It’s about a bunch of doctors and how their lives entangle both at work and at home.  Someone is always mad at someone or having some life crisis and they switch partners more than square dancers.  And oh by the way, this show already exists.  It’s called ER.

5.  CSI:  Now before anyone freaks out, let me just say that I love this show.  I really do, well the Vegas one anyway.  But do we need three of them?  I say get rid of Miami, that guy gives me the creeps.  Before you know it we’ll have covered all major cities and will have to move on to CSI: Idaho.  “This crop of potatoes has all been killed…(whip off the sunglasses here) by the Colorado potato beetle” (song performed by The Who starts here).  Simply riveting.

I could go on and on because there is A LOT of bad television out there but I think you all get the idea.  Please someone, for the love, put Prison Break back on the air.

12 thoughts on “What the hell FOX?

  1. I must confess, I have never gotten into Prison Break. But there are a lot of shows that, according to many, I should have gotten into, like Lost. But I hear you about the creepy guy on Miami. We love CSI, and even watch the NY version on occasion, although it can get really graphic. But Miami guy is super weird, and only has one move. Head down not looking at the person he is interrogating, and then he looks at them from the side, then slowly moves his head up as he accuses them of something. Awesome! Any way, we are more of a House MD kind of family. Except we don’t like the angry lesbian. We liked the previous crew of doctors better, so we kind of understand where you are coming from. I think that must be the point of my post.

    I like the New York one as well. Not as much as Vegas but way better than Miami. I can’t stand Miami! I do like House though but have to agree that the original doctors were better.

  2. Ok, sit back….relax….and BREATHE! I’m sorry I don’t share your pain in this. I have never watched this show and apparently missed my chance to do so. lol Sorry. I don’t really know what else to say. Maybe you should come to Spokane and take it out on the wii. Yeah…that’s a grand idea. 🙂

    You can still catch the last 4 episodes they’re going to be showing in April. And you could always rent the previous seasons. Instead of me going to Spokane, you should come down here!! And bring the Wii with you!

  3. Don’t worry, I am on your side with the Grey’s Anatomy show….it all feels so pretentious…even the way they stare at each other….ugh….do you watch 24? That is maybe my fave show, and it kicked off on Sunday with what will be an amazing season! 🙂

    I think I’ve watched 24 once but never really got that into it. Maybe I’ll have to check it out now that Prison Break won’t be on.


    This really ruined my evening, reading the news. Fox, if it weren’t for House and 24 I would be boycotting your lame ass. What am I going to do without my weekly Wentworth?!?!?!?!!?

    Exactly! What am I going to do without being able to see Wentworth every week???

  5. You know this is my fault. I started watching it. So they are taking it off the air.

    It’s like WalMart… If I like it, they discontinue it.
    Sorry, Nan. I killed Prison Break.

    I know what you mean, they always discontinue things I like. I guess it was only a matter of time. Maybe I should start a campaign saying how much I hate it and then maybe they’ll bring it back.

  6. Never seen it… with all of the DVD’s and NetFlix player. I can catch this stuff wherever.

    I am sorry for your loss though. I am a Lost and Heroes fan. They can keep coming and going from and island or svaing the owrld over and over again…you’d think they could keep breaking out of stuff for a couple of more seasons.

    Yeah you would think they could just keep writing something to make it stay on the air. I would be so sad if they took Heroes or The Office away! I’m not overly into Lost though. I’ve watched enough to know the main characters and what’s going on but not enough to know all the little details.

  7. Man-whore? Don’t you think you’re being a wee bit hostile?

    My car doesn’t talk to me… the GPS does and she has a name, it’s Lucy. Yes, she is annoying. If she had a hot British man’s voice, I’d like her more.

    I saw a taping of ‘Gary, Unmarried’ a few months ago. I tried to laugh and I think I did… twice. But they wanted us to laugh at the same unfunny thing for the 17 times they taped it. The experience was cool, the show was not.

    Um, no. I don’t think I’m being hostile in calling them man whores. That’s exactly what they are. Your car, GPS it’s practically the same thing. I saw about 10 min. or so of that Gary Unmarried show and was bored to tears. I can’t believe it’s still on!

  8. I was shocked upon knowing Prison Break is about to have an untimely end…. Grrrrr….

    It’s the only series I have been trying to follow through simply because it is so engaging.

    I agree with you on your list… I am even surprised when I saw an ad about Knight Rider and I saw one episode. It seems outdated for me – that car has been talking already in the 80’s so what’s new?

    I am disappointed!

    Glad to hear someone else is unhappy with Prison Break being pulled off the air. And exactly, Knight Rider is outdated and done already!

  9. This is seriously one of the funniest things I have ever read.

    “…Gps and it’s annoying” wow.

    CSI Idaho! I am all for that. Could be a murderer or it could be a moose? Who knows?

    HA! Glad you liked it. I figured you’d be up for CSI: Idaho. Maybe they could do a little twist and feature fire fighters regularly. You could be the star.

  10. I loved this post. The CSI one was my favorite. What a great bit you wrote on CSI Idaho. That should be on the Comedy Channel. Can you review a few more shows for us maybe? Some suggestions: Psych, Monk, CSI NY, The View, Criminal Minds, Ghost Whisperer…..
    One technical question: How do you get your responses to reader comments to appear RIGHT BELOW the comments of the readers? Every time I respond, it ends up as a brand new comments. Thanks, Mitch

    Wow thanks! I’ll have to give some thought to reviewing more shows. Except I actually like a couple you listed (matter of fact I had just finished watching Psych when I read this) but The View and Ghost Whisperer could be fun. Ok, to put your comment under someone else’s click Comments located on the left side bar on your dashboard. Go to the comment you are wanting to respond to and when your cursor is in the box a list of options appear. You’ll want to click on Quick Edit. This will allow you to type your response underneath the comment. Just skip a line or two below the last line and start typing. I usually highlight and then bold my response so it’s easier to distinguish. Once you have done that click on Update Comment located on the bottom right of the comment box. I hope that helps. Let me know!

  11. I love this post. I’m so with ya on The Bachelor. Why would anyone want to spend the rest of their life with a person who, two minutes before asking you to marry them was 2 timing you? And 2 months before that was dating 20 different women at the same time? What the heck?

    Man it drives me nuts when I watch shows like this for that very reason. Why on earth would you want to compete for someone’s attention when they’re blatantly making out with someone else right in front of you. No thanks. Women are always saying that wouldn’t stay with a guy who cheats on them and yet there they are. I guess it’s different when you’re on TV – I would know, I’m a “normal” person.

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