Obligatory New Years Post

It’s a good thing procrastination isn’t something I want to work on this year or I would have already shot myself in the foot with posting this entry the night of the 7th rather than on the first.  Instead of having resolutions I have goals or improvements for the year.  Towards the end of 2008 I started working on a few things that I hope to continue for 2009.  I started being a little more serious about my running and plan to keep that up.  I read  50 books and will be doing that again.  I started eating a lot healthier and began to get interested in cooking/baking.  If I had to pick a big surprise of the year, cooking might possibly be it.  I never ever thought I would enjoy doing that.  What’s next?  Shopping?  Ha, I won’t hold my breath on that one.  But if any of you have any easy, yummy recipes you want to share please do because I’m on the look out for some more.  And possibly my favorite thing I did this past year was to buy my awesome camera and get into photography.  So this year, I think I would like to actually learn how to use this awesome camera.

We all know I lost my job a couple of weeks ago and am now a free agent for whatever may come my way.  See how I’m trying to make unemployment sound cool and exciting?  Well, I guess in some ways it’s nice to not have to get up and do anything but then again, before I started writing this post I was just sitting on my bed making faces at myself in the mirror because I’m bored.  So another goal for the year is to get a job.  Hopefully sooner rather than later.

I’ve been living here in Utah for a little over four years now which is the longest I’ve stayed put since I graduated from high school.  But now I’m getting that itch to do something else, somewhere else.  While I was in California I interviewed with a company and was offered a job but because of a couple of things it’s not going to work out.  But I still think this is my perfect opportunity for something new so in a couple of weeks I’m planning on driving down to Mesa to check it out.  I’ve never been to Mesa but I know it’s warm and somewhere different.  Could it be a giant fiasco?  Yep, it sure could be.  Could I find myself staying in Utah?  Possibly.  Is it possible that I’ll run out of money before I get a job and have to move back home to Arkansas?  Sure is.  But it could turn out great and who knows, I may love it so much I stay there longer than four years.  I’m excited for this year and excited to see where it’s going to take me.

10 thoughts on “Obligatory New Years Post

  1. Making faces in the mirror? Gasp, no! I’m shocked!

    I need to be more like you in the running and reading department as I’ve let both sort of slide over the past 3 months. You’re good peeps, baby.

    I know, who would have thought right? It’s only my second day back running and I already hate it again. My knee starts to hurt after about a mile and a half so that’s as far as I’ve been going. I’ll build up the distance though. And as far as reading goes, I read so much the last month or so to meet my goal I have no interest in picking up a book. Got to get on that though!

  2. Hey – I think you already started shopping more, but you didn’t even realize it…I’ve heard rumors! Mesa sounds good to me & that’s all that should matter right?? Go there, go there! 🙂

    Well the shopping part may be a little true. But I have to go in small increments of time. Just because you said I should I’ll go down and check out Mesa.

  3. I like Mesa 🙂 When you’re here, would you mind doing some of my work? It will keep you from being bored…Just kidding. It was worth a shot though. Let me know if you need a place to stay or someone to show you around!

    I’m pretty bored so I might consider doing your work. I’ll let you know when I’m planning on coming down for sure. It would be awesome if you could show me around. Thanks!

  4. I know Mesa sounds much more appealing than ol’ Spokane Washington, but just keep it as a back up thought…please? LOL! It could be fun….and I have a lot of single friends who are pretty easy on the eyes…. 🙂 Just a thought… lol

    Ok, ok. I’ll keep it as a back up thought…a very very back up thought. LOL It would be fun to be able to hang out with you whenever but you unfortunately live where it’s cold. I do know you have some cute single friends but they don’t live there in Spokane anymore..ahem, someone named Nate I believe….

  5. Maybe you could win the HGTV dream home and move to Sonoma Calf…at least you’d have a really cool house to live in while your unemployed. 🙂 Mesa sounds great

    I think a move would be fun. I would love to be able to move around when and wherever I felt.

    Kudos on the running and book reading ( I haven’t done either of those in a while)

    I have a recipe too for you that I’ll have to post soon…Banana nut bread that’s really moist and guaranteed to put ten pounds on you with just the first slice.

    I’ve never watched the HGTV home thing but I’m up for a free home somewhere! I’m up for winning any free contest…new clothes, make over, gift certificates…you name it and I’ll take it. Banana nut bread sounds really good right now! I’ll be on the look out for your recipe.

  6. I love recipes. If I have the right kitchen, I love cooking. I do not enjoy cleaning up afterwards, at all.
    I have lots of recipes. Plus, there are a ton of sites out there that offer them as well.
    I bet if you gave us an idea as to what you are looking for- baking, Mexican, chicken, pork, breakfast, dinner, frugal, etc – your visitors could give you some great ideas.

    As for moving, if you have the itch and no ties, DO IT! Just my opinion though.

    Oddly enough I don’t mind cleaning up in the kitchen when I’m done cooking. Cleaning the bathroom…that’s another story. Sometimes I wonder exactly how old I am b/c I didn’t even think about surfing the internet for recipes. It’s like I forget how the internet works or that it even exists. I’m up for anything as far as the food goes. Well, things that are affordable and I guess I’m not really too interested in seafood. But anything else goes.

  7. One door closing means a new opportunity. Take it and RUN!

    Yeah I’ve been saying for a while that I would like to move and try somewhere else and now I’ve got my chance. It may not work but the adventure is in trying and I’m more that willing to do that.

  8. Love your attitude about staying positive and keeping your options open. It’s all about the attitude!

    I’m trying but we’ll see how positive I am in a few months when my savings is gone and I’m singing for change on the street corner LOL!

  9. So, no decisions yet, eh? Well, I hope you figure out something soon! I must say, after being in AZ for two weeks in December, I’m left thinking, “Why on earth do I live in Utah?” Winter in AZ is bless-ed. Summer, on the other hand, is HOTHOTHOT! But, then you just stay in the air-conditioned buildings and freeze or stay all day at the pool…don’t forget the sunscreen. You get fried in like 12 minutes in that kind of heat! Good luck with your decision-making!

    Man, I am lame! I’ve been meaning to call you for weeks now and realized I still haven’t done it yet. I’d gladly welcome the heat now being back here in the freak’n coldness of Utah. I’m asking myself the same question about living here!!

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