Lump Sum

I feel like I have so much to write about that it makes me not to want to even start.  So I decided this would mostly be a picture blog instead.  Besides, picture blogs are much more interesting for everyone.  I will say that I had a good Chirstmas hanging out with my sister in LA.  Then I was able to change my flight and go to Arkansas for New Years and spend two days with my mom, dad, sister (who flew out as well), and brother.  Sorry to those of you reading this from Arkansas but I was only home for about 48 hours and I didn’t call anyone to get together.  I just really wanted to spend it with family.  My brother and I ended up driving back from Arkansas to Utah so he could continue on to school in Idaho.  We just got in yesterday afternoon to my apartment and he left this moring and is now in Idaho.  Thankfully the weather for most of the drive was good.  Well except for about two hours Sunday morning driving in New Mexico.  I was pretty much the snow plow on that back highway and it’s a really good thing not many were on the roads because putting on my breaks would have proven difficult.  I guess not WOULD have, it was.  Three little puppies had wandered onto the middle of the road and I thought for sure we were going to hit them but after a tense moment of swerving and whatnot we passed by safely.  There must be something about New Mexico because the last time I drove through there with my brother we almost hit a drunk man walking across the road at night.  Seriously.  Anway, here are some pics:

ns1 ns5

These were some of the stairs of death that my sister and I hiked while in LA.  I think we climbed over 400 stairs that day.

img_2418 img_2420

This was the henna tattoo that I got.  The photo copied paper said that it meant serenity.  For all I know it says “I eat pooh.”  It’s already faded, lasts 3 weeks my eye, and now I just look like I don’t bathe.  Nice.


Me hanging out with my new friend in Chinatown.

img_2421 img_2424

My sister bought my brother a Mexican wrestling mask for Christmas so we’re just trying on the different Christmas hats.

img_2429 img_2430


We went bowling one night to get out of the house.  I have no clue what my siblings are doing in those first pictures but we all had fun.  I kicked everyone’s trash the first game and bowled a 167 and that bottom pic might be the only one I took where I’m actually smiling and not making a face.


Just making faces.  We do that a lot in my family.  Well I do anyway.


My brother and his band recorded a CD and this is him singing along to himself in the car somewhere in Oklahoma.

Even though I’m sick of flying and driving in the car I had a great time visiting with everyone.  I don’t have any pics of hanging out with my dad but it was good getting to see and visit with him as well.  The only regret is that my oldest sister and her family couldn’t be with us.  But maybe next year!


7 thoughts on “Lump Sum

  1. Looks like you had a great time! Love the pics….is your brother supposed to be Nacho Libre in his mask? ha ha Glad you made it home safely…

    Yeah we were laughing about him looking like Nacho Libre in that mask. It was a good time and I’m glad we made it back safely as well!

  2. What fun! You packed a lot of fun in a short time.

    You know… I have had the SAME thoughts about New Mexico! THere is ALWAYS something in the road that should not be there.

    And now I want to go to Taos for a week. Sigh.

    It was fun and looking back I guess we did pack a lot of stuff in a short amount of time. Yeah I don’t understand that about New Mexico. What could be worse than almost hitting a man and puppies? I hope I never have to find out.

  3. Ahem. I was celebrating the strike I just bowled and might I remind you… I beat everyone in the second game. Dad told me today that my henna tattoo looks like I let a 4 year-old draw on me with a magic marker.

    Aahh is that what you were doing? Yes, you did beat all of us in that second game which just shows how bad we all sucked it up that time. Just kidding!

  4. I laughed right outloud when I read the possible english translation of your henna tattoo. Maybe next time you should just get him to put that on your arm…and Pam — I was thinking that about both of yours, but that’s part of what makes your suspected real translations even funnier! BTW Nandango – One of these days I’m getting botox so people will think you’re the oldest one! 🙂

    Well I’m glad you found that funny. I think it would be funny if that’s really what it said. I didn’t even remember there was a seagull in Finding Nemo. I saw that movie once and I think it was on TV so I’m sure parts were cut out. Maybe I should put it in to check out this bird. Good luck with the botox. Though I think it makes people look like they’re made of puffy plastic.

  5. PS) Great pic. with you in the santa bird hat – you look like the seagull from Finding Nemo! (isn’t it sad that I remember what Disney movie characters look like after I haven’t seen them for years?)

  6. That sounds fun! I love California! I’ve never been to New Mexico but it might be as good as Arizona. Warm anyways. I’ll be so jealous if you move to Mesa. I was looking at dental hygine school there. It would be humorus if we ended p in the same city again in a different state.

    It was pretty fun and for the most part everywhere I was at was pretty warm. Though it did start getting cold in New Mexico and then they got a snow storm which sucked. Mesa’s gotta be better than that. That would be kind of crazy if we both ended up in virtually the same city and state again.

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