So Far in LA…

Maybe I should start with just getting to LA.  I woke up Tuesday to some sun and clear roads which was a nice change from the day before.  I was relieved because I hate driving in snow and wanted to make sure I got out of Salt Lake before the next storm hit.  That morning I ran some last minute errands then came home to eat lunch and check the weather.  According to the meterologist there were three storms moving in at that moment and it just so happened those three storms were right where I was going to be.  Ugh.  They showed what was supposed to be live footage of the storm and sure enough I looked out the window and where the sky had been blue 15 minutes before, it was turning a dark gray/black.  So I hurried and got in the shower and started to get ready.  Only to discover that as I was fixing my hair snow had started to fall.  Naturally I panicked because I was having my uncle give me a ride to the airport and the plan was for me to leave my car at his house which was an hour and a half away in good weather condition.  So I literally ran to my dresser drawers and closet and grabbed some clothes and threw them into my suitcase (because I had put off packing of course) and was out the door within 10 minutes.

As it turned out, the roads and sky were clear the whole way and I ended up getting just outside his house in 50 minutes.  So much for a live weather feed.  Since my flight wasn’t supposed to leave for oh, another 6 hours, and I didn’t want to just hang out in his house I drove around to pass a bit of time.  Finally just going to the house and eating dinner before going to the airport.  I was still a couple of hours early but thought that would be good b/c the lines might be crazy.  Nope, no lines whatsoever and I was checked in and through security in 5 min.

I make it to my gate to discover that my flight has been delayed because the plane was coming in from Chigago.  Lovely.  It was now sheduled to leave at midnight so I had about another 5 hour wait.  Around 10:30 they announce that the flight had been cancelled because the plane never made it out of Chigago before their airport was shut down and the next available flight would be the next morning.  Awesome.  I remained sitting reading my book while everyone else stood in line to rebook their flights because honestly there was no point in standing when I had all night to get the flight changed.  And that’s when the airline guy said there was availability on a flight going to Long Beach that was to leave in the next 20 minutes.  Eureka!!  So on that flight I went and landed in LA at midnight local time.  I thought they had lost my luggage because I waited for a half hour and it never showed but as I was in line waiting to talk to the representative about getting it, some guy rolled in a large cart with unclaimed luggage and there it was.  No clue as to where it had been up until that point but I didn’t really care.

I got to my sister’s place and got some sort of second wind and couldn’t go to sleep until 3:30 which was really 4:30 to me.  I don’t think I’ve seen 4:30 in the morning from staying up since I was a freshman in college 10 years ago.  I woke up only 5 hours later and opening my suitcase was sort of like a pre-Christmas present because I had absolutely no idea what was inside since I had just thrown stuff in there.

In the past few days we’ve kept it incredibly low key which has been really nice.  We went driving around to look at some lights, had a small gift exchanged, talked on the phone with family, went for some walks that were in her guidebook (one walk had us going up so many stairs I lost count at somewhere around 400), went into some stores (it was at night and they were all virtually empty or I don’t think I would have gone), and yesterday we went to both Chinatown and Little Mexico (Little Mexico is what I’m calling it but I don’t know what it’s really referred to).  That’s the kind of stuff I like to do rather than going to all the big tourist spots.  And we went to some Salvadorian grocery store and I found the brand of black refried beans I used to eat in Guatemala and some cookies that I haven’t had since I was there either.  Honestly, I think that has been my most favorite thing I’ve done so far on this trip.  It doesn’t take much to make me happy I guess  – just some black beans and Chiky cookies.  Yum!  I’m still on the hunt for a certain candy that I ate in both Mexico and Guatemala and have not been able to find.  It doesn’t help that I can’t remember what it’s called but I’m on a mission to find it.  Not sure what we have planned for today but beans and Target may be hard to beat.


7 thoughts on “So Far in LA…

  1. I’m glad you made it there safely.
    Your adventure sounds like opening scenes to a movie.

    Ugh! Don’t you hate it when you can’t think of the name of something? There is a candy, a nasty candy that I liked when I was very little, and I want to find it. The name? I don’t know. But, it was brown… *shrugs*
    You should list the beans and cookies here. Who knows, maybe someone will send a box of them to you.

    Thanks for the update. I hope you continue to enjoy your visit.

    It does seem like the opening to a movie. One where they play out that scene and then back up to show you how they get to that point. Only it’s not much of a story to get there, nor much of one afterward. The beans and cookies taste yummy and now I just need to think of the name for the candy and find it. Wish I could help you on your candy quest but brown isn’t much to go on. And that description alone doesn’t make it sound appealing.

  2. Love Target. Also I love visiting the Chinatowns and places like that. They are way more exciting than most tourist destinations. Glad you’re having a good time. You totally deserve it after your stupid job. 🙂

    Target was definitely part of my highlight so far here. I found Mr. Mom for only $5. It had been forever since I had seen it and it still cracks me up.

  3. LOVE Chickys!!! I didn’t know (or maybe I forgot?) that you had them in Guatemala too…I had meals made out of those in Costa Rica. Yum.

    We bought you a bag of the cookies but Pam said you didn’t seem all that excited about them so I said I would eat them myself. Maybe we’ll go ahead and send them. They consisted of many a meal for me as well and as a matter of fact, the first “meal” I ever ate in Guatemala was Chikys. My companion didn’t help me buy any food and she didn’t have any food in the apartment for herself so that’s what I ended up having for breakfast. So good!

  4. “Beans and Target” made me laugh.

    The traveling itself sounds frustrating, but with a book anything is better:)

    A book does make things better. It was a lot of waiting around but the time seemed to go by pretty fast once I got into my book.

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