Crappy Ending

I worked three and a half years for a company where I met and worked with some really great people that turned into great friends and a lot of real douche bags that (quoting a former co-worker) “if I saw dying of thirst in the desert, I wouldn’t even spit in their mouths.”  Gross I know but I think it gets the point across perfectly if not just visually.

As time went on, a steady downward spiral occurred as management changed hands again and again, taking moral with it.  Those employees that worked hard got fed up of being overlooked and left (with the exception of one other person besides me) and those that were lazy and only out for self gain were promoted.

During one Christmas season,  I was asked if I would come into work by 6 because we were so busy we needed to split into 2 shifts.  I didn’t even hesitate to say yes and was there before 6 and would even put in some overtime.  By the next Christmas I had been put in charge of all the scanning done in the lab and we got slammed with work.  I had to train and oversee 7 temp workers, hire and train a new full time employee, maintain the equipment, and keep up with the work flow so it went out in the aloted days we promised.  Did I do it?  Yes.  Were any of the orders delayed in my area?  No.  Without being asked by my boss, I stepped up and for four months worked nothing short of a 12 hour day and many times exceeded that.  I came in every Saturday and worked a full 8 hour shift by myself even though technically the lab was closed on the weekend.  The longest day I put in was on a Friday when I worked a 19 hour day.  Folks, that meant I didn’t leave until almost 2 in the morning!  Only to get up and be back in the lab with the machines running by 8 that Saturday morning and work a full shift that day…by myself.

In all this time being employed with this company I took 2, count them 2, sick days and only a handful of vacations.  And just to add a little insertion here about when I would go on vacations, I would stay late the day before if I needed to  so that I could clear out all of my jobs so no one would have to cover for me while I was gone.  Just because I didn’t want someone else to have to do my job when they had their own to do.  Because the lab was shutting down, the work flow tapered and the last couple of months I was the only employee doing all of the scanning and editing that the lab receives.  And I still got everything done when it was due.

I was told a few months before the lab shut down, the exact date of it’s closure and therefore my last day of employment.  Only to have discovered a week before that date, that they had to maintain the agreement they previously made with distributors and would be keeping the lab open for a little while longer.  But that my last day was still the date they had originally told me.  Which meant that I was the ONLY person that no longer had a job.  I wasn’t upset to find myself out of a job.  The place was a real shoty place to be at the end but I was a bit ticked that my boss couldn’t just come out and tell me to my face what was going on.  Instead, he had this diluted idea that I was moving to CA in January so I would be quitting anyway.  What?  I believe what really happened was back when he told me when my last day was, I said that I didn’t know what I was going to do.  Maybe stay in Utah, maybe move to CA with my sister, maybe move back to Arkansas or maybe move somewhere entirely new all together.  I didn’t know and wasn’t going to commit to anything until the new year.  Gee, I can sure see how he got “I’m moving to CA with my sister in January” out of that.

I know you may be thinking, or not, “Nandango, you were justified in being upset about losing your job and how it all went down.”  And true, the whole thing had proven to be shady but that’s not why I was upset.  This just provides a very brief glimpse of the background.

On my last day I went to work before 7 like I’d been doing for two and a half years (when no one else shows up until 9 or 10) and worked to make sure I got all of the orders out of my area before I left so no one would have to finish my work.  By early morning everything was done and as it turned out I didn’t receive another order the rest of the day.  Instead, I sat there doing nothing because I couldn’t go home because I was supposed to meet with HR for my exit interview and I was waiting for my boss to show up so he could tell me what time I was to meet with them.  He came in at around one in the afternoon but promptly went into a meeting.  At 2:45 I closed all my stations down and collected my things because my eight hours ended at three.  I walked out, found him, and asked about my meeting.  To which he told me that he would have them set up something for when I came back from Christmas break.  Seriously?  So I could have gone home today rather than sit doing nothing?  Deep breath.  Then I felt like I was pulling teeth to get him to tell me what that would entail.  The conversation went like this, “So I come here like normal on that Monday?”  “No, you’ll go over to the other building.”  Pause. “First thing in the morning?” “Oh they’ll set up an appointment for you.”  Pause.  “How am I going to know about the appointment when I’m out of town?”  “They’ll probably just give you a call on your cell phone.”  Pause. “Ok, so do I just wait and give them my badge?  Or do you need to take it now?”  “You can just wait and give it to them in the interview.”  Good grief.  This would have been much simpler if he would have said, “I’ll talk to HR and let them know you cell phone number and what day you will be returning so they can call you and set up a more specific time for you to meet with them for your exit interview.  At that time, you will want to turn in your badge to them.”  Another deep breath.

Still this isn’t the part that had me upset.  It happens now.  After that exchange I started to walk to the door when he tried small talk and said something like so you leave for CA tomorrow?  Do you have a ride to the airport?  I responded yes and he said well, have a safe flight, Merry Christmas and I’ll see you later.  And that was it.  I don’t know how I managed to get downstairs and to my car composed, but once inside I just teared up and started to cry and cried the whole way home.  I could not believe that after all of these years, after the hard work and dedication I gave to this company, I didn’t get the one thing I wanted most – a simple thank you.

I woke up in the morning still feeling pissed at the whole thing but as I was relating what happened to my mom I found myself tearing up again, obviously still hurt at what had transpired.  I suppose I will be for a quite a while.  But I leave for my vacation to CA  and try to do so with another deep breath.  This time not out of frustration but with the hopes of letting go and moving on to something better.


12 thoughts on “Crappy Ending

  1. You obviously know that you are and employee that 90% of companies would love to have working for them. The kind of employee that gets done what needs to be done, doesn’t need to be micro-managed and doesn’t miss work.

    I know that gives you little comfort right now, but you are indeed doing things the right way. Don’t change and turn into one of them. It sucks right now, but I really think you are one of the good ones.

    Enjoy this break, even if it for the wrong reason.

    Thanks so much I appreciate that. It does suck but now it’s over and it’s all something of the past. Now that I’ve finally arrived in LA the break is fun (though getting here might be something I’ll have to blog about later).

  2. Definitely enjoy the break as much as possible. I tried looking for a ticket on-line last night to come see you both, but the prices are out of control at this point – so sorry. I’d really like to come. It was kind of a last minute wild hair thought.

    I felt the same way when I left BLC — I did the same stuff you just described…came in before the butt crack of dawn, left late, didn’t screw around on the clock like most of upper management…blah, blah, blah…no thank you’s really, no nothing. And just to think…I didn’t leave there sooner because I felt a loyalty to the company…dumb choice. I should have quit a year before I did — maybe more… So sorry you’ve had the same experience. Love you!

    I’m thinking I probably should have left a long time ago but what do you do now you know? At least I wasn’t accused of embezzling money while on maternity leave. That would really be a bummer.

  3. “Thank you, Blue, for being such a great employee.”

    I know this doesn’t make up for them not saying it, but I felt it needed to be stated. You’re one of the good ones, Blue. Don’t turn to the dark side. 🙂
    Hope you enjoy you Christmas Vacation in spite.

    Merry Christmas, honey!

    Thanks so much! It’s nice to hear that no matter where it comes from. Reading your response “don’t turn to the dark side” made the theme from Star Wars pop in my head every time Darth Vader comes on screen. Hmm, maybe I should buy one of those plastic Halloween heads and wear it in my exit interview and walk in humming “da da da da da” well, you get the point.

  4. I’ve only gotten as far as half way through the first sentence. I can’t help it. I thought “She worked for THE COMPANY?!?” I then realized you said “a” company not “the” company ….. See what you’ve done to me with all that Prison Break talk? *sigh* Okay, back to reading the rest of the post….

    …Okay, now I’ve read the rest of the post and I have to say I’m sorry. It’s hard to put so much in and feel like it’s not appreciated or even noticed. I could say the ol’ “one door closes and another opens” but I don’t think you want to hear that right now. So, I’ll say this instead: I hope you enjoy your vacation, have a great Christmas and dream about all the things you can do now.

    HAHA!! That would be something if I worked for “THE company”…now you can see why I have such a vested interest in the show, it’s personal. LOL! Thanks for the encouragement. And so far I’m enjoying my vacation but getting here is a story in itself. I hope you and your family are also enjoying the Christmas holidays!

  5. I felt the same when when I quit my former job. They threatened to fire me, actually told me I’d be out of a job by early October, so I made other life plans and quit. My boss was pissed, too. I never got a thank you but she did hug me, which really freaked me out. I think I made a weird noise (like EEEEK!) and pushed her away.

    I was angry for a LONG time because I’d worked my butt off for 3 1/2 years and made them LOTS of money. It took me a while to get over it but I finally did and I’m in a much better place. MTAE is right… you are a personal companies would kill to have. You remember that.

    Yeah, I’m pretty awesome. haha kidding. I’m trying not to be angry b/c really there’s no point and I don’t feel like wasting more energy on that place than I already have.

  6. Ugh. Well I am glad that you are moving on to better things. A thank you would have been great, but I guess their lack of caring shows that leaving is the best thing for you. Good luck and I hope you get lots of time to relax and renew before starting work again. Merry Christmas!

    I think in the long run it will be the best thing. So far the break has been relaxing and it’s nice to not think of work and deadlines.

  7. Wow, that’s an incredible story. There are so few people today who have your work ethic, then to have someone not appreciate it is just unbelievable. I guess what it comes down to is always knowing that you are doing your best because you know what’s right, not for anyone but yourself. There are so many idiots in the world, and this company is obviously full of them. In the end, you will be the winner & they the losers, really big losers.

    I wish I could say something that would really describe how wonderful you obviously are, but I can’t. Maybe because it’s Christmas, you bring tears to my eyes as you remind me of all of the best things of my grandparents, people who were the salt of the earth, who did what was right because they grew up believing you didn’t ever do anything else.

    Wow, thanks for the great compliment! And you’re right, I think I kept working hard not so much for them but more for me and my own sense of work ethic. Slacking off would have made me look bad and I don’t like letting people down when I say I’m going to do something. But it’s all over and I’m glad to move on to something else and hopefully whatever that is, I’ll get the better end of the deal this time around.

  8. Too bad it ended the way it did, that sucks. They certainly took you for granted. Take you’re dedicated hard working self and go find a company who will apprecitate you!!!

    That’s the plan and fingers crossed that’s what will happen. In the meantime, I’m enjoying my little vacation from work!

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  10. Hey Nandango,
    Keep your chin up. Some folks just don’t get it … and you worked for some of them for the last three years or so. It won’t be the last time you feel underappreciated, feel overworked and underpaid, or get your feelings hurt by the boss for that matter. There will be more jobs … jobs being the key word … plural. Your next job won’t be your last … I can just about promise ya that. Keep in mind you were providing a service for which you were paid … and you did that exceedingly well. Hold your head high. It’s hard to do something and work somewhere that long and not get wrapped up into it personally somewhat … but remember work is a “four letter word” and none of us would do it if we didn’t absolutely have to. Do your job and do it well … but remember we do them so someday we won’t have to do them anymore.
    Merry Christmas and Happy New Year Sam

    Hey what’s up?! You’re totally right and logically I know and understand that. But it’s still hard to be detached. If it had all only been a work relationship I think it would be different but all of us did things outside of work as well. Got together for barbeques, I babysat kids, went to lunches and movies, bowling, etc. I just thought after all that I could have heard a thank you. But it is what it is and now I’m on to something else. Hope all is well for you and that you had a great Christmas!

  11. I completely understand where you’re coming from. Trust me, you’ll find something so much better that you’ll wonder what the heck took you so long…… least that’s what I did.

    I have no doubt that’s what will end up happening. I just have this terrible habit of staying too long somewhere because I feel I have to because I made the commitment. I guess in general that’s not a terrible habit but in this case it might be. Fingers crossed 2009 will be better.

  12. Hi Nandango,

    I think you’re getting some pretty good advice here. Don’t sweat the lack of thank you’s too much. It would be the right thing to do, of course, but there aren’t too many bosses out there with actual training in being a good boss. As a result, in this situation they’re usually much too concerned with how this affects them to think of how it affects you. And it’s doubly so when the management level is as dysfunctional as you describe. I can’t speak for you (or anyone), but this is a perfect time to set a few goals and decide what you can do that would really make your days sing. There are jobs that feel like work, and then there are jobs that energize you. Move consistently toward the latter, and you’re setting yourself up for a really enjoyable ride through life.

    And for what it’s worth, I just happened to stumble across your blog, and I’m glad I did. You have a great energy, and your writing was very interesting. Find that job, but don’t forget to post – I think we’d all enjoy it.


    I’m glad you stumbled across my blog and like it! When I first started at this company it really didn’t feel like work at all. It felt like I was getting paid to hang out with my friends all day but as the time went on it shifted and going in was drudgery. But as you said, this is a good time for new goals and to spice things up a little. And for sure I’ll be posting about it!

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