Feels Like Forever

Since I posted last even though it was just last weekend.  I’ve been so busy at work I just haven’t had time.  Speaking of work however, Monday is going to be my last day.  I do have a meeting with a company in CA next week so there’s a potential job opportunity there.  I’m sitting on the fence with this though.  On the one hand I was really looking forward to being unemployed and basically doing nothing for a while.  I was going to go back home and hang out before deciding my next adventure.  Which was looking like moving to Arizona.  I have no connections there, just always wanted to go.  But on the other hand, I am unfortunately responsible and recognize that I will need a job and money, so how nice of it to drop in my lap (if it works out).  I guess we’ll just have to wait and see.

But speaking of CA, I’ll be flying out there this next week to spend Christmas with my sister, mom, and brother.  That will be nice to get away from here and it’s got to be warmer there compared to here so that’s a definite bonus.  We got hit with multiple snow storms this week like many of you.  I hate it.  I hate snow, cold, and being wet.  Driving is a nightmare and if I were able to I would stay in bed and hibernate for 4-5 months until winter passes.  Unfortunately I do have to venture out tomorrow if for nothing else, to buy dog food for Walter.  That and I need to make it back to my apartment to clean before my mom and brother show up here Sunday night.  Nothing says “Welcome!”  than a dirty place.  And I decided to make a turkey dinner for them on Sunday so I’ll have to pull it out tomorrow as well.  Hmm, come to think of it I have a whole list of stuff I have to get out and do.  So much for staying inside and watching Arrested Development.

And that has been my most recent guilty pleasure.  When this show first came out, I was living in Guatemala and so I never heard of it.  I completely missed it’s entire three seasons and until this week, had only seen one episode.  I had heard from so many people that it was hilarious but I didn’t see the humor based on the one show.  So while staying with Walter I’ve pulled out the series my friend has on DVD.  And let me just say – hysterical.  I love this show and can not for the life of me figure out why they canceled it.  Unfortunately I left one of the cases on the floor and Walter got a hold of it and chewed it up.  I about died when I came home and saw it.  The DVD is fine, it’s just the case that’s gnawed.  I felt so bad that I had been so stupid that I ended up ordering the entire series on DVD and will replace the cover when it gets here.  Lucky for me Amazon was having an awesome deal on it and lucky for me I really like the show and will watch it over and over again.  So, Pete if you ever read this I’m sorry about the case but if you don’t read this you’ll never know.

And while I’m on the subject of Walter I’ve discovered (as if I didn’t know already) that I’m not ready to have children.  Don’t get me wrong.  I love this dog.  I’m tempted to have some legal papers drafted up for joint custody but I’m exhausted.  Every night there has been a rotation of him either wanting to play right when I’m going to bed which leads to him whining outside the door or him waking up and needing to go out between three and four in the morning.  Which means I only get another hour or two of sleep before I have to get back up again.  I’m one of these people that needs their sleep.  It was well after midnight before I either passed out and couldn’t hear him whining or he finally just stopped (that’s kind of late for me).  Then my alarm didn’t go off and for the first time in forever I didn’t automatically wake up.  I got up when I was supposed to be clocking in for work.  But it didn’t really matter because it was my second to last day and no one shows up until nine or ten.

Ok, so I could really keep going and going but if any of you have stuck around this long I won’t make you keep reading this dribble.  Hopefully a better blog will come along shortly.

10 thoughts on “Feels Like Forever

  1. I knew you were special for a reason. I love ARRESTED DEVELOPMENT! That show always kills me and I don’t get the people who don’t like it.
    I got 52″ at my place yesterday. I have never….I don’t know.

    Oh good the reason for my specialness has finally been defined! Wait, that didn’t come out right… The series just got delivered in the mail today so I’m now the proud owner and I know I’ll be watching it over and over. Sorry about the snow. That totally sucks! It’s not that bad here but I’m already wishing for the spring.

  2. I’m guilty of good-show negligence again . Yup, it’s true. I have not seen Arrested Development.

    And for the record, I did read the entire post. Even the part about hibernating, where I think I actually said out loud “Me too!”

    Oh you need to watch this show! It’s hilarious and the writing is so clever. I really need to work out some sort of plan with the hibernating b/c the winter just makes me grouchy.

  3. Best of luck with your interview next week – that would be nice to find something right away although hanging out and visiting around is fun too…you are really liking that dog no matter what you say about not sleeping! Your photography blog says it all!!

    Thanks! I’m fine with either way it all works out so we’ll just see. I do really like hanging out with him and will have to see about coming over for a visit sometime.

  4. And if your interview isn’t what you thought it would be… remember: I can hook you up with the paps. That could pay you some decent $$ while you’re looking for a steady income. BTW, it’s not so warm here. I finally cracked and turned on the heat because it was hovering around 39 degrees. BLECH

    I’ll take 39 degrees thank you. Much better than what it is here. I don’t think I could work with the paps. The way they’re so invasive gets on my nerves.

  5. It is really too bad someone else didn’t pick up that show. Well written, good acting…the whole thing was well done. One of the big three networks and a good time slot and this would have been a home run!

    Yeah I really don’t understand why no one picked it up. I hear they’re making a movie. I’m not sure if it would work or not. Usually I don’t like when TV shows go to the big screen. Well except the Simpsons. That was a funny movie.

  6. Just a pitch for an adventurous move to AZ…I did it one year after graduating from BYU and haven’t left yet! No connections – found a job and a place to live. Speaking of which, you are more than welcome to move in with me 🙂 Good luck deciding what to do next!

    Wow! How’s it going? It’s been a long time and I’m glad you found me on here. I’ve only heard good things about Arizona and if CA doesn’t work I’m pretty serious about moving down. I’ll have to let you know. Hope all is going well!

  7. Good luck and God bless on your upcoming adventures, wherever and whatever you decide them to be…

    Merry Christmas and although the future seems stark with the global economic crisis, let’s all hope for a Happy New Year….

    Thank you and the same to you!

  8. Well, I’m glad to hear that Arrested Development has caught your attention. Walter loves it too…I guess chewing the case was his way of assisting you in owning the series. I’m so glad that you got the outstanding deal on Amazon the other day. When we bought them we got a similar deal.

    Walter doesn’t chew stuff very often, but I guess we should have mentioned that leaving stuff on the ground is an invitation for him to play with it.

    Ack! I really didn’t think you would this, at least not this soon after posting. But the DVDs were delivered today and the change with the cases has already been made. Lesson learned and I now put nothing on the floor. And you should click over to see the pics I took of him and posted on my other blog. What a cutie!

  9. That’s how I felt about ‘Sports Night’…I think it only lasted for 2 seasons. I don’t understand how a brilliantly written show can end so prematurely and ‘Full House’ can last for perpetuity.

    I think I sort of remember hearing about that show but I never watched it. I may have to google it and find out what I missed. Good call on the Full House though. I still don’t know why that show is STILL being shown in re-runs.

  10. First off, I’m completely in agreement with Allison. What a great show that was.

    Life gives you obstacles and you decide how to deal with them. Sometimes, a change is welcome and other times not. It’s a cliche but cliches are that because they’re truisms not because they’re false.

    Do what you have to do but realize that youth gives you opportunities that you may not find yourself in position to take advantage of later.

    I have a dog and children and I will tell you that, while they’re similar, children eventually grow up!

    Thanks so much for your comment! I had a crappy day yesterday in regards to work (which I’m going to post about to vent and then hopefully move on from) and will definitly remember what you’re saying about change and obstacles. Kids may grow up but dogs don’t talk back. It’s really for the best that I don’t have either!

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