About a week ago, I volunteered to dog sit for a friend and his wife.  I had seen pictures of their dog but had never actually met him so earlier in the week I came over for our “introduction”.  I knew he was a bigger dog but holy crap I had no idea he was this big.  After my initial shock at his size, I began asking questions like “He’s not going to take off down the street when I let him out to go to the bathroom is he (the yard is not fenced in)?  Because he’ll just be gone if he does.  There’s no way I can chase him down and bring him back.  In the middle of the night he’s not going to forget who I am and then eat my face is he?  Because that would really suck.”  So I really didn’t ask that second question but I for sure thought it.

Turns out he’s a huge dog, with a loud scary bark which is great if there’s an intruder.  Seeing and hearing him should send the prowler running.  If not we’re in trouble because Walter is the most gentle, laid back dog ever.  And lucky for me he’s incredibly trained.  These pictures really don’t do his size justice at all.  His body comes up to my hip and his head reaches my elbow.  And he weighs more than me by about 15 or 20 lbs.

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I’ve only been with him a little over 24 hours and still have 9 days to go.  I’m enjoying it but I can’t help but think he thinks I’m dull.  You know life might be on the pathetic side when a dog finds you boring.  And when you’re constantly talking to him…like I’ve been doing.  Last night I couldn’t find his leash and kept asking him where it was as though he might magically be able to answer me.  Instead he just kept looking at me with his droopy, sad face that seemed to say, “I’m a dog you idiot!”

I did finally find the leash and today we braved the wind and little bits of snow to go for a walk.  We got plenty of stares, I assume because he’s huge and it looked like he was taking me for a walk instead of the other way around.  A few people even commented that he was a good looking dog which I of course took full credit for.  One elderly gentleman came outside and wanted to pet him.  He said he used to have a similar dog only slightly smaller.  And I kept thinking it was a good thing Walter has been trained not to jump up on people because he would have knocked this old man down and he probably would have broken his hip.

Only 24 hours into it and I’m already attached to him.  He’s the perfect mix of huge and scary looking which makes him look cool and tough and yet, so far his favorite thing to do is lay down and sleep which is cool to me.  As long as it’s not next to  me in the bed.


12 thoughts on “Walter

  1. Walter looks like a Great Dane. I’ve always wanted one of those, something about a dog that could double as a pony at a child’s birthday appeals to me.

    Normal people talk to their pets and expect them to at least show them what it is that they want. Congratualtions, you’re normal! (In all fairness, people who don’t talk to their pets most likely think the people who do talk to their pets are a bit nutso.) (I don’t trust people who don’t talk to their pets.)

    Well I’m glad to hear I’m normal! I don’t think I would trust someone that didn’t talk to their pets either. Well unless it was something like a goldfish then I would worry a little. I figured you meant birthday party and in fact I’ve wondered if they’ve ever placed their daughter on his back before. She’s not even two so I think she would be a perfect candidate to try.

  2. Just so you know, dogs are smarter than you think. My dog, the small yappy type you have mentioned, will go get her leash and sweater when I ask if she wants to go outside. So, had you said the magic word, and by magic I mean a word he was familiar with, he may have gone and gotten it for ya. Great Danes are funny dogs. Mark wanted a Mastiff, but since their poop, like great danes, is the size of a horse’s, he will have to do without. Small and yappy it is!

    I know dogs can be really smart and I think that’s what I was hoping for when I kept saying the word leash. It really wouldn’t have mattered b/c it turned out to be outside in a storage box on the patio. So far the only thing I think he understands completely is when I ask if he needs to go outside. Outside must be the trigger word b/c he’ll jump up and go to the back door.

  3. I love him and I’ve only seen a picture. By the end of the 9 days you’ll be asking for visiting rights.

    Yeah that’s definitely something I could see myself doing. Coming over to their house and asking if Walter could play.

  4. A dog like that leaves some elephant size messes!

    I’m sure he does but thankfully I don’t have to worry about it. He’s an inside dog but they have him trained well. He only goes outside to the back corner of their yard so no mess for me to clean up and no messes in the yard where their daughter plays. It’s a win win.

  5. Wow – both you and Pammy at the same time — well actually I guess she finished her time up yesterday. Looks like a nice doggy!

    He’s great and I’m already attached. It’s going to be sad when I’m done.

  6. I talked to Rilo all weekend. She atually understood things like, “Let’s go on a walk”; “sit”; “please stop sticking your nose in my crotch”. I took her for a 3-hour walk on Saturday and you know what? People don’t bother you when you’re walking (or being walked by) a Pitt Bull. They usually walk to the opposite side of the street. It was awesome.

    Yeah I like taking Walter for walks. A lot of the kids have said that he looks like a horse.

  7. That’s how I ended up with a pug…I pug sat for a family for a whole summer. I was devasted when I had to give her back.

    Well if I ever get a dog I’m going to take a serious look at Great Danes for sure!

  8. Neighbors of mine used to have Great Danes when I was a teenager.

    It’s something of a religious experience when you visit someone’s home for the first time, sit down on the sofa to play video games, hear a little jingling collar, and the next thing you know a shadow falls across the sun and you’re looking (way) up into the big happy eyes of a fellow named Brutus.

    That’s how it is with Walter as well. I love that big droopy face!

  9. When I was 6 my neighbor’s great dane ate my rabbit, but this one looks very friendly. The place I used to take jumping lessons at had a Mastiff and during the winter he would wear a small horse blanket with the stable’s logo printed on it. He was HUGE, but really friendly and awesome.

    Good grief, he ate your rabbit? Yikes. Well I doubt Walter would do that, he’s pretty mellow.

  10. Oh what a great dog! He has such a wise face. You are going to have a tough time giving him back.

    I know! I only have two more days with him and it’s going to be awful walking out the door. I already have a hard time with it and that’s when I know I’m coming back.

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