On My Break

I’ve got a few ideas for some other blogs entries but I haven’t quite put them together yet.  So instead I’m going to write about what happened when I went on break a few minutes ago.  I needed to put gas in my car, drop off a book at the library, and grab something very quick to eat for lunch.  First of all, I went outside and it’s 60 degrees out!!  I’m in heaven wearing a t-shirt and flip flops a week before Thanksgiving.  I love global warming – or whatever it is that’s causing this awesome weather.  Then I get over to the gas station and for the first time in I don’t know how long, it cost less than $30 to fill up my car as opposed to the $50+ just a few short months ago.  Score!  Well it was at the gas station when the purpose of my blog happened.

The gas station is located right on the corner of a busy intersection by my work and I was thrilled when I finally made it through the intersection and up to a pump without someone beating me there.  Of course as soon as I pulled up three other cars pulled up as well but no matter because I was already there.  So I get out and begin pumping.  As it’s doing it’s thing I’m looking around and notice a really nice black truck stopped at the intersection.  I really like big trucks and this one was pretty.  Note that I said I noticed it.  I didn’t gawk at it or see who was in the car other than a glimpse of two males, then turned my attention back to my own car.  For being right next to an intersection it was relatively quiet when all of a sudden one of the guys wolf whistles very loudly right at me.

In hindsight, I’m flattered.  Really, truely I am.  But in the moment it took me completely off guard and I wanted to die.  I kind of froze actually and wasn’t sure what I was supposed to do and my embarrassment sort of compounded when I looked up and the three other people pumping their cars were looking right at me.  I really don’t like to be the center of attention at all unless I have control of the situation and this was not one of those times for sure.

So what do I do?  Mechanically finish pumping my gas all the while knowing that truck is still stopped at the red light and I drive away.  Looking back I have to ask myself, “WHAT IS THE MATTER WITH YOU???  With a reaction like that you’ll be single forever!  Sheesh.”  So dude in the black truck sorry about earlier and just so you know, I’m free for dinner.


11 thoughts on “On My Break

  1. Thanks, wasn’t sure if you heard me whistling. 😉

    Kidding aside, take it as flattery and with good humor… great entry here… 🙂

    Oh believe me, I’m flattered and find it quite humorous. I just wish I would have responded differently that’s all. I was just caught so totally off guard. Oh well, live and learn I guess.

  2. Here’s my solution to your gawker…

    (leg sweep)

    (kung-fu chop)

    (elbow to the hoo-yahs)

    If he doesn’t run, you’ve got youself a winner!

    If he needs emergency medical attention…you should run.

    LOL! I’ll definitely keep this in mind for further situations. If there are any further situations.

  3. Was the guy hot? I don’t suppose it matters… I’m always a little horrified when I get wolf whistles. I was walking to the Promenade the other night when I saw a deaf kid and his friends do the ASL version of a wolf whistle. Then again, maybe he wasn’t deaf and he was just using crude hand gestures. Yup. I’m going with crude hand gestures. Do men actually think that type of behavior works?

    I couldn’t see him, the truck was a little bit back. Plus I didn’t really look.

  4. Woo hoo! Nothing like a good wolf whistle! I am dying. I can totally picture you pumping gas, minding your own business….only to be interrupted by the whistler…and then you getting the ‘holy crap did that just happen?’ look on your face. Yes, I’ve seen that look a thousand times from you. 🙂 Next time flirt a little more….whats the harm in that? Just rest assured that if the guy(s) are creepy, all your running will have paid off….you can just beat feet outta there. 🙂 Now you just need to get GP to be the one whistling!

    Oh how well you know me. I have no doubt that was the look on my face. GP just isn’t going to happen. This is a sad fact that I have come to face.

  5. The implications of a wolf whistle… they are somewhat arbitrary, so my guess is you did the right thing. Here’s a virtual wolf whistle for ya! 😉 Fiuuuuu, fiuuuuu, or something like that.

    LOL! Well thank you!

  6. What exactly IS a wolf whistle, anyway? I really wouldn’t know.

    This is a good point. Maybe I didn’t react right away because I was trying to process exactly what was going on. It took a while.

  7. I would kill for the wolf whistle while I’m pumping gas, instead I just get busted by old crusty men while I’m singing embarrassing songs.

    You certainly are a lucky girl!

    I’ll say I’m lucky right now but I didn’t get a good look at the guy in the truck. It could have been one of those old crusty men for all I know!

  8. Haha – duffboy’s wolf whistle impression is cracking me up. You know it will happen again tomorrow, so don’t be too hard on yourself! Infact — I’d bet it happened after work already.

    True, how did you know it would happen again today? HA! I’m kidding.

  9. I would’ve not enjoyed that situation either, just remember you did survive it!!! Too bad you didn’t get a better look to see if they were normal or creepy. Oh I’ve got quite a few stories from the past, ooohhh so embarrassing and all I wanted to do was disappear. One of mine that comes to mind: I was in the backseat of my parents stationwagon and we were headed to a wedding reception and got stuck at a red light. Next thing I know we’re riding along and this guy (a total show-off which I hate!!) riding his motorcycle in the lane next to us starts poppin’ wheelies!!! Yeah nice, right in front of my parents, oh how I wish I could’ve vanished!

    HAHA!! That would have been funny to see.

  10. Did you know that I actually met my husband at a red light? we flirted and I asked him for a ride on his Harley and the rest is history.

    Honey child, what am I gonna do with you? 😉

    HAHA!! No, I didn’t know you met your husband at a red light. You mean that could have been my future driving off? Well, that figures.

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