In the Spirit of Random

So I don’t have an actual blog to write but am taking a cue from Half Full or Half Empty (Glass o Water) and just going to jot out a few random things about today I guess.

I had my one year blogiversary about a week ago or was it two?  I kept meaning to write something but got busy and distracted and never did.  So finally I’m getting around to it – cheers to me!  And while we’re on the subject of anniversaries, today is my third official year of working for the company where I’m at.  I was hired on Halloween and I’m still not sure if it has turned out to be a trick or a treat yet.  I don’t write much about work becuase one, no one really cares what I do, and two I don’t want someone to find this and get me fired for something I may say.  Although, we are closing down in a couple of months so maybe it’s all fair game now….

Well since I’m on the subject of work, I was trying to hurry and get some of the orders out of here ASAP so I could have time to do some blogging and in my hurry this is what happened:

We put all the orders in plastic totes and the sides are sharp little suckers.  This happens frequently and it’s a wonder I have an arm left at all.

Meanwhile, every year the company I work for gives us carmel apples for Halloween.  This is never a treat that I think about but or even crave but when handed to me the yummy goodness all comes back.  Good thing I have floss in my car too!:

Since it’s Halloween there are a lot of employees who are dressed up but I just didn’t feel like it this year.  Instead I wore my scrubs that dub as my pajama bottoms and lounge pants.  They’re pretty much the most awesome pants I’ve ever had.  And since they’re bright orange I figured no one would really mind.  I’ve been told they look like inmate pants and I’m tempted to have Wentworth put across the butt of them.  For those of you who don’t know, Wentworth Miller is the actor in Prison Break.  Here they are (sorry about the angle and shot but it’s hard to take a pic of your own pants):

And since I didn’t bother getting dressed today I decided I wouldn’t bother with my hair either:

Only two hours left until I leave for home and I hope I can make it!  Hope everyone is having a Happy Halloween!

*This blog is brought to you by Nike…Just do it!  HA just kidding – Though I wish they would sponsor me.

8 thoughts on “In the Spirit of Random

  1. With those pants, I wouldn’t do much running around any trash pickup/highway grass cutting/inmate crews.

    Yeah I’ll have to be careful with that. That would be my luck to get picked up and put on the bus all the while screaming “I’m not one of them! Really!!”

  2. You certainly wouldn’t be missed by any passing motorists while trick-or-treating. Of course, the top completes the ensemble…but you didn’t include that.

    When I got the scrubs I didn’t get a matching top so mine is just a navy blue one that I never wear. At work I was just wearing a white undershirt – not really photo worthy unfortunately.

  3. I think the angles on your pics are cool! Love the scrubs…any chance they want anyone else to advertise? 🙂

    Well you do what you can when you have to take pics of yourself! I have no clue if they want continued advertisement.

  4. heehee…I love it! You inspire me to write and then in turn, you run with my ideas… 😉 Love the sponsor idea…need to work on that, would love to get paid and just sit here and blog. That would be fantastic! Of course, then my blog would have nike logos everywhere….and I really would have to get into shape if I wanted to represent the brand properly…hmmm…wonder if The Cheesecake Factory chain would be willing to sponsor instead…. 🙂

    Hmm, I didn’t think about having to get in shape to represent Nike. So I’m kind of with you, I wonder if Burger King needs a sponsor. Or Hershey’s or Jr. Mints or Red Robin or…. And along with your cheese cake, my friend bought some this weekend and I was a little skeptical because it was pumpkin flavor. Yes I love pumpkin pie and pumpkin cookies but that’s as far as my love of pumpkin goes. This was DIVINE!!! If you get a chance to eat some do it.

  5. Bad ass scar! Perfect for Halloween.

    HaHa!! Yeah thanks. Maybe with my inmate pants I could say that I got in a jail fight or something. And end it with “you should see the other guy”.

  6. Ok, I made pumpkin and white chocolate mousse pie last year for thanksgiving….it was beyond heavenly and amazingly decadent!! Light, airy and creamy with that pumpkin and spice flavor tempered with the white chocolate folded cream to create the mousse in a graham cracker crust….drooling thinking about it….

    I’m drooling just reading about it – sounds scrumptious. And I’m not generally a fan of white chocolate anything.

  7. I love your random comments and the photos that accompany them. You write really well, and that encourages your readers to keep returning. Congrats! Mitch

    Well thank you I have a lot of fun with this blog.

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