Thanksgiving Through the Years

Sure I know it’s not even Halloween yet and I’m already writing about Thanksgiving but I’m excited for it this year.  And I’ll get to why in a minute but first I want to take a trip down memory lane, dragging you along with me.  To me Thanksgiving isn’t that big of a holiday.  The last year I spent at home for the big day was back in 1996, my senior year in high school.  Here’s the recap since:

1997 & 1998 – I was a freshman/sophmore at a school in Idaho bored to tears and almost snowed in.  Thankfully my two older sisters were living in Utah at the time and I hitched a ride down for the long weekend.  I can not for the life of me remember what we did other than make a Christmas tree out of baby food jars (don’t ask) and watch My So Called Life.  I don’t really remember it but I have a picture of us doing it so I guess that’s what we did.

1999 & 2000 – I was going to school over in Hawaii so traveling anywhere was out of the question.  Again I don’t really remember what I did but most students couldn’t go anywhere either so it wasn’t like I was deserted on campus.  They probably showed movies on campus all weekend and plus there was the beach.  No complaints here, I mean I was in Hawaii for crying out loud.

2001 – I was living in Mexico.  Need I say more?

2002 – I was in the Missionary Training Center.  This is kind of a blur as well.  I don’t think we had classes that day but instead we watched a movie (The Other Side of Heaven) and afterward the man who is was based on was there to talk to us and answer questions.  This is really all I remember so I don’t know what I did the rest of the day.

2003 – I was in Guatemala and probably forgot it was even Thanksgiving.

2004 – Went to Vegas with a friend.  Which sounds fun right?  Well, not really because we didn’t go to the strip.  Instead we spent the weekend with her sister and her sister’s in-laws in a town just outside of Vegas.  I had no car and was at the mercy of this family.  I played a lot with the kids and watched Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles cartoons.

2005 – Went with a friend to a friend of her families house.  This was actually pretty fun.  They lived only a 1/2 hour from where we were so basically we showed up for food, chit chat and then left.  Brilliant!

2006 – My brother was living and going to school in Idaho and it was my turn to be the dutiful sister and have him over for Thanksgiving ( I was living in Utah).  My roommate was gone for the weekend and all was pretty chill.  I made a dinner and we watched seasons of That 70’s Show pretty much the whole time.

2007 – My roommate was gone and I sat in the apartment doing nothing but watching TV.  I didn’t shower or get out of my pajamas for four days.  And I think the only time I even stepped outside was to go to Walmart because I wanted another pumpkin pie after I had consumed the other two.  I remember coming across a DVD that belonged to my roommate that I have never seen so I put it in.  I didn’t realize Mists of Avalon had been made for TNT and was 6 hours long until about hour 4 when I finally looked on the back to see what the deal was.  It didn’t matter because I wasn’t going anywhere anyway.

All of this brings me to this year.  I’m going down to southern Utah to go hiking and take pictures at the Arches National Park in Moab!!  I’m so excited!  A friend and I have been talking about this since the spring but it became more of a reality when we booked our motel room the other day.  For three nights I will be away from the snow and gloom of the valley (I’m assuming that will be the weather because it’s been like that every other year I’ve lived here) and instead be in the southern desert with breathtaking views.  I will not be out of the country, sitting with people I don’t know, or watching TV mindlessly while my brain turns to mush.  I leave you now with views I will be seeing for myself in one short month:

10 thoughts on “Thanksgiving Through the Years

  1. I’m jealous. Plans for going to Arkansas fell through, as all plans do with my family. They don’t quite understand the concept of plans. So Mark and I will be here in Omaha, probably eating microwaved dinners for Thanksgiving. Lucky you!

    Sorry to hear the plans fell through. As much fun as this is going to be I’d rather be in Arkansas with my family.

  2. Awesome! I hope you have a ton of fun, and take some killer pics with your awesome new camera. My last trip to Moab was… eventful. Family vacations w/my fam are more like Family Disasters.

    I’m pretty excited about it. I’ve driven through Moab a ton of times but never stopped. You should write about some of those family disasters.

  3. I’m so glad you’re going! Some of the best attractions require some medium to long hikes. Others are very close. If you get a chance, take a look at Bryce or Zion some day too.

    I enjoyed your list on “All You Need to Know About Me.” I hate to say this, but my daughter (now 25) used to love NKOTB too. I guess I’m quite a bit older than most of your readers. Read all the comments on your aching knees—hope that rest and ice is working for you. What about running two days, then taking one off, etc. i have bad knees too, much worse than yours—age is not all it’s cracked up to be. I usually just WALK on the treadmill or outside and do elliptical when my knees feel really good.

    I drove through Zion once a few years back. It was kind of on accident and I was not in the mood to stop and look at anything, lame I know. I’ll have to go back sometime. I have to say I was pretty excited with NKOTB got back together a few months ago. Not excited enough to go to the concert but excited with nostalgia. Hopefully the knees won’t be too bad this week if I’m icing them but I may have to take a day or two off. Hope not but I don’t want to ruin my knees forever either.

  4. As you know, my turkey day plans crapped out when R cancelled her wedding. I wasn’t too upset about it as I planned on eating a tuna sandwich with tomato soup, watching the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day parade, seeing a movie and calling it a day. But I changed my mind.

    The dean’s assistant (remember her?) recently lost her husband and her son / grandkids live in Seattle, so she’s alone. Yesterday I suggested that the two of us spend the day together and maybe even invite others who have no where else to go. Mom suggested I go to her place but when I checked into it, tickets ranged between $550 – $1,500. No thanks.

    You’ll LOVE Moab and Arches. I’ve only been once (sophomore year; required trip for geology class). Wish I’d gone more often. It MIGHT snow down there (you never know), so be sure to take a fleece jacket and a hat… just in case.

    You mean the older lady in the office right? That could be fun and at least she won’t be alone for the holiday. Too bad you can’t go home that could be fun too though it might be too short of a trip. I’ve seen some pics of the arches with snow on the ground and it actually looks really pretty even though I don’t like snow. I think it’ll be a good time.

  5. That sounds like a real adventure. My annual Thanksgiving adventure is bringing all of the Christmas crap out of the attic…I am convinced that is how I am going to die…either falling down the stairs or being blown up by my air popcorn popper.

    LOL! Well at least that would be an original death, dying by an air popcorn popper. The idea of bringing out holiday decorations every year sounds tiring and I can see the appeal of leaving your Christmas lights up all year long…and the tree too.

  6. I remember making those goofy lighted trees out of baby food jars — I’d been saving them forever. Why you ask?…I’m asking myself that same question. Dumb. I think we just ate stuff at our place. I think I have some pictures too, but just of our packed plates! (again…ask why? here and repeat my response again too…) BTW…4 days in your jammies? You must have been ripe!

    You know what else I have pics of from those Thanksgivings? You feeding Kendall those rolls that were burned solid black on the bottom! Gross!

  7. Um yeah, I’m pretty sure you spent one of the Thanksgivings at Ricks in good ol’ Spokane with me. Am I mistaken? Didn’t we ride with Aaron Stenzel in his tiny freezing car…and he would keep flashing his brights at people coming the opposite direction…good grief.

    Nope I didn’t go to your place for Thanksgiving. It was for the long President’s weekend right after Valentine’s Day. That was a terrible drive and I’m so glad I was smashed in the back with the luggage than up front with him.

  8. go class of 96! Can’t wait to see the pics from your upcoming trip!

    I guess that was a little misleading b/c technically I’m class of ’97. Just that last Thanksgiving at home was in ’96. But as for the upcoming trip, I’m totally stoked!!

  9. Wow, what a cool adventure! I also thought that the one where you watched lots of Ninja Turtle cartoons sounded pretty cool, but you’ll have to let me know how this one compared 😉

    The Ninja Turtles would have been cool but they’ve revamped it since it originally came out in the late 80s so the cartoon is “edgier” or whatever. And the theme song wasn’t the same. Regardless, I’m sure hiking tops turtles…I really hope so anyway!

  10. That’s the greatest list of places to live or visit . . . you’ve really done a lot of very cool stuff. College in both Idaho AND Hawaii? Wow!

    I think my favorite Thanksgiving ever was one where I went to a theater and saw 3 movies:) But then holidays are not my cup of tea:) Hope you have a blast!

    Well after Idaho I had to go to the most opposite place I could think of and Hawaii was the winner. Your movie Thanksgiving sounds like a lot of fun actually. Hope the movies were good.

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