My Knees Need You

Attention runners, athletic gurus, doctors, and anyone with common sense.  You all know that I’ve been running consistantly for the past couple of months, increasing the distance little by little.  Well, for the past few weeks I’ve noticed my knees getting kind of sore once I reach a couple miles into the run and then for about 3 minutes or so after I finish I’m convinced they’re plotting my death.  What is the deal???  I have no other problems with my knees during the day or night once these few minutes are over.  None.  No popping, soreness, creaking, or whatever.  So am I experiencing some sort of  vitamin deficiency?  Need more calcium?  Is the top of my body too heavy for my knees to hold up while running?  I’m only 29 so I can’t imagine that it’s old age yet.  Is it just growing pains (whatever that means)?  Will they get over it on their own with time?  Or should I be concerned that they may slowly be turning into powdered chalk?  I’m rather found of them so I would be quite put out if this were to happen.  Not running is not an option.  So I’m petitioning all of you if you have any experience with this and what you did for it.  My knees thank you in advance.

8 thoughts on “My Knees Need You

  1. It is probably your excess weight…..not!

    There are many parts of the knees, so this probably isn’t enough info….Front? Back? Inside of the knees? Outside of the knees?

    Identifying the actual location may be helpful.

    When I stepped it up a notch, I had so real knee issues (back of knee), but it turned out to just me pushing too hard to fast….I think, but I am my “morethananelectrician” skill do not transfer to the medical field.

    Good point. For me, it’s the front of the knees. Mostly the bottom outside corner and then the corner diagonally up from that on the inside. And while both knees will hurt it’s my right that hurts the most. I’m going to have to google some info I guess.

  2. They say that jogging on asphalt is a lot better on your knees than cement. What are you running on?

    Also, maybe it’s tme for some new shoes!

    I only run on a treadmill rather than outside. I hope I don’t need new shoes, I just bought them a couple of months ago and they’re the most comfortable running shoes I’ve ever had.

  3. Definitely check the shoes. I am 32 and used to run a decent amount before badly spraining my ankle in 2005. So now after I run, I ice my ankle down for 20 minutes. Have you tried to ice the knees afterwards?

    The shoes are new so I hope that’s not the problem. They’ve been really comfortable so far. I haven’t tried putting ice on it so maybe I’ll have to do that today. Hope that works b/c that’s easy and free.

  4. Oh boy!
    Check the shoes first. If you run everyday then the shoes should be changed out every 4 to 6 months. And when you go to buy them, try to buy them at a running shoe store rather than a Footlocker or Sports Authority. That way they can look at your stride and see whether you run with an inside step or out that can cause knee and back pain. They will give suggestions how to correct it and the shoe that best suites your style of running.

    Ice-heat-ice. After a run ice the knee. Then heat it by means of a bath or shower. Then return and ice the knee again for about 20 minutes. It allows the ACL and JCL to become more malleable.

    Try to run on gravel and dirt rather than only pavement. The constant pounding of pavement can effect the lower back as well as the knee. Switch it up.

    Concentrate on light, high rep weight training for quads, hamstrings, hip flexors, calves and shins. When doing squats and lunges make sure you can see your toe over the knee. Place weight on the heel at all time.

    Change up the time/duration and speed of your run. The difference will improve your strength and health of joints.


    I just bought the shoes about 2 months ago so they should be good. But the next time I need some I’ll make sure I get them from a running store. I’m going to try the ice/heat/ice and see how that goes and if it helps. I only run on a treadmill because outside I can’t breathe and I can’t keep my pace unless a machine is making me. It might all be mental but *shrug* I don’t know what else to do about that. I have noticed that a couple of times that I have not been able to run the same distance and have had to stop earlier, the next time I run I’m able to go a little further and feel really good. So maybe mixing it up a little more will be a good thing.

  5. Oh yeah. I forgot the most important part! REST.
    It’s tough when you get the addiction but taking a couple of down days can do miracles. You are not going to go back to day one if you take a few days off. If anything, that time off will revitalize fast twitch muscles and you will be better and faster when you return.

    While you are relaxing read Ultra Marathon Man. It will pump you up.

    I think you give the best advice – change up the distance/time (aka run less) and rest (aka don’t run). This I probably should do because I’m running 6 times a week with only resting on Sunday. I’ll have to look up this book and check it out.

  6. I always hear a crunching noise in my right knee when I go up and down stairs or do squats. But no problems when running. If we’re talking about lower back pain, then I do have a problem. What I’m saying is this: I don’t think it’s genetic unless Lynne has problems with her’s when running. Did I tell you I’m going to try acupuncture before I go back to PT (for my lower back)?

    I don’t think it’s genetic at all, just my knees. You did mention going to get an acupuncture. You’ll have to let me know what you think.

  7. Well, I am not a runner. But I am lazy, overweight and old.
    Not relevant? Okay, let me try again.
    My cousin who is in amazing shape told me that an elliptical is easier on joints than a treadmill.
    I don’t know if that is true, but maybe you could switch to the treadmill until you find out what is really going on?

    By the way, I can do 3 miles in the treadmill…. It may take 2 bottles of water, a couple of hits off the inhaler, and a two hours, but I can walk 3 miles, I just KNOW it!

    I’ve used an elliptical a few times but I have a hard time with it b/c I want to lift my feet which defeats the purpose. I have used the stair master a bit which doesn’t seem to hurt my knees so much, just everywhere else.

  8. So, I am going to try to sound like I know what I am talking about. Okay, no I’m not. But I do have some experience of my own. I walk daily, sorry, but I HATE to run! Something about my mom trying to force me to, or something. Any way…so I walk long distances everyday, and for a while I was having problems with my shins, weird, I know. I finally figured out why. It was always when walking up hills and I realized that I walk mostly on my toes when I walk up hills, and always at a certain part of my walking, at the beginning, making my shins hurt. Retarded, I know. So, I have to mentally think about how I am walking so that I can avoid the pain. So, what this is all getting to, is that maybe it is just a change in your running. Maybe when you get to that point of your running your legs have been compensating for something, and something, or something resulting in your pain. Yeah, I don’t know what I am talking about!

    In track I ran sprints and would run on my toes b/c well, that makes you go faster and I would periodically get shin splints as a result I guess. I’m not running on my toes for these longer runs but I very well could be running incorrectly and that may be what my knees are trying to compensate for. *sigh* Just great.

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