Mad Crazy with a Touch of Sugar Cookies

Last week two co-workers were let go because our lab will be shutting down in a couple of months and our volume isn’t enough to keep everyone.  So the work of these two people came to be my responsibility.  Which is really no big deal because as I just said the volume has been incredibly low.  Until, of course, they left.  The day after we got more volume than I think we’ve had in months and guess who had to do all of it?  Me.  I’ve been so busy all week I was coming into work a little earlier than I usually do, haven’t had lunch in four days, and forget going to the bathroom.  Ok so that one’s on me because I would just get distracted and “forget” until I was on my way home.  Since I come to work kind of early and have never really cared about how I dress, I find myself wearing whatever is on my floor or the first thing I reach in my drawers.  I have a pair of pants that my oldest sister gave me after someone gave them to her.  I like them because the’re comfy and basic.  When she gave them to me they were a few sizes too big for me but I made do.  Because as I said, I don’t care that much about my clothes.  But I’ve lost about 7lbs over the past month and a half and now I’m discovering they might be TOO big.  And while yeah for weight loss, boo for looking like I was dressed by Marky Mark.

Anyway, on the positive side of the work situation, I’ve been so busy the days have gone by a little faster and I’ve re-discovered that I’m a PHENOMENAL multi-tasker.  Good thing too or I’d really be screwed.  And I haven’t just been multi-tasking at work but at home as well.  I’ve still been running everyday and have increased to over three miles, managed to read a couple of books, cook dinner every night, do the dishes twice, do laundry, clean, go grocery shopping, bake and decorate sugar cookies and deliver them, be in bed by 10, and still had some time left over (before I went to bed of course).

Which brings me to my sugar cookies.  I have been on a cooking/baking kick for a while and am loving it.  My mom makes the best sugar cookies and I decided to give it a go just to see if I could.  And guess what?  I could.  They tasted awesome!  I’m making more this weekend and can check this off as one other thing I’ve learned how to make.  The part about the cookie process that I hate is the decorating.  A lot of people have told me this is their favorite part but I just don’t have the patience to be so detailed for so many cookies.  I think I’m going to divide the task up a little this weekend.  I’m thinking I’ll bake the cookies tonight and decorate them tomorrow so it’s not a cookie overkill for me.  In the meantime enjoy the pics.

14 thoughts on “Mad Crazy with a Touch of Sugar Cookies

  1. Ok now here is the thing. I love, I don’t mean like, I mean love sugar cookies. My suggestion is make the cookies make the coffee or pour the milk and enjoy. The heck with decorating. If they taste good that’s all that matters.

    I guess that’s true. They are good even without the frosting.

  2. What I want to know is if you bit the candy corn for the nose or if you acually cut the pieces?

    All of the cookies staring at me gives me the creeps.

    haha no, I didn’t bite the candy corn. I actually cut it. Candy corn is disgusting and when I eat these cookies I usually just throw that part away. The faces may creep you out but kudos for noticing they were faces. Two people I gave them to yesterday didn’t realize that for a few minutes. I was like are you serious?? Do you think I just randomly put candy on top of cookies for no reason? And gross candy at that!

  3. Welcome to the sugar cookie club! So does this mean at Christmas you’ll help me this year? As you know, the frosting part takes the longest! I’m going to make some next week and take them to work.

    Congrats on changing to a more healthy lifestyle (sadly, I’m only at just under 2 miles before I practically have a stroke). I’ve also lost about 7 lbs over the past month or so, but clearly not due to healthy habits. More along the lines of stress = me not eating.

    No, mom and Robert can help you with the cookies. I’ll probably make some before I come over and so I’ll be burned out I’m sure. My goal is eventually running 5 miles straight but we’ll see. I get really bored and then poop out.

  4. Your real name is Martha Stewart isn’t it….

    I’ve tried for YEARS AND YEARS to make a good sugar cookie. All efforts and recipes have fallen short. And each and every year somebody tells me that they have the best recipe this side of the moon and loan it to me. I try it and they (the cookies) never fail to taste like chalk. With that said, would you mind sharing your recipe?

    Yikes, they taste like chalk? Well that’s not good! These have a dough kind of flour taste but I think they’re awesome. I’m going to post the recipe on the food blog my sister’s and I have. If you click on Three Sisters on my blogroll that will link you over. Hopefully I’ll get to posting it in a few minutes.

  5. Who are you and what have you done with my sister??? What in the world has come over you? I think I’m in shock. You are not usually the baker and BTW you’re not usually the shopper and I’ve heard you’ve been doing more of that too! They look great. I hope you post these on the 3 sisters site. BTW…what pants did I pass down? Are you talking about the work out style pants? I’m hoping I just bought them too big because I’m feeling depressed reading how big they are!! lol. 🙂

    The shopping thing really wasn’t that big of a deal. I went into one store and bought one jacket and only b/c I still had a gift certificate from my birthday that I hadn’t used yet. The pants are those chocolate brown ones that someone gave to you. They have big cargo pockets on the side. I think they were too big for you and that’s why you gave them to me in the first place.

  6. thats funny that i see this, cuz mom is making some right now

    Yeah she said she was going to make some over the weekend. Hope you enjoyed them!

  7. Cute sugar cookies!

    You have certainly been busy! Keeping to a schedule eh? That’s good.

    Thanks! They tasted really good too.

  8. Woah, I’m way impressed. How are you getting everything done?! You’re like a regular homemaker! I’m always wishing I had time to get everything done, plus workout, make dinner, etc. The working out usually gets pushed aside…and dinner, I am getting better. I’ve discovered that I really love cooking now that I have my very own kitchen! It makes a huge difference! It’d be even more incentive if I had someone to cook for regularly…maybe someday! Congrats on the 7 lbs…don’t lose too much more or you’ll be too thin! 🙂 Hope you have a good, but not too crazy Halloween week!

    Your kitchen is awesome and I’m jealous because of it. You can cook for me regularly if you want!! Hope you have a good week as well. Do your students get to dress up in their costumes?

  9. Wow! I am impressed! Thanks for the recipe BTW. I am planning on making some in the next couple of days. Now all you need is a man to enjoy all these tasty treats you’ve made! 🙂

    Hmm, or I could just eat them all myself! Or I guess I could be the cliche girl and take them over to a certain someone….nah, I think I’ll just eat them myself. Let me know how they turn out for you.

  10. I’ not much of a sweet fan but those look amazing. I have a weakness for cookies in formation.

    They really aren’t that sweet tasting…well, if you don’t count the frosting and candy on top.

  11. I love sugar cookies. Come to think of it, I love ALL cookies. You are on quite the baking kick!

    I’m not really a big cookie person. I don’t usually crave them and am good at saying no. The problem is once I say yes, I can’t stop eating them. It’s the same for me with popcorn.

  12. Is this how you lost 7 and 1/2 pounds in the past month? If so I need to try this diet plan!

    Oh you should, it’s fabulous! HaHa. I actually make the stuff and give it away so I’m not tempted to eat it. Though I ended up with a little over a dozen cookies left over b/c I couldn’t think of anyone else to give them to. I mean, sure there’s a whole church full of guys that I have no doubt would take and eat them but I didn’t want to be one of THOSE girls. So I ate one which led to 4 or 6 and in desperation sent the rest over to my bishop (I have never done that before) so I wouldn’t eat them. Then I went running.

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