For a Lack of Something Better to Write About

Ok, I’m in a funk and need to write something regardless of what it is or I might never come out of it.  Hence this post.  Lately I’ve been reading books by Patricia Cornwell at rapid succession and while I love her series to death (ha pun intended) there comes a point when I need to put the books down.  In case you’re unfamiliar with her stuff it’s about a forensic pathologist so you read about gruesome murders and psycho freaky serial killers.  Her series is fiction but the mind can start to wander and after a bit you really need to focus on things like cotton candy, animal balloons, and  jumping rope.  Unless you see those two dead little girls from the Nightmare on Elm Street movies singing “One, two Freddy’s coming for you…” in which case you should swich to hopscotch.

But going back to candy, possibly one of my most favorite things in the world, I’m debating on whether I should buy some for Halloween or not.  I live in a complex consisting of mostly single people with a few young families mixed in.  I can’t remember if anyone rang our bell last year or not but I don’t want to be unprepared right?  And besides, I can always just eat it for myself if no one comes.  Jr. Mints are my candy of choice.  What could be better than the sweetness of dark chocolate enveloping creamy mint?  Hmm, glad I have a box next to me right now.

On the opposite of candy, I’m on the continuous quest of finding a healthy snack for on the go.  Not as easy as it sounds let me assure you.  I have this thing for wanting bite sized food items like crackers or chips but in a nice convenient bag or box.  Oh and it has to be healthy.  Lately I’ve resorted to Wheat Thins which, while tasting good and semi healthyish, the box isn’t so on-the-go friendly.  However, I did just find tiny bags of mini-carrots in the store which might turn out to be my new thing.  They contain the perfect amount of carrots while being in a nice travel size bag.  Come to think of it, maybe I should pass those out for Halloween along with the little boxes of raisins.  Just kidding, I don’t want some kid to deface my door because I didn’t give him sugar.

I’ve been maintaining gym time everyday which on one hand has been awesome.  When I first started running I could barely run a half mile without hacking up my lungs but I’m up to almost 3 miles now and feel great.  And yes, I realize there are quite a few of you that run marathons which is beyond amazing but as I said, I’m happy to not actually see my lung on the treadmill.  The down side is that I can see myself becoming obsessive with it.  Everyday I fight this urge to become crazy and tell myself to keep going no matter what the consequences as long as the calories are burning.  I also find myself trying to fight off obsessive calorie counting with food (with the exception of Jr. Mints of course).  “If I only eat carrots and wheat thins for breakfast and lunch and still burn X amount of calories running….”  Hey psycho, eat a burger for crying out loud!  Ok, so it isn’t that bad but I can see where it could be.  On the positive, the vegetable section has now become my favorite place in the store and I get kind of excited to see what I can create for dinner each night.  I’ve never been much of a chef…at all…so merely cutting up vegetables and throwing them together to see what I can make is like a mystery being revealed and so far it’s holding my interest.

Hmm, this post has turned into one discussing my dietary habits (or lack thereof) so I’ll just add one more that I noticed recently.  I went over to a friend’s house and realized I bypassed all drink options and went straight for the water.  Why is this odd you may ask.  Well, not so long ago I HATED water.  It was a borring drink and offered nothing other than being wet.  I used to drink coke ALL THE TIME.  Couldn’t get enough.  It was nector of the gods and when I mixed cherry coke and moutain dew (don’t knock it until you try it) I thought I had reached some sort of euphoria.  But my “I expect better of you side” (I hate that side) kicked into high gear and I decided to cut back on the coke.  Not just cut back but I went cold turkey on all carbonation.  I had absolutely no intention of maintaing this other than for a few weeks, just so I could go a few days without the shakes and headaches but one day turned to another, which lead to a week, which became a month.  And before I knew it, it had been over a year and a half sans carbonation.  Oh sure, on those hot, sultry days I can taste the sweet sugary goodness as it cracks the icecubes it’s poured over.  But so far I have not caved.  But in a few months it’ll be summer again and you just never know.  If plain water isn’t cutting it I’ll be crazy and buy a bottle of propel and if I’m really feeling saucy pink lemonade it is.  Anyway, I was surprised to find that I had moved beyond the “I guess I’ll tolerate water because I know I should drink it” stage to the “I really do just want a glass of ice water to quench my thirst” stage.  Not quite euphoric but I’ll take it.

12 thoughts on “For a Lack of Something Better to Write About

  1. WTG!! Good job on the gym, breaking the coke/soda habit and just everything!

    If you want to save a few (yeah, penny pincher here), buy the 2 pound bag of baby carrots, a box of snack sized zip lock bags, and make your own mini-carrot-carry-along-bags.

    You can also mix it up a bit then too…. Baggies of sliced cucumbers, broccoli or one day get really wild and make a bag of cherry tomatoes to tote around. You’ll be livin’ life on the veggie edge.

    This is a great idea and the next time I’m in the store I’m buying some little baggies. I love cucumbers and cherry tomatoes. Oh and celery..hmm!

  2. Speaking of snacks…I just read that those mother’s circus cookies ( you know those pink or white ones with sprinkles in the striped bags) will be gone forever as the parent company has gone belly up! (yes – after ALL these years…I mean our grandparents were eating these in their earlier years!) I personally think they’re gross, but in case you like ’em you’d better stock up!

    Really those things are going to be gone forever? That’s probably a good thing. I don’t like them much but maybe I should find some to send to mom.

  3. 1. My favorite book about a horrible killer is Red Dragon by Thomas Harris. He wrote it years before Silence of the Lambs.

    2. Peanut M&Ms are the greatest thing EVER. Other than Mt. Dew, not having it is my only real kryptonite.

    3. For me, the determination of getting in shape again is good, but it actually allows me to keep inhaling Mt. Dew without the fear of being 300 lbs.

    All this talk of carrots, cucumbers and water is making my mouth pasty. My wife forces that stuff down my throat. The fruit part is really cool, but if I were single, I couldn’t imagine eating many vegetables at all!

    I just might have to look up this book and check it out. I never did see the movie. For some reason I can read about this stuff much better than I can watch it. Peanut M&Ms are really good and quite convenient as a snack. I do like fruit better than veggies but it seems to be more expensive and doesn’t last as long. I didn’t use to eat veggies that much at all. Matter of fact it’s only been the past year or so that I’ve gotten really into eating them. When I was at the store the other day I bought a veggie tray and went home and ate the whole thing in one sitting for lunch. Yum! Maybe it’s just me getting older and my taste buds changing LOL.

  4. My extended family is obsessed with Coke. Really. I think I would be disowned if I ever decided that I liked Pepsi better or something. Anyways I went off carbonation for a year and a half once, and it was basically like labeling myself some sort of black sheep of the family. Maybe they thought I had some sort of genetic mutation. I don’t know, but you make me feel really unhealthy. I never eat vegetables, and posting my dietary habits would freak my mom out pretty bad.

    I prefer coke to pepsi but when it comes down to it I’ll drink anything. My oldest sister LOVES pepsi. I didn’t use to eat healthy at all. Matter of fact, I used to eat take out twice a day and it wasn’t the good kind like a salad. It was expensive and made me feel sluggish. It’s taken a while to change my diet and I still have a ways to go but it’s been worth it for sure.

  5. I actually tasted a coke for the first time in quite a while–years, I think. yesterday when I ordered my kids a cheese burger meal—which is also something I don’t normally do– I stole a sip out of my daughter’s. I thought It would taste yummy but instead it was nasty and I went looking for something to take the taste out of my mouth.

    congrats on the running! I’ve started back too, mainly to fill in the two hours that my youngest in in preschool. It’s fun and yet it’s killing me.



    That’s what I kind of think would happen if I did drink coke. That it would make me sick or taste awful and then I would be disappointed that I put it off for so long for nothing. Maybe it’s better I just stay away all together. Way to go on running again. I agree, it’s fun and I feel good about doing it but my legs are so tired later. But it’s worth it. I love dark chocolate and felt justified when the reports came out saying it was good for you!

  6. Look at you all healthy! Good for you and your 3 miles! And water is the key to everything. The more you drink the better you feel. Especially with a pinch of salt every other 16oz.
    But don’t worry about your vices. I have a rule: Every two miles on the running trail equals one beer while watching the Food Network. Low cal beer though.

    Actually I hate salt so I think I’ll leave that out. I can tolerate it on french fries and chips but that’s it and only in low amounts. Other than that GAG!! Since I don’t drink alcohol I’ll substitute your low cal beer for a box of chocolate-y goodness. Hope that equals out. If not, well, oops too late!

  7. I love, love, love Patricia Cornwell’s early books…the Kay Scarpetta ones…not the really sucky ones about the reporter. One of the books was a turning point for me where I didn’t like any of her subsequent efforts…I can’t remember the name of the turning point book, but I think it had a werewolf in it. But, before werewolfy, I loved them. The Body Farm was my absolute favorite, with From Potter’s Field coming in at a close second. I plan to re-read them someday when I’ve forgotten how they end.

    Good for you about the exercise/water/candy situation. I love that Junior Mints are an exception for you 🙂

    First of all, I’m glad you’re back! The Body Farm was the first book of hers I picked up and I think it’s still my favorite as well. I was hooked from then on. I just finished All That Remains and Cruel & Unusual and started From Potter’s Field last night. So far so good. I had read a few out of sequence and am now going back and reading them all in order. That’s too bad about her other series being crappy because I was already getting sad for when I finish the Scarpetta series but was relieved when I saw she had started another one. And so far I haven’t read a book about a werewolf – at least not that I can remember but I’ll be on the look out.

  8. Oh my goodness, if I was as cute as you I would never be in a funk:) I’d just go look in the mirror & do a dance, celebrating my adorableness! Yeah, yeah, I know you get used to yourself and don’t realize such things.

    Yippee on the water, soda sucks!

    I’m big into scary books but kind of had to slow down on them cause I found myself being very nervous when we moved to the country and realized it was the books doing it to me. I loved the one that MTAE mentioned.

    As for snacks, I find that nuts really hit the spot & are so much more filling than any carb stuff. I’d say frozen bananas, but they get mushy in your pocket:)

    Can’t say I’ve ever done a little dance b/c I think I’m cute, but maybe to get the wiggles out. I’ve noticed that I’ve been more alert when I’ve been out especially at night and would have to attribute it to those books. That and I about jump out of my skin when my phone goes off while I’m reading at night. Nuts could be good, though I’m not a fan of salt. I’ll have to look into them though.

  9. ooooh, I would have loved the house that gave out Junior Mints…if you do decide to hand out candy, that’s the way to go! 🙂

    Except I can see myself buying the Jr. Mints, turning off my outside light, and then eating them all for myself…maybe that’s the way to go.

  10. Junior mints just remind me of that one Seinfeld episode with the surgery. So funny!

    Hope you get a few kids on the 31st. I love checking out their cool costumes and see how excited they get!

    That was a funny episode.

  11. Pringles has these sticks now that come in convenient little pouches. They have some pretty good flavors (woo hoo vanilla) and turn out to be about 90 calories a pouch. I keep a box of them in my car when because I have a tendancy to get into my car and realize I’m starving.

    Now if only I could keep a working coffee pot in my car…

    That sounds good. I’ll have to see if I can find them the next time I’m in the store.

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