Happy National Punctuation Day

That’s right, September 24th is National Punctuation Day.  This may be a good excuse for me to brush up on my writing skills because no doubt as you read this you will find a number of errors.  Looking at their website, I gather this day was really meant to be geared toward younger children in the school system.  Good for you Jeff and Norma (Punctuation Day founders)!  But talk about random.  It makes me wonder what all the other National Day things there are.  Did you know that on September 19th was National Talk Like a Pirate Day?  Imagine going into a work meeting while your boss says things like, “Arrg, shiver me timbers” or “Ahoy matey”.  Actually, come to think of it (and a little off the subject), a couple of years ago a co-worker and I planned a pirate themed birthday party for my former boss and it was AWESOME!  Hmm, that could be my next post.  In the meantime, Happy National Punctuation Day.

*after writing this I googled National Days to see what I could come up with.  This site has a list of what are supposed to be official national days (though I see no Punctuation or Pirate Days on there).  But for fun I checked out my birthday and it is National Beheading Day.  HAHA!  And now I wonder what National Day theme falls on your birthday??

14 thoughts on “Happy National Punctuation Day

  1. HA, HA! I just had to look mine up and not only is it Johnny Appleseed day, but it is also National Pancake day and Good Neighbor day. Wow! I’m special…..

    Punctuation has never been my strong point. I tend to make English Majors cringe and go into convulsions when they read my stuff…

    Wow that’s pretty fancy to have three things happen on your day. I’m actually not that bad with grammar or punctuation as far as papers and school goes. But I write this blog as I speak so sometimes I forget you can’t actually hear me and it gets confusing with the punctuation.

  2. Mine is Sorry Charlie Day. Wha???? Does this have something to do with Starkist Tuna? I’d just rather my birthday BE the national holiday. I’m that cool, right?

    Sorry Charlie Day? HAHA!! Awesome.

  3. My birthday is “National Beverage Day” apparently. What fun. When I was younger…. ok no. Last year…. well anyways me and my friends got really into these wierd holidays and we used to celebrate a bunch of them. I remember that sometime in June there is one called “National Leave A Zucchini on your Neighbor’s Porch Day” That is definitely random.

    I wonder what you’re supposed to do on National Beverage Day. Drink stuff I suppose. So did you ever leave a zucchini on your neighbor’s porch? Can you imagine opening your door to that? HA!

  4. Oooh, mine is Museum comes to life day. My husband has a good one though, his is National Chocolate Pudding Day. Now I wish I had his birthday.

    I read the books Sammy’s Hill and the other Sammy book by Kristen Gore, and the lead character in those books likes to jam her Blackberry with random holidays like these. I think it’s fun having a “holiday” everyday.

    Museum comes to life day? That could be fun – though I wonder where they came up with that one. I agree, I wish I had National Chocolate Pudding Day!

  5. I am “Old Rock Day”. I am not sure how to celebrate that…do I get to hit someone in the head?!?!??!

    HAHA!! That’s pretty funny. I say you can do whatever you want with those old rocks – even if it means hitting someone in the head.

  6. That’s really, really strange. My birthday is also Veteran’s Day, but thanks to your site I found out that it is also “Air Day.” Thank goodness we have a national day to celebrate air. Air is pretty important, after all. And to celebrate, I plan to breathe all day, that day.

    Sounds like a good plan to me!

  7. You sure have interesting national days over there… Mine falls on Be Bald and Free Day and National Dessert Day… 🙂
    Oh, thanks for the link…. 🙂

    National Dessert Day sounds like a great holiday! I’m sure I would take full advantage.

  8. I answer my work phone with “ahoy-hoy!” every single time, because I believe every day should involve pirates 😀

    Awwwww, I was supposed to be born on Start Your Own Country Day but ended up with Use Even If Seal Is Broken Day. Stupid destiny 😦

    I have to say that was pretty funny what you ended up with as opposed to what you were supposed to have. I’m surprised mine didn’t work out like that. Thanks for stopping by!

  9. Woooo! Mine is National Peach Ice Cream Day. Um, I’d prefer mint chocolate chip, though. Darn.

    Ha. My sister’s is International Panic Day…which is SO very appropriate. This was fun. Thanks!

    I’d prefer the mint chocolate chip as well but I guess ice cream is ice cream.

  10. OK … my B-Day falls on Card Playing Day and National Chocolate Day … and let me say it’s a good thing … because I will probably be sitting at home playing solitaire and eating Hershey bars.

    Oh wait, maybe I should go to the Casino and play Blackjack and drink hot chocolate?

    Hmmmm …. well ….. I’ve got time to make up my mind.

    Lucky! I wish my birthday was on National Chocolate Day. But I think National Beheading Day comes a close second.

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