Man That’s Annoying

I just got a CD my brother made for me (yeah I know, I know.  Why don’t you just download from iTunes to your iPod blah blah.  I like actual CDs for my car and don’t like messing with it myself) and while I was listening to one of the songs I noticed that it doesn’t sound exactly like it does on the radio.  It’s really close but there’s some talking in the background of this version (and no it’s not my brother.  It’s actually part of the song).  After I had a few Grrrs and Growls, I wondered why artists do this??  I once bought a CD for one song that I really liked but when I got the CD that song wasn’t anything like how it was played on the radio.  Sure the words were the same but the music was totally different.  It boggles my mind.  Usually the first exposure a fan has to a song is what’s played on the radio.  Based on that they determine whether or not they like the song.  Then they may want to buy it.  So why for the love of all that’s holy, would the artist want to have a different version available for purchase.  I don’t know that song.  How do you know I’m going to like it?  Usually I don’t.  I like the one you put on the radio thank you very much.  And most likely that’s the version picked for the radio because marketing knows that will be the song version most favored.

I’m sure you’ve all been to a concert where the artist stops singing, points the microphone to the audience, and lets them sing.  STOP IT!  STOP IT NOW!!  If I wanted to listen to drunken Joe or hoochie Heather sing your songs, I would have gone to a karoke bar.  But I didn’t.  I paid a butt load of money to see you perform your songs.  And for heaven’s sake, play the songs that made you popular and in the way that made you popular.  I don’t care how sick of them you are or how much you feel like you’ve evolved to another musical level.  You can cry about it later as you sleep on your Egyptian cotton sheets after spending a gadzooks amount of money on a shopping spree.  You know, the amount that could sustain a small country.  Is it really too much to ask that you sing and make available the songs that we love you for?  Is it?

7 thoughts on “Man That’s Annoying

  1. I think I knew dunken Joe and hoochie Heather. Joe used to work for me when I ran an electrical crew. All of those tattoos were too much for me…

    BTW, this sounds a lot like you are just p*ssed today. Take a deep breath!

    You know I didn’t think I was pissed just annoyed but then as I started writing I just kept going and going. Maybe there was some hidden anger in there now that I look back. I think it might be boredom. I have nothing to focus my attention on while I’m at work. Hmm, maybe I’ll go back to focusing my attention back on my book about Babe Ruth.

  2. Amen sister! There is nothing worse than getting a cd and the song is nothing like on the radio. IRRITATING!! Oh and speaking of music….Clay Aiken finally came out (like any of us thought differently of him) Athough I’m not sure which news is more disturbing….that he’s gay or that he just had a child with a 50 year old woman. Granted it was via in vitro, but still. Weird.

    HAHA!! Glad to hear you’re staying up to date in the life of Clay Aiken. I’m just sitting here b/c I don’t really know what else to write about that LOL!

  3. Sometimes, it is rare though, I like the version on the CD better. I personally like the songs better when the swearing is in it. I could live a long happy life without the radio edit of a song. This isn’t to say that I don’t see the purpose of the radio edit.

    I feel the same way you do about going to a concert and then not hearing one of the songs that made them famous. WTF! And the whole letting the crowd sing along thing is just stupid. Why do they do that?

    There have been one or two times when I’ve liked the CD version better but like you said it’s rare. I don’t care if the version has swearing or not, what bugs me is when the music is different. Whether it’s in a different key or the bridge is different. Letting the crowd sing along is stupid!

  4. Yes, I think it IS too much to ask. Maybe the artists get tired of singing that one popular song 50 billion times while out on tour or performing at the Today Show. Gotta mix it up a little, I suppose, and have a club remix version so it will have more airplay.

    And if you want to bitch about how much money artists make, let’s take a look at Treasury Secretary Henry Paulson made after he left Goldman Sachs 2 years ago: $140 million. He sure understands the pain of the little guy.

    I don’t care how tired they get of singing the song. If it weren’t for that song or for the fan they would be a nobody. They would be wise to remember that.

  5. With some bands, the version on the radio is a “softer” version than the one on the cd. They have to make it radio-friendly for the whole family I guess. And to the whole concert thing, it’s probably just an ego thing for the band. “hey, look at how many people still remember our only hit from ’86. Cool…”

    Making it radio friendly I understand (cutting out the swearing, maybe leaving out the rap) but to change the music itself is what bugs. I guess it could be an ego thing. Or maybe they’re so out of shape and practice they HAVE to stop to breathe and cover it by letting the audience sing along. I say stop moving around so much and sing the song yourself.

  6. I hated the CD version of Tupac’s “California Love” at first, then I grew to like it more than the original.

    Arrested Development’s CD version of “Everyday People,” though, defines that very frustration for me. Loved the song, bought the disc, “WTF?!?!?”

    Nowadays the metal I listen to doesn’t even make it to the radio, so no worries. 😀

    Not listening to the radio sounds like it might be a good solution actually.

  7. I dont know how the big labels operate because I’m not on FM radio- but with us Indie artists It could be that the artists first recording got put on the radio or the internet before or while they were in the process of perfecting it- something that I’v done with past recordings unintentionally- I’ll hear something that bugs me after hearing it on my stereo for days and I have to go back and change it- and it changes the whole feal of the song- fortunately -I stopped making those mistakes with my new recordings and they will never be changed after mastering……. well, probably not never

    Ah, well that makes sense then I guess. Thanks for stopping by!

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