No Plans but Busy Weekend

I hardly ever have plans for the weekend and this past one was no different.  But where that usually means I spend my time reading, walking, grocery shopping or cleaning, this weekend I actually had a real life!  Friday night I was a sub for a girl on a softball team.  I played with them a few weeks ago and while it was fun then I didn’t really contribute other than being a body on the field.  Which made me feel a little bad because I played softball for 11 years.  I know how to play but was nervous about it.  This past Friday however, I was one of the only girls that not only hit the ball but managed to score a couple of runs for the team.  We still lost 16-11 but on the bright side I did not totally suck.  Yeah me!

Saturday afternoon I went to a friend’s house and hung out.  Nothing real special about that just something to do.  As I was getting ready to leave her place I got a text message inviting me to go to dinner with some people in my complex.  Here was my dilema – I am always saying I want to get to know more people in my complex and expand  my social circle so I feel like I should be inclined to say yes.  However, I had been running/walking that morning and afternoon and needed to shower.  I was 20 from my apartment and they were leaving in 35 min from the time I received the text.  Could I make it?  Should I try?  I sent her a text back saying maybe next time but then drove like mad home to see if I could pull it off.  I got home with 10 min to spare and jumped in the shower.  There was no way I could wash my hair and be ready in 10 min but I figured I could just pile it on my head and get by for the night.  I was actually semi-ready to go in the 10 min. so I called the girl back and was able to meet up with them.  Her text had said “a bunch of us are getting together for dinner” but when everyone showed up, besides myself there were two guys and two girls.  Um, was this supposed to be a double date and I’m now the fifth wheel??  Lovely.  No one was paired off so I don’t think it was an actual double date but talk about awkward.  As we were eating I kept thinking of how I should have stayed home and taken a real shower instead of sitting there as the fifth wheel kind-of grimy.  But no one can say I don’t try and make an effort I guess.

Sunday morning I’m on my way to church when something doesn’t feel right as I’m driving.  I pull over (still in my complex luckily) and wouldn’t you know I have a flat tire.  Awesome.  As I scroll through my tiny roladex in my head, I realize the few people I could call where probably all in church.  So I call a co-worker cringing the whole time because I’m pretty confident he’s working at his other job.  Sure enough, he’s at his other job but says he will be there in about an hour.  His other job is a 30 min. drive from where I live and not only that he was trying to work with some roofers and landscapers at his home and here I call asking for help with my lame tire.  He shows up with his wife and 7 yr. old son and let me just say it was one of the cutest and funniest things I have seen in a while.  His son obviously thinks his dad walks on water and was right there ready to help in any way he could.  I don’t remember what my friend had said but I responded with “Oh I didn’t know that.”  His son turned to me and without any sort of bratiness or attitude of any kind he said, “My dad knows everything.”  It was just a plain and simple fact.  The tire was changed and I got to church with only 15 min. left of the service.  So that was pretty much pointless I guess.

That afternoon I made cookies to bring for my co-worker because the fastest thing I could think of to do for him for his help with the tire.  A couple of friends came over for about an hour and then I was off to dinner at another friend’s house.  It was going alright until they started talking about politics and that’s when I got up and put my dishes in the sink.  I was the odd man out and had complete and total opposite views and opinions from everyone else there.  That and the fact that I don’t like to discuss politics pretty much ever, made it a little awkward.  But the girl hosting the dinner came over and we started talking about photography and have plans to get together next week and work on some photo type stuff and I’m pretty excited about that.  She went to Europe this past summer and took hundreds of pictures and I’m anxious to see them.  I left the dinner and went to a church get together and was taken off guard when one of the girls there made the announcement that I had just had a birthday and suggested everyone sing.  Oh man, I was a little embarrassed but really I loved it.

For not having any plans I had a lot to do these past few days.  And it was awesome!


10 thoughts on “No Plans but Busy Weekend

  1. It’s good to know that I am not the only one who is like this! I also don’t have too many plans for the week-end because I want to “spend time with my family”, “catch up on my finances” and “catch up on my reading”. Ha. Fat chance of those ever happening, things pop up all the time. I think I have a love-hate relationship with my week-ends right now. If I survive the next couple of week-ends I’ll cogitate upon it some more and maybe follow suit and write about psychotic week-ends on my blog, too 😉

    I think I have this same love/hate relationship with my weekends as well. Though I guess I would rather be busy and have a crazy one than be completely bored.

  2. Sounds like a great weekend (minus the tire, 5th wheel & political conversation!) Ha! Actually, glad you had places to go and people to see! What kind of cookies did you make?

    It was kind of nice to have something to do. I made oatmeal chocolate chip. yum!

  3. What a busy weekend!
    Sounds like a lot of fun though.

    It was kind of fun and I would rather have a lot of stuff to do than stare at the TV all weekend!

  4. I agree that I’d rather be crazy busy than bored… Except for maybe one week-end every three months. It’s therapeutic to be bored once in awhile 😉

    That’s for sure, I would definitely need a weekend to myself every once in a while. But since I ALWAYS have them to myself this was a pleasant change.

  5. Busy lady. It’s always kind of nice when things work out like that. I’m one of those people who like plans until I have to follow through with them, so this sounds like the perfect weekend to me. I’m glad that you had a good one!

    Man I’m the same way! I like the idea of plans but usually don’t like actually doing them. For that reason I decided a long time ago to never agree and commit to anything. That way my options are always open and if I don’t feel like doing something I don’t feel like I have to.

  6. I’m always in that 5th or 3rd wheel position and I’ve learned to just flow with it. I probably overcompensate a bit since I tend to go into “George: The one man comedy show” mode when I’m out in groups like that, steering the conversation towards lighter fare and keeping the heavy topics to a minimum….but thats just me
    Glad you had a rockin weekend, despite the tials and tibulations… 🙂

    I wish I could be more like that. But instead I tend to just sit there and not say much. But regardless it was good to get out and do something different with actual people LOL.

  7. Damn! That was a busy weekend.

    I am sure it felt good to get back onto the field again…and not completely suck! You spoke of hitting, but the fielding part is actually much trickier…any errors?

    No errors on my part in the field. Of course I never got the ball either. I’m actually much more comfortable playing the field than being up at bat. But it was good to be out there and I realized I kind of miss playing.

  8. I guess when I’m in that kind of situation, where everyone except me is in some sort of couple situation, I just don’t care what anyone thinks. I wouldn’t be hanging out with these people unless they were friends or soon to be friends, so I just go for the unpaid entertainment for the evening…
    Gives me something to do, keeps me involved in the conversations and I don’t get bored and stuck in a corner alone…. and I’m really good at making a spectacle of myself in places that are all hush hush and prim and proper.

    Bottom Line: Never take me to a restaurant that requires wearing a jacket and expect a quiet dinner… 🙂 Friends with good intentions have learned this lesson the hard way when I tried to initiate a conga line with the watresses…ok, that night may have had more to do with the cuban rum drinks we were downing….

    See this is exactly what I need to do…well maybe not the conga line with the waitress but be more involved in the conversations. I usually opt to tune out and get lost in my own world occasionally tuning in to smile or nod when needed. Note to self: be a little more glassowater-ish when in public!

  9. I subbed for a softball team a couple weeks ago! I played for years, too, and still didn’t contribute all that much. They put me in right field, so I did get to throw in a few ground balls. Office softball is just not the same as little league!

    Yep, right field was one of the places they stuck me for a couple of innings. Nothing came to me though. Playing was much more fun back in the day but I’ll take what I can get.

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