A Little Rain Went A Long Way

Yesterday we had a late afternoon rainshower and this was the result after it was over and the sun went down.  Even though it was only around 8:00 MST I was already in my pajamas relaxing until I went to bed.  But when I walked by the window and saw this, I grabbed my camera and ran out the door pajamas and all.  I jumped in my car and drove like a madman down the street and pulled over so I could get a clear view without houses in my way.  And by the way, this is just a teaser.  You can view the pics larger if you click here:


7 thoughts on “A Little Rain Went A Long Way

  1. IN the words of Keanu Reeves: Whoa….

    On a side note: if your goal is to try to get me to buy this camera, your amazing photos are slowly breaking down my resolve to resist your temptaions….. 🙂

    I love Keanu Reeves even though he’s not a revolutionary actor or anything. But we do share a birthday so…yeah. So my plan is working MWAHAHAHA!! (that’s my sinister laugh in writing)

  2. Gorgeous photos. I did the SAME THING last week…jumped in my car and tried to chase down an awesome sunset…but unlike you I missed it.

    Thanks! I cut it pretty close b/c by the time I parked my car when I got back the show was over and it was dark. I got lucky I guess. With the days getting shorter I have no idea what time the sun goes down anymore.

  3. VERY nice. I think you should tell some unnamed company to blow it out their ass while you go into business for yourself as a photog. A friend of mine out here said she could get me hooked up as a free lance pap… I’m sure she’d extend you the same courtesy. If you don’t mind being the scum of the earth for a while, you could make some decent money.

    Hmm, tempting but I don’t think I could do it. I’d get frustrated with all the chaos and as soon as the celebrity said, “Ok guys that’s enough” I would stop and leave. I’d suck.

  4. thanks to the rotten weather we’ve been having, I haven’t been able to get out and take any photos. Your pictures are beautiful.

    Thank you!

  5. Magnificent colors here! And a wonderful blog… I am adding you to my blogroll… 🙂

    Thanks for stopping by and adding me glad you enjoyed it.

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