Itsy Bitsy Spider

Crawled out onto the porch.  I’m grasping for anything to write about and even though I have these pics posted on my photoblog I thought I would bring them over here just for you.  One thing that gets on my nerves when I’m home in Arkansas is that my phone doesn’t really get any service.  So I have to run outside in the yard, stand on one foot while holding tin foil in order to talk to someone.  Ok, so that’s a little bit of an exaggeration but I really do have to go outside in the yard and once I find a signal I have to remain motionless.  One night I was trying to send someone a text message and I kept losing the signal so in exasperation I ran outside to send it.  Only when I opened the door this is what greeted me

GAHH!!!! Is what I’m pretty certain I yelled and then stood there frozen for about 5 seconds which doesn’t sound like long but in spider surprise time I’m certain it equals almost forever.  Then I did the most uncharacteristic thing for me to do and I got my camera.  I got as close as I dared (which obviously is not that close as you can tell) and snapped away.  I was pretty jumpy the whole time because I became acutely aware of every bug, alive or dead, on the porch and I kept swiping at my head thinking I was feeling them on me.  At the same time I was trying to force myself to be still because I’m convinced spiders can smell fear and I just knew it was going to leap off its web onto my face.  The end result was me being twitchy but somehow I managed a couple of pictures before running and ducking, yes ducking, into the house.  Here it is a little closer up:

Well there was no way I could leave that thing on the porch.  Knowing what had to be done, I did the only thing I could do… and I got my mom.  She went out to take of the spider and I went into the back section of the house and shut all the doors between myself and the porch.


12 thoughts on “Itsy Bitsy Spider

  1. That spider was neither itsy or bitsy. But it sounds like you handled it well. Most girls I know would have screamed loud enough to make the spider explode… 🙂

    I think I was too surprised to scream out loud. I’m not much of a screamer either. More of a yelper I think.

  2. That thing could star in a horror movie. I’m glad it’s on your porch and not mine.

    Well it’s not there anymore. That must be a prime spot to set up a home because last year my mom killed another big one in the same place.

  3. The bonus of being a country boy in a co-ed dorm is that you get called down to the girls’ suite below you to kill the big bug that has them all scared to death.

    It was a big cicada. I just shooed it out the open door. While the city-boy next to me with the obnoxiously nasal voice kept repeating “Did you see that? It flew right at my throat, man!”

    HAHA!! I never had to “grow up” with large insects but I did live in Hawaii, Mexico, and Guatemala. All of which have their share of gross creatures I had to come across. I would get used to them at the time but then move back to the states and forget about it. Then when I would move to another one of these locations I would start the cycle of having to adjust all over again. I was an RA in a dorm in Hawaii and was usually the one that had to kill stuff but every once in a while I would ask one of the guys in the lounge to come in and play the part of the exterminator. They loved it b/c it was the only time they were allowed in the dorms. Roaches were my limit. I drew the line at rats and centipedes. *shudder*

  4. “Take care of” the spider?

    Are you suggesting that this spider is no longer “with us”?

    Nope it’s gone and dead. The next morning it’s crumpled body was on the porch railing. I would have taken a pic but I’m a believer that spiders regenerate and seek out their killer. And since I was the one that instigated it’s death…I pretty much just went back inside.

  5. “I did the only thing I could do… and I got my mom”….I laughed out loud at this one. Bless your heart…that’s sad. And of course that is said with the most love possible!! 🙂 I’m glad Mommy was there to take care of it for you. HA HA HA. Hopefully you understand that my comments are completely sarcastic. 🙂 Anywho, that was one huge, disgusting spider. Nasty!

    It may be sad but the spider was dealt with and I wasn’t the one doing the dealing so it worked out. Call it what you want LOL. I’m glad Mommy was there too!

  6. Blah! Blooohoohooo! That thing is like something out of Africa! Holy Hannah! How did Mom kill it, with a bow and arrow?

    Pretty close. Well a broom and can of bug spray. I think that’s how it happened, I was long in the back of the house so I can’t be for sure LOL.

  7. That is really sad! How on earth did you survive Guatemala for 18 months?

    That’s why I had companions. They killed them for me. Actually I never really saw all that many spiders while I was there. Once I had been there for a while I got used to whatever creatures where there lurking but it’s been a while since I’ve had to deal with any and at that size so I’ve regressed. And why bother when my mom was there and able? LOL sad I know.

  8. I had to hang Christmas lights on Mom’s porch last December and actually fell off the ladder because my hand got too close to a big juicy spider. I gladly landed in the prickle bush outside your bedroom window so as not to touch it. I didn’t scream, though. I think it sounded more like, “AAAAH! Yuk! Ewwww. Help! Mom! Gross!”

    Yeah I remember there were some big gross ones outside my window. As long as they were outside I was alright.

  9. You are most certainly a braver person than me. I would never have gotten anywhere near that thing, and I would have been making bargains with anyone and everyone to never have to see that spider again. It’s funny, because I didn’t really think I was afraid of spiders.

    I’m so weird when it comes to spiders. They totally freak me out and yet and the same time they fascinate me. Go figure.

  10. you’re too funny! 🙂

    …but it’s ( sorry; better make that WAS) such a cute little thing….

    Spider killer

    I think we have very different definitions of the word cute! I wasn’t the one to actually kill it, my mom was. But it was at my insistence.

  11. That looks like Shelob from ‘Lord of the Rings’. I thought Frodo took care of her.

    I thought he did too but I guess that was all movie magic because what Frodo didn’t do, my mom took care of.

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