29 and I Feel Fine

Whoo Hoo!  So today is my 29th birthday which makes only one year away until I hit the big 3-0.  When talking about anyone else on the planet, 30 sounds young.  But when I’m talking about myself I feel old.  Don’t they say your body goes down hill when you turn 30?  No more eating junk on the fly late at night expecting it to disappear like magic by morning.  Now, it wants to hang around a little.  Get to know you some.  Before you know it, food wants to bring along some friends to the party.  Here enters fatso (aka stomach cushion) and dimple thighs as you may know them.  They’re like those annoying people that NEVER leave the scene long after everyone else has gone home.  Nope, not them.  They’re still hanging around dancing the jiggle and it’s not a pretty picture.  And what about all the other medical concerns that you have to watch for when your 30?  All of sudden you’re introduced to new things like blood pressure, cholesterol, mammogram, saturated fat, and things start popping that never popped before.  It’s like sleeping in school all sememster and turning 30 is the final exam.  You now have to know things like “Did your 2nd cousin’s brother-in-law’s grandfather’s step-mom have polyofeamergloctdytosis (totally made up but I added tosis to the end so maybe it does exisit) because looking at your charts….”  What??  Thank goodness I still have another year to go before I have to study for that final.  While some things in life have to change others never do.  This first picture was taken when I was a month old.  Even then I looked like I was up to no good, ready to ham it up a little for the camera

29 years later and I’m still up to no good.


20 thoughts on “29 and I Feel Fine

  1. HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!! How fun that you get to spend your big day at home! Now you’ve officially joined the rest of us “old” folks….one year from 30 baby! Anywho, hope you have a great day!!

    Thank you! I got your message late (I don’t get phone service here) and I’ll have to call you back later tonight.

  2. Happy Birthday to you!

    Your last year as a twenty-something. I’m glad you’re okay with that. You if you’re not, you could always be 29 again next year. I’ve been 22 for over 10 years… Never mind how many years over 10 either.

    Hope you have a great day filled with cake and fun.

    Thanks! I may only be a year away from 30 but I don’t look it so maybe I could pull off being 29 for a few years, I’ll have to give it a shot.

  3. Happy Birthday!

    Trust me, I thought 30 would suck, but it actually isn’t so bad. I’m about 3 months into it and I’m doing ok. 😉

    Thank you! Glad to hear you’re still doing ok. I’ve heard 30 is the new 20 so I’m hoping that’s true.

  4. Happy Birthday to you!

    30 isn’t too bad…neither is 40. And all that stuff they say about going down hill…naw. You’re as young as you feel. I still feel like I’m 25…and act like it too!

    OMG! LOVE that baby pic. I see the crazy expressions started at a very early age.

    Thank you! Funny thing is that I still think I’m 18 and must have some how stumbled across time travel b/c there’s no way I’m 29!

  5. It’s not 30 when you go down hill, it’s 35. 🙂

    Happy Bday, lady. I’ll call you later this afternoon. P.S. I have this strange sensation that your present won’t make it in time. I suck.

    And did you go see Jace again? I’ve never seen you so blond… I like it!

    Thank you! Glad to hear I still have a few more years. Nope I haven’t gone to see Jace again but I guess that just shows how good he is if my hair still looks that blond. That or it’s the lighting.

  6. PAm – 35!!!!????? Aw crap, I’m 36! That means I passed the point of no return and didn’t even notice it!! I’m doomed!!!!

    Thanks for the birthday wishes! Maybe you aren’t doomed until you’re at least 40. In that case you still have a few more years right?

  7. It’s actually 38 and I know this (sadly) for a fact! 🙂 HAPPY BIRTHDAY old lady!! I can only say this because I’m older than you. We tried calling earlier, but you were out. A did leave a msg. on your cell though. I’ll try again later though.

    Love you and hope you’re enjoying your trip! Travel safely tomorrow!! HBD!!!!

    Thank you! I did get the message but I don’t get phone service here. I’ll try giving you a call in a few minutes.

  8. In my loudest, most unfiltered and tone deaf voice:

    Fweeeee me me me me….
    And a one and a two and a…

    Happy Birthday to youuuuuu
    Happy Birthday to youuuuuu
    Happy Bir(crack in the voice)thday dear Blue, Nandangoooo,
    Happy Birthday to youuuuuuuuuuuuu

    Seriously, happy bday! Next stop is the big 3-0 with me. But then I’ll be 3-1. Aw, hell.

    HAHA! Thank you!! I don’t think I’ve ever had a virtual serenade before. It was awesome.

  9. Happy birthday! Can I just say I can’t believe the devilish baby picture!

    Thank you! That picture makes me laugh every time I look at it. I love it.

  10. Happy belated birfday! Yeah, 30 for me was no big deal. But I bought my motorcycle that year so I felt like a big frickin’ kid the whole time. Maybe that had something to do with it…

    Thank you! In my head I’ve always wanted to have a motorcycle but it just wouldn’t work for me. I look the type and probably wouldn’t even get it started. I don’t think I’ve ever even ridden on the back of one before. Maybe some day…

  11. Well hell, sign up for an MSF class and see how you like it. It’s not terribly expensive, at least in comparison to bike payments and insurance, and after you’re done you can say from some experience “Nope, this isn’t for me” or “hell yeah, where do I sign?”

    I’ve got a description of my experience with the MSF on my blog as part of my “Diaries of a Newbie Biker” series, if you want an inside peek.

    I’ll have to check that out. I would want to but I’m so chicken crap that I probably won’t.

  12. don’t sweat the thirties…they wind up being memorable and productive (usually) and if you’re so inclined…you can have just as much fun. Gosh, you’re so young.

    That’s what everyone keeps saying that the thirties are so much better than the twenties. I hope so. Not that mine totally sucked or anything but I look back and don’t think I did anything.

  13. Will you please tell me that you had a super Nandango-licious birthday? You’re just a year older than me, now that we learn about our true ages. Please stay away from the junk food, we want you around longer. =)

    It was Nandango-licious (I like the sound of that). I posted some pics on my photoblog. You can see them by clicking on Nandango’s View on my blogroll.


    It’s true what they say; that you go down hill after thirty. But then again I wouldn’t know because I’m about to celebrate my 29 birthday too…..for the 10th time.

    Hope you have a fun day!

    Thank you! It was a good day and I was lucky I got to be home with family this year.

  15. Cute baby picture. Hope you had a wonderful birthday!

    A few years ago we were checking out pictures of my brothers and I when we were much younger and my brother pointed out in one of his own very young baby pictures (where they’ve got the body all proped up) and the placement of his hand is that he’s flipping the photographer off!

    Thanks it was a good day. I love looking at baby/kid pictures. You never know what they’ll do.

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