The Throbbing What?

I’m down here in good ‘ol Arkansas for a week because my driver’s license was ready to expire and instead of getting a Utah one, I came back here to renew.  Which by the way, the picture turned out pretty good.   I know a lot of people don’t like their driver’s license pictures but I have yet to take one that I thought was atrocious.  That’s beside the point.  The day after I flew in was my brother’s 24th birthday!  Here he is with the David Hasselhoff card I got him


and him approving of the Xbox we all chipped in for

But the real fun came later in the night when I got to hear his band play.  It was only the second time they’ve performed and I was pretty curious to hear how they would sound.  I must admit I was a little skeptical of the night because my brother has no musical background except a couple of years in school band playing the clarinet and now he’s the frontman to his band called The Throbbing Testicles.  Here they are taking a slight break from performing and I think my brother is introducing the next song

And even though it was supposed to be a subdued acustic performance (they were performing inside a Hastings afterall) they did get up and get a little into the music and my brother even busted out some dance moves

I was pretty impressed with the show and the energy that was immediate when the started playing.  I hope that I’ll be able to see them perform again and next time, I want to see them perform at a club or bar to hear what they sound like live non-acustic.  Congrads kiddo and thanks for letting me hang out with you on your big day!

4 thoughts on “The Throbbing What?

  1. The Throbbing Testicles? Wow!

    Yeah I know, it’s…well, a name that probably resonates with a large chunk of the population. Underneath their name on their site he’s written “a real life experience or clever name”. I just think it’s funny.

  2. Sounds like you’re having fun. Question…on your drivers license, did they allow you to make a silly face? or is it a normal one? Just curious. 🙂 We had game night tonight….wish you could have been here. 🙂

    I should have tried for a silly face just to see what they would have done. Man, I really wish I could have been there for game night. Can’t wait to hear all about it!

  3. That is a GREAT band name, and very cool that they’re doing that, seemed like he was having fun 🙂

    PS: so lets see some of these driver’s license pics 😉

    I’m actually glad they stuck with the band name and didn’t change it when they got disapproving looks from people. He has a blast doing it and that’s what’s most important. I wish I had all my license pics but each time you go back for a new one they take your old one away 😦

  4. Hey hey! Thanks for the good press! We Testicles were very glad to have you as part of the audience for that show, and we, too, hope you can see us again live and un-unplugged!

    Also, thanks all you commentors for not knockin’ the band name! Come out and give a listen (if ever you can)!

    Well it was a lot of fun and I look forward to hearing you guys again some time. Good luck this weekend!

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