Tuna Surprise

Last night I decided to  make some lunch to take in to work so I wouldn’t go out and buy junk food.  I didn’t want to cook anything so I quickly made two tunafish sandwiches.  One for breakfast (I can eat just about anything in the morning) and one for lunch.  I got to work and after a little bit started feeling really hungry so I pulled out one of the sandwiches.  I was about 2/3 finished when I noticed a speck of dust drifting down right in front of my eye, so close I thought it was going to land on my eyelash.  When I refocused my view I discovered it wasn’t dust at all but a tiny spider making its way down from the ceiling.  Can you imagine if that thing had landed on my face??  Oh hell no!  I’m glad no one else was at work to witness what happened next.  I let out a shriek, ducked, and did a drop and roll off my chair to the ground all the while staying hunched over while clutching my tuna sandwich.  Stupid spider.  I stood up and hit it with my shoe but didn’t see what became of the body.  I sat back down and continued reading everyone’s blog when all of sudden the eight legged freak crawled out from underneath my keyboard near my palm.  I shrieked yet again, but this time when I hopped off my chair I remained focused not frazzled.  I took my flip flop and slammed it so hard on the spider its legs flew off.  There’s still a shoe imprint on my desk to serve as a warning for any other creatures that are thinking of stopping by.  They’d better think again.

20 thoughts on “Tuna Surprise

  1. I came across your post on the Tag Surfer…and I have to say this is a GREAT description…and exactly what would happen were I in your position!! I’m linking this to a friend of mine, because we’re both all about being anti-spider in all actions and deeds 😉

    I’m glad you stopped by and enjoyed the post! I see no reason for the existence of spiders other than to get on my nerves.

  2. I can only imagine how tiny the little spider was…and I can totally see you hitting the deck at first sight of the spider. I’m sure all spiders are having a great laugh at your expense….until they get nailed with a flip-flop.

    Oh it was tiny but to have it dangle in front of my face was too much. Definitely I get the last laugh.

  3. Ok, that settles it. Twice spiders have been brought up today.
    I am going to go write my spider story from last night.

    Btw, tiny spiders don’t eat that much. Share the tuna!

    Maybe if it would have asked to join me rather than just dropping in announced I would have been a little nicer. But probably not.

  4. Your cat-like reflects saved you today…you might not be so lucky next time!

    Some heroes choose swords or big hammers as their weapon of choice…your flip-flop is an interesting choice.

    You should have left the dead carcass as the remind to future prowlers.

    My cat-like reflects are right! The flip flop is surprisingly versatile in its functions. There’s still a tiny smudge of speck of its body remaining. I have this thing about cleaning up dead spiders. I just can’t do it b/c I’m afraid they will regenerate.

  5. You remember what I told you last week? In the 5 minutes it took me to use the bathroom, a brown spider had set up shop underneath my keyboard and a nice webby mess stretched from it to my monitor. I thought I killed it with a tissue but the bastard jumped out and on to the floor where I stomped on it until it was a smear on the carpet. A few people walking by just gave me THAT LOOK and kept moving. I think all dogs in LA were deaf for about an hour after that.

    Yep I remember. Maybe they all thought you were doing some sort of new wave dance moves.

  6. That’s sad. Poor spidey just wanted some tuna and thanks to you he lost a leg. Well, a leg and his life.

    You’re mean.

    Actually he lost 8 legs and his life. I was mean but I’m ok with that. I take breakfast very seriously when I actually take the time to eat – so everyone beware.

  7. Good kill! I’m glad you didn’t accidentally smash something else like keys or something. Not that I would know. 😐

    Well, I may have killed an actual spider but you had a way funnier story. I may have to re-read that today for a good laugh.

  8. So, uh, does your work have security cameras? I might have to give them a call!

    Man I hope not! I dance a lot in the morning with no one here so…yeah, I really hope not.

  9. Maybe he was just a poor, broke, hungry, about to have his web foreclosed on, spider looking for a tiny bite to eat…..or maybe not. Maybe he was (and I stress ‘was’) afraid of humans and was trying to confront the problem. Or it could have been that he was minding his own business and your big head got in the way…I’m just saying (and just kidding) 🙂

    Poor critter..you smashed him so hard that body parts went flying to all four corners of the office. Ha, ha!!!! Wish I could’ve seen it.


    My big head probably got in the way. When I think of it that way I almost feel bad. But then again, he would have been on my head and I just can’t have that.

  10. I want to comment on the Tuna sandwich for breakfast. You see, it bugs me when people say “o, you can’t have {insert stereotypical non-breakfast food} for breakfast”. Take pizza, for example. What is so different about breakfast than lunch or dinner? Food is food! So anyways, I am glad to see someone else going against the status-quo!

    I don’t really get that either. I can eat just about anything at any time of the day. I really like to eat breakfast foods for dinner. YUM! And I like eating pizza for breakfast though I can’t eat it cold. I also like ice cream and cake for breakfast. I’m hungry now.

  11. As someone who has found herself in that exact same situation on more than one occasion, I can safely say that you did the right thing.

    And I’d do it again given the chance!

  12. Hysterical kid…show that spider who’s boss!

    I hope there were spider witnesses that have now set up shop somewhere else!

  13. Too bad you weren’t eating your curds and whey.

    (I’m sorry if somebody else already said that.)

    HAHA!! Nope, no one had said that. I wonder what curds and whey actually taste like. Or what they are.

  14. Hilarious!

    It should be noted that I would have had the exact same reaction.

    If I wasn’t awake yet that morning, I sure was after that!

  15. I usually take “precautions” when I read your blog – you know make sure I am not drinking anything so when I start laughing it doesn’t pour out my nose – but no amount of preparation is sufficient for what you just foisted on me at this tender hour of the morning …

    tuna fish for breakfast?

    I think I just threw up a little (of my breakfast TOAST) in my mouth.

    HAHA!! Glad you enjoyed it. Yep, tunafish for breakfast. Really I can eat almost anything at any hour.

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