Well This Is A First…

This morning in the shower I shaved my legs.  Big deal, I do that from time to time.  But as I was sitting here with my legs crossed at work, my hand brushed up against them.  And you know what?  Smooth as a baby’s butt.  No lie.  I didn’t leave a strip or patch unshaved and no cuts or knicks.  And to think, it wasn’t even a new razor.  I hope I’m able to get some work done today and not be distracted by rubbing my calves but you never know.  Any girl will agree this is quite the feat and it will take all my willpower not to approach people in my building and command them to feel my legs.  This has made my day.


12 thoughts on “Well This Is A First…

  1. “approach people in my building and command them to feel my legs”
    hmmm…I suddenly wish I worked with you… 😉

    HAHA!! Well I’m sure everyone around here will gladly trade places with you once they realize I’m serious.

  2. Ha Ha! The other day a friend of mine bought a new electric razor and demanded I feel his cheek since I told him that no electric razor gets very close. Needless to say, I was wrong. I guess you can get a close shave. But the fact that I had to touch his cheek to be proved wrong made us both losers, really.

    It’s the small things that make the days great. Glad you know that. 🙂

    I would love to be the person who walks around the corner to see you rubbing his cheek. I can hear it now, “Oh! Sorry. I didn’t..uh..sorry.” (as they turn and leave)

  3. You liar. When did you start shaving your legs? You had a boycott on shaving for a while (like from the time you lived in Hawai’i until today, apparently).

    The boycott was in high school and it wasn’t much of a boycott b/c I could only go a few days…or maybe it was a couple of weeks. Regardless, once I got to Hawaii until now I’ve shaved everyday or every other day b/c I’m in capris/shorts all the time. Except for in the winter. Then I may go a few days…or a a couple of weeks.

  4. Blue – heehe…confirming the smoothness of your shaving endeavours is far more interesting than what I’m doing right now…which is sitting here…waiting for one of my salesmen to sell something…grrr

    Hmm, I don’t know. I think it’s a toss up. Well, ok..I’d lean toward my legs too.

  5. I’m not really sure what to comment on here. Your post is funny, yet a little creepy at the same time. LOL! I will truly be convinced that you have busted wide open on the social scene if you have someone feel your legs. That would definitely be a step out of your comfort zone! LOL! Phenomenal.

    You know, I really want to but since I’m at work I think it might fall under some sort of sexual harassment policy. Boo.

  6. This is too much! 🙂 and funny, but very true—nothing like having a good ‘shave’ day.

    “Oh, pardon me; didn’t mean to bump into you with my smooth-as-a-baby’s-behind, not a stubble to be found, not a nick to be had, freshly shaved legs just now. Smooth aren’t they….”

    COME ON; SING WITH ME: I’m too sexy for my pantyhose….

    Pantyhose? What are those?? I hate wearing them and with the exception of one or two Sundays the past couple of winters I haven’t bothered. I just wear really long skirts. Or knee highs. I can handle those.

  7. I love it when there is a good shave day. I do that a lot too when I realize that I managed to shave without maiming myself or missing anything.

    It’s definitely a glorious day when you get a close, smooth shave. It hasn’t happened since – go figure.

  8. Man, one thing us dudes don’t have 2 worry about, the shaving of the legs. I once had intimacy with a girl with hairy legs and… get this, a hairy ass! I still have nightmares sometimes.

    I wish it wasn’t so taboo to not shave. It would make life just a little easier.

  9. Shave your head sometime. 😉

    Seriously though, every single morning I think I’m done, get out of the shower, put on my “head conditioner” (seriously) and in the process find a spot or five that I missed.

    I’ve actually always wanted to shave my head but only if it would grow back instantly the next day. I don’t doubt the head conditioner for one second. After moving from the south to the west, my skin dries up so quickly I have to have a serious stock of lotion in the bathroom.

  10. What do they say, your hair grows about half an inch per month? If that’s true, it would take about two years to be much below chin-length again.

    If I could grow my hair long again overnight, I’d do it in a heartbeat, but that in-between stage drove me crazy. And sadly I’m too bald to think about growing my hair long ever again.

    Speaking of which, the depressing part about shaving for me is that it’s FAR easier to shave the top than it is the sides and the back. D’oh!

    Ooh, I HATE that in-between stage. Mine feels like that right now. I haven’t cut it in 8 months and it’s only to my shoulders. Grrr.

  11. I am amazed by this and truly in awe of your accomplishment. I never, repeat never, adequately cover my knees. Stupid knobby knees.

    Knees, ankles, and the back of the knees are the worst places to shave ever! I have yet to repeat this amazing shave.

  12. My kids always let me know when I need a shave. They’ll be sitting in my lap while I read a book and suddenly become obsessed with rubbing my let- like it’s a comfort blanky or something! But they never notice when I am smooth as a . . .

    That’s funny. I think that’s one of the only good things about winter is the not shaving as much b/c I’m wearing pants aspect. I really hate shaving.

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