So that pretty much sums up the sound I made when I got my camera the other day (and no, not like a pig but a high pitch noise only dogs can hear).  I am by no means a professional in any sense of the word but am having a blast taking pictures.  Here are a few from my first outing with my new baby.


19 thoughts on “Squeal!!

  1. Holy crap… those are fabulous!!! Maybe if we’re all living in the same town we could open a photography studio together. Maybe not. Would we kill each other?

    But seriously, I love your photos. A most excellent first outing which means the later stuff will be even better.

    P.S. Prison Break has a two-hour season 4 premiere on Monday, Sept. 1. What an excellent birthday present! http://www.fox.com/prisonbreak/

    Thanks! Lynne says the same thing about going into business together. I think we would kill each other but that’s just me. I saw a commercial for PB a while back and was excited that it was a 2 hour season premier. I told mom that night I would be busy and I was not to be interrupted.

  2. I second Pammy…HOLY CRAP!! Those are Fabulous!!!

    Obviously you have made a very wise investment with that new camera. National Geographic Photographer seems to be within your “do that instead” reach.

    Thank you! This was definitely a good investment. I have a LONG way to go but it’s so fun I’m up for the challenge.

  3. Fantastic!! Love the pictures!! I just have to tell you that I am so jealous of your new camera. I’ll be holding back the tears as I take pictures with my crappy Kodak. A new camera will definitely be a must-have for me….in the near future. I’ve earned it, right? 🙂

    You totally deserve a new incredible camera!! Too bad I didn’t have this when I was visiting up at your place. *sigh* Next time!

  4. *sighs*
    So damn jealous now….those are incredible! Think I may be stopping at Best Buy this afternoon on my break….hmmmmm *plotting*

    Thanks! I’m going to play the devil’s advocate and say stop and buy the camera!! You will love it!

  5. Great pictures!
    You are going to have so much fun!
    And it only cost you some clothes and maybe a kidney…

    Am I still allow to post here even though I have never seen PB? Just askin’

    Thank you! The clothes and kidney were a small price to pay. You’ve never seen PB? *sigh* Well, you need to jump on that ASAP.

  6. Holy moly! Your photos are fantastic. Ok, now I’m jealous and thinking…hmmm…should I refinance the house so I can buy this camera? Yep. I think so.

    Oh definitely you should refinance your house. It’ll be so worth it!!

  7. That looks pretty professional to me! You have quite a talent. You should see the pictures I take. Let’s just say I don’t abide by the rule of thirds. Or the rule of focus.

    I’ll just say that I only posted 6 of about 100 for a reason. Some of them ignited the response, “Uh…what is that?? I know I took the pic but really what is that?”

  8. Oooh, ahhh. I’m feeling a little jealous. I wish I was a better photographer. I’m one of those reluctant ones. I always want the picture after the moment is gone.

    I’m actually the same way but working on it.

  9. Um yeah….I’m grateful you DIDN’T have the camera when you visited. I’m already horrified by the pictures you did manage to snap! Gross. I am however still jealous and wanting a new camera…..bad. That is soooooooooo going to be my Christmas gift to myself. 🙂

    Why wait until Christmas? You should just buy it now. Think of all the pics you could be missing out on – Halloween, Thanksgiving…

  10. So that’s why my dogs went crazy the other day…….

    Wait, I have to third it….HOLY CR*P!! THOSE ARE FABULOUS!!

    Love the flower pics and I’m jealous of the rainbow one. I can never get the right angle to make it come out clear enough to see. Great job on that one!
    I’m looking forward to more……. 😉

    Yep that would be why the dogs went crazy. The rainbow was kind of a fluke. I was driving, saw it and thought I would get it on my way back. But then I did a U turn and snapped a quickie and good thing b/c it was gone when I made my way back home.

  11. Even an entry level SLR will beat the pants off of most point-and-shoots.

    I can already tell a HUGE difference in the pics between the two different types of camera. I can’t believe the detail I can get with the new camera.

  12. Love the pics – I REALLY love the flower ones…especially the one with the mountains in the background. BEEAAUTFUL girly!!

    Thanks. I should send you some of the other pics I took but didn’t post. I’m already having a lot of fun with the new camera!

  13. Well unlike my RICH friend Nandango…I need to save up for a new camera. Stupid attorney fees! To think what I could have done with $4000. *sniff sniff*

    yeah b/c I’m loaded. Sheesh. You might not get a camera but you’ll get something else if all goes well!

  14. Are you telling me that you got a new camera and on your FIRST DAY out with it there was a goddamned RAINBOW for you to shoot?

    The universe must love you.

    I know it’s madness. Well, actually I’m sure it was a fluke. The universe definitely doesn’t love me that much and I have too many other stories to prove it.

  15. I think the third one is my fav. Congrats on the new camera, photography is awesome!

    Thanks! I’m having so much fun with it I want to mount it up to my eye and take pictures all the time.

  16. Excellent capture of that rainbow, I love the lighting. The third photo, with the yellow and violet flowers is also very nice.

    Thanks for the comment on my waterfall shot, that photo is one of my favorites of late.

    Thank you very much! I really don’t know anything about photography at all except that I like looking at pictures. I actually set up a photoblog that I goof around with from time to time. It’s on my blogroll under Nandango’s View if you ever want to stop by.

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