I Couldn’t Resist

Ok, so I’m weak.  That’s just all there is to it.  I went ahead and bought the camera after making only $120 so far.  I’m still trying to collect some extra dinero but just couldn’t wait as I HAD to have this camera.  Isn’t it pretty?

Well wouldn’t you know that Nandago’s Law came into play on this purchase.  I bought the camera online yesterday (because I got a free memory card ordering online) and when I went to look at it today the price had been reduced $100.  AUUGGHHH!!  So I immediately called customer service and was assured that my card would be credited the money back.  Crisis and panic adverted – I’m elated!!  So now I’m on pins and needles waiting for my camera which should be here sometime next week.

Now onto something totally unrelated to the camera but was also something I couldn’t resist.  Actually it wasn’t so much that I couldn’t resist as it just flew out of my mouth before I could think.  I was standing in line at work waiting to pick up a lunch order.  There were a bunch of people down there from different departments of the company – hence a lot of people I don’t know.  The guy in front of me for example was someone I had never seen before but the guy in front of him works in my lab.  So my co-worker and I were talking a little when the guy in between us looks at me and does a quick and hard double take.  It was so obvious I momentarily paused from the conversation and looked at him.  Probably feeling a little awkward, the guy said that I looked exactly like this girl he knew and it threw him off for a second.  Completely uncharacteristic of me, really I swear – cross my heart, without missing a beat or breaking eye contact I replied, “Oh, well she must be really hot”.  Truly narcissism would be the last trait I would ever use to describe myself but sarcasm may very well be the first and that’s the angle I was going for here.  If the guy felt awkward before he was probably dying.  It took a second for him to gather himself and his stammering reply was “yeah, she’s really pretty”.

It was then at this moment that I began to feel just a little uncomfortable at the position I had put this poor guy in and was about to tell him I was just messing around or kidding when the secretary turned and asked me a question.  By the time I finished answering her, this guy had picked up his food and left.  For the life of me I can’t remember what he looks like and have probably passed him since and not even realized it.  I hope not.  Or at least I hope he doesn’t remember this exchange.  When I think of this incident I can clearly hear Homer Simpson in my head, “DOH!!”.


12 thoughts on “I Couldn’t Resist

  1. So what did you sell that made you $120? And, by the way, that’s extremely close to the camera I want to purchase as it would fit all my lenses and additional flash.

    Well I sold some books and should be getting a check as an early birthday present. No one has shown any interest in the clothes so far. I may have to reduce the prices.

  2. You are right, that camera is awesome.

    You’re quick on your feet! I bet he is kicking himself for not getting your number. I am the same way when a girl out wits me. That’s why they call me whiskers.

    I saw some really cool Northface running shoes at REI yesterday. Kevin almost got the hammer. Good think he has grown on me.

    Well I did notice after I said that that he was wearing a wedding ring. Maybe he thought I was flirting – I hope not. Poor Kevin. One day he won’t know what hit him but BAM! he’s dead. Speaking of running shoes, my mom is getting me some for my birthday and I’m pretty excited. I went into a couple of shoe stores yesterday just to look and can’t believe how many different types there are. For sure I’ll be doing a little online research on the kinds that will be best for me and what I run. Which is to say, they don’t have to be all that special b/c I don’t run much.

  3. Your coin collecting and babysitting skills must be awesome to have $120 already. 😉
    Congrats on the camera.

    On the bright side, the middle guy didn’t burst out laughing like he would have had it been me making that comment. Of course, I probably would have followed “hot” with over exaggerated primping and making a silly face.

    See, it’s things like this that makes other not want to be seen in public with me. *sigh*

    Thanks I’m pretty stoked about it! Especially about getting reimbursed for the sale. That would have been awful if he had started laughing but it probably would have served me right. Making the face would have been hilarious but I did happen to notice he was wearing a wedding ring and I wouldn’t want him to think I was flirting. Some other time with some other person maybe.

  4. For selling your clothes, you might want to try Ebay… you’ll get national exposure that way. I wish you would’ve brought them with you last month… there are TONS of consignment stores around here. OH… look for consignments stores in SLC.

  5. Ok, you’re right. The camera is awesome. And I’m not narcissitic either but I’ve said the same thing when people say I remind them of someone. Then immediately after saying that I start to hope that the someone I remind them of isn’t like their mom or grandma or something. That would be pretty harsh.

    That actually would have been funny in hindsight if he had said something like I remind him of his grandma or his ex that had some sort of deformity. It probably would have served me right.

  6. You’ll notice the difference with that camera from the start. Totally changed the way I take photos now. Very nice. Enjoy it.

    Even though the last email I received said my camera was in route and only in Vegas I still went and checked the mail half hoping it would there. I’m very excited!

  7. I just bought a Canon EOS XSi earlier this week, and though I know I’ll love it in the long run, I’m kind of freaking out about how much money I spent on it. Worse, I bought it from a local camera shop, so even just opening the User’s Manual rendered it NON-returnable (unless their is a defect of course). I’m “stuck” with it now. Hooray!

    It is the same cameras as what you bought and it did cost a lot of money but I think it will be worth it in the long run. Non-returnable? Yikes! I got mine from Costco and their return policy is really good. But I’m sure you won’t want to return it.

  8. Oh der, I think we have the same camera. It’s called the XSi here in N. America (according to Canon website). Weird. Anyway… it’s purdy, whatever it’s called.

  9. No way. Thats Hilarious. oh man… That is totally something I would do. I can see it now
    “You remind me of someone I went to school with”
    ” Huh well she must be really awesome” *Crickets chirp*

    On another note I am totally jealous of your camera. I want a nicer one…. *sigh*

    Actually I was waiting for the crickets to chirp. And the sage brush to roll through the lobby. You should look into getting a new camera if you’re wanting one. Even though mine hasn’t come yet I’m sure it’ll be awesome.

  10. *drool, drool, drool….*

    please let me know how you like it. I’ve been dying to get a new camera, but can’t decide on the Cannon or a Nikon.

    I’m insanely jealous, Blue, insanely jealous.

    So with the new camera on it’s way, ya gonna post some photos for us viewers…of whatever it is you photograph?
    ( that didn’t quite come out right….)

    I’m so excited b/c it will be delivered today! I like a lot of Nikon’s equipment for different things but as I was talking to some of my co-workers that do photography on the side they said the cannon was better. Hope so! I was actually thinking of doing another blog like you’ve done with your photography. But I wouldn’t post anything for a while until I can get some good (or at least fun) shots with it. I don’t really know anything about photography so it’ll all be a learning experience. But I am going to some pageant/fair this weekend and plan on taking the camera…but I may only get shots of us walking around.

  11. HI NATALIE! It’s Kendall, U R right, your camera is awesome, enjoy!

    Hey Kendall!! Glad you like the camera. It came in the mail the other day and I’m having a lot of fun with it. Maybe you should ask your mom for one!

  12. Sorry to burst your bubble, Nandango, but the guy will never forget that exchange… But, relax, you’ll probably never see him again anyway!

    He probably won’t. It’ll be a story he tells and laughs at with his friends. But I’m not too worried about seeing him again. Especially since I don’t remember what he looks like.

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