I Need Money

Plain and simple.  There’s a camera  I want and have decided “it will be mine.  Oh yes, it will be mine.”  The problem?  It costs $800.  Eight hundred dollars that I don’t necessarily have to spend on a camera.  Yes, technically the money is in my savings account but what if I lose my job tomorrow?  What if my car breaks down again?  What if…. well, you get the point.  So I’ve been brainstorming on some money making ideas that are sure to get me my camera.

1.  Selling my books

This is actually pretty hard for me.  I have a reverence for books and can’t dispose of them lightly.  However, I went through bins and shelves lastnight and came up with a nice stack I’m willing to part with.  The problem is that I don’t think it will generate much dough.  Mostly because I’m only willing to sell old text books and old kids books like my Sweet Valley Twin series.  Yes, I’m going to pawn off the Sweet Valley Twin girls and hope they’re worth something.

2.  Selling Clothes

Granted I don’t have much in the way of clothing and most everything there is has holes.  Pammy Girl did remind me that I was given a pair of Armani shoes a few years ago that I’ve never worn that could bring in some cash.  And I do have two pairs of Diesel jeans that I’ve been storing in the hopes of losing those extra 10 lbs.  At this point the weight’s not going anywhere so maybe it’s time for the jeans to head out the door.

3.  Working Overtime

Right now work is so slow I’m having a hard time finding something to do for the 8 hours I’m supposed to be here.  But how hard would it be to tack on a little extra time here and there.  I’ve been coming into work 15-20 min earlier and staying about that much time after.  An extra 1/2 hour a day could go a long way.

4.  Babysitting

Yes I realize this is really a job for 14 year olds.  But the advantage I have over those teens is that I’M NOT 14!!  Honestly, wouldn’t a parent rather leave their kids with a competent and capable 28 year old rather than an inexperienced 14 year old?  I’m even willing to do a couple of overnighters.  Maybe even a full weekend of babysitting.  What 14 year old would do that?  Better yet, what 14 year old would you want to do that?

5. Putting Ads on My Car

No work involved but money in hand.  This doesn’t sound too bad.  Hmm, scratch that, this is where I draw the line.  I’m not desecrating my car, even I have limits afterall.

6.  Donating Plasma

Ah, yes.  The old college standby.  I’ve actually never done this before but from what I’ve heard and read it’s not that big of a deal.  For just a few hours a week you too could make a little extra cash.  Plus I can sit there and read the whole time.  What’s not to like about that?

7.  Selling My Kidney

I have two and only need one.  Why should I be so selfish?

8.  Selling My Eggs

Think about it.  There could be little Nandangos running around out there someday.  The thought almost brings a tear to my eye.

9.  Being a Surrogate

This one just might be my golden ticket.  I can already read the ad, “Uterus for sale!  Mint condition!  Never been used!  Act fast!”  Potential parents are bound to come running.  Money for me, kid for them…this is a win-win.  Plus if I time it right I can be pregnant during sweater season and pop that kid out in time for summer.

My fellow bloggers, in this election year I turn to you.  Please vote on the idea you think is best for me or come up with your own.  A camera’s future life depends on it.

21 thoughts on “I Need Money

  1. $800! Wow, can it take x-ray pictures too?

    I have been putting all my spare change in a real piggy bank I bought a couple months ago. It helps to not have anyway to get to it other than killing the pig. And it’s hard to do that now since I already named him. 😐

    If it could take x-ray pics I would buy it in a heartbeat with no regard to cost! Collecting change and storing it somewhere I can’t get at easily sounds pretty good. What did you name your pig?

  2. A few other ideas to consider – ask people for change all day. It worked for me in the 2nd grade… 🙂
    Sell ad space on your body! (what’s a little tatto on your forehead?? Bwahahah!

    The change thing is actually a really good idea and I’m sure it would add up very quickly. I kind of want a tattoo anyway…maybe this will help decide what kind I want. You know, whoever will pay the most!

  3. You could always get a mall job. No joke. Don’t work at Bath & Body Works because that places is stinky but try Gap, Williams Sonomoa, Jiffy Lube, Trafalgar or even a scrapbook store. Work in a place where you have NO desire to purchase anything in it (that way you won’t be tempted) and know from the beginning that you’ll work a mere month or two at most. Better do it before the students come back and take all the “good” jobs.

    Don’t forget… selling autographed photos of yourself could yield a profit, too.

    I don’t know if I would really be willing to go through the process of getting a job only to get rid of it after a month. I guess it would depend on the job.

  4. Bake food (sweets) and take it to work for the highest bidders! I bet that would work with the guys atleast. Ha!

    I would have to charge a lot to make up for the cost of buying all the ingredients but this may work.

  5. Found your blog!!!! Good times…I vote you do the things that are least painful…selling your kidney could be a bit of a drag! I’ll have to spend more time reading later, but thanks for the invite.

    Yeah I’m glad you found me and I hope you come back! This is a good strategy. I’ll try the less painful options and hopefully I won’t become too desperate!

  6. I vote for babysitting. This may take many many MANY times, as most parents cannot pay much.
    But I’d say watching a nice 8 year old little girl and playing referee for her and her 13 year old brother while the parents went away might be very nice…. Ehm, I mean very realistic. Yeah, that’s what meant. Sure, selling a kidney would be faster, but baby sitting is much more fulfilling?

    And if that fails, you could charge people to cut their grass and pull their weeds..

    Oh, or newspaper route. Kind of like back in the day, only now you have a car instead of bike.

    No? Then back to babysitting it is. My address is…….

    I’m all for babysitting – I just don’t know that many people with kids that don’t have family around that would watch them. I did use to pull weeds and have a paper route as jobs so those are too far fetched either. These are some good ideas.

  7. Since it is $800, you can drive it to work. So you should be able to sell the car you are using now! Perfect!

    Genius! I’ll have to attach little wheels on it and ride it like a skateboard – except I’ll have to balance on one foot.

  8. I hear those guys on the side of the road with signs make a KILLING.

    I’ve heard that too. I passed one yesterday dressed as a pirate. I’m not sure I could do that, but then again you never know.

  9. My babysitter is 27 and I love her. She’s so chill and doesn’t need to go out every weekend. She makes like $10 an hour. Look at Craigslist, a lot of people advertise for baby sitters there.

    I did marketing promotions for a few years. You can make up to $25 an hour just for handing out samples. Some of them you can do at concerts and see a free show, one year I saw Kenny Loggins, my mom was so jealous. Or if you’re really lucky you get to dress up like a chicken or a pickle.

    Good luck!

    I could handle handing stuff out at concerts! That would be awesome! But not if I have to dress up like a chicken or a pickle – I think I would have to pass.

  10. I vote for babysitting, catsitting, dogsitting, etc.

    Don’t donate a kidney because paid donation is illegal in the United States, Britain, Canada, Mexico, and all of Europe. In India, paid organ donation has been tolerated in the past, but the government there has passed a resolution intended to eliminate the practice. To date, no reputable organization pays for human organs anywhere in the world. Although paid donation may occur in some parts of the world, the lack of accountability of the unscrupulous individuals who engage in this practice means it is unsafe to either donate a kidney through such an organization or purchase a kidney in this way.

    Donating plasma is what I did in college but beware that repeated venipuncture isn’t necessarily good for your veins.

    Just my .02

    All the “sitting” ideas sound like they’re right up my alley. I didn’t know it was illegal to donate organs for money (not that I was seriously considering it). Guess I’ll just stick to checking the box on my driver’s license in case I die.

  11. I’m 30 and I babysit. Apparently adults are way way more responsible than a 14 year old. Parents like a responsible adult to be with their kids.

    That’s what I was thinking. I know if I had kids I would feel better about having an adult watch them rather than a teen. Plus babysitting can be fun at times.

  12. Oh how I would love to see you pregnant!! I’d like to point out some things to consider prior to making that decision though….
    1. Swollen and tender breasts
    2. Fatigue/tiredness
    3. Nausea/Morning Sickness
    4. Backaches
    5. Headaches
    6. Frequent urination
    7. Food cravings (possible non-craving of chocolate)
    8. Stretch marks
    It’s not all it’s cracked up to be….lol.
    Anywho, you could always have a car wash…..get out in front of the apt complex in a nice bathing suit….with any luck GP will come running! 🙂

    Hmm, sounds like what I’ve got already…just kidding. Going through the list I thought oh I can handle that until I got to the possible non-craving of chocolate. That’s where I draw the line. Actually that might be a good thing for an addict like me. And as I read your car wash idea, um, yeah I believe my exact words (out loud mind you) were “Oh GROSS!” Won’t be doing that!

  13. So much to say in response, so little space! First of all, ditto on Leigh’s comment. I try to tell Mark that I am not pregnant, but then he pulls out that very same list that she posted, and convinces me I am…but, you could always sell your eggs. After all, you are just flushing them down the toilet.

    Plasma, we almost had to do that one month when we were close to not making rent. Some kind of miracle pulled us out of that one.

    The change idea/piggy bank is great. That is currently our savings for our future child’s college tuition/mission. So far they will be lucky to make it to preschool, since we haven’t saved a whole lot.

    All are very good ideas.

    Can you imagine the conversation 18 years down the road when some kid shows up on my door telling me I’m their biological mom? Awkward! Oprah (I’m surprised I was watching b/c I generally tend not to like her) had a show about this a few weeks ago except it was b/c males had donated sperm. I’m not sure I would be prepared for the possible ramifications. The piggy bank is a good idea – except knowing me I would break it open when I had a chocolate craving and needed a fix.

  14. Oh yeah I do the change thing. I just put all my change in a little container on my desk and then take it to one of those coinstar machines and wa-la. Only I don’t think I’ve ever had $800 of change.

    I love the plasma thing. You can’t go a day on campus with out hearing someone “Yeah I have like no money. I’ve gotta go donate my plasma again”

    You could always dress like an injured veteran and hang out on street corners. j/k

    I once heard about an old man saving his change for years. When he finally cashed it in he was able to buy a brand new truck. Now that’s some change! I think I would feel guilty to hang out on street corners pan handling for change. Especially dressed as a vet (not that I could really pull off the vet look).

  15. Hee. I got the name Kevin from The Office.

    HAHA!! That’s awesome. Did you see the episode where the new HR lady thought Kevin was retarded? HILARIOUS!

  16. I do the change jar on the desk thing too.
    A 28oz-ish can has yield $50 – $90 depending on how full and coin mixture at turn in time.

    Is it sad that I know this?

    That much really? I’m going to have to find a few of those sized jars and keep them everywhere and see what I come up with.

  17. “let’s see…ok you have two quarters, two dimes, a nickel and …that’s a button. So you can get anything on the top row.”

    So funny!

    Oh my gosh I love this show! It took me a second to catch on to what you were saying. I kept thinking 75 cents is not really going to help much in the purchase of my camera. And what top row is he talking about?? I’m a little slow, maybe like Kevin. Can’t wait for the new season.

  18. I made the mistake of reading this while I was drinking my morning tea – now I am covered in tea and coughing from laughing!

    While I’m thrilled you thought it was so funny, I’m sorry you ended up covered in tea! I have now had to adopt the rule of “no eating while reading blogs” for this very reason!

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