The Element of Surprise

That’s what I had going for me yesterday when I spoke in church.  Unless I know you pretty well, am on vacation, or writing this blog, I’m pretty quiet.  I wouldn’t say I’m shy necessarily…or maybe I would.  I prefer to sit back and take in a situation, including people, before joining in.  (*side note: just because someone is quiet does not, I repeat, does not mean they are stuck up, rude, or think they are better than you.  They’re probably feeling awkward, uncomfortable, and unsure if they would be welcomed in conversation*)

I’ve been going to this particular ward for over a year now can call about 20 people by name and only actually spoken to maybe 7 of those.  So imagine their surprise when I got up to the stand, without any notes or papers thank you very much, and was animated and *gasp!*…funny!    At least that’s the most popular comment of feedback I received afterwards.  Most went something like this, “You’re funny.  I had no idea…”  “You’re totally different than I thought….”  One guy even said, “I actually stayed awake today and paid attention…”  That’s the ultimate compliment because let’s be honest, church can be a snooze.  I felt a little like Sally Fields when she accepted her Oscar in ’85 “…I can’t deny the fact that you like me, right now, you like me!”  Which might be a bit of a dramatization but it’s my blog and that’s what I’m sticking with.

I even surprised myself at one point by semi-pimping myself out to the guys.  After telling my oh so awesome stories, the ones that make me look like a complete idiot, I made a reference about how much fun I can bring to a party.  Then I pointed out to the audience and said, “Guys, (pointed back to myself with a look and a nod that said I know you can’t help wanting a piece of this because I’m so unbelievably cool) it’s area code…”  Naturally GP wasn’t there…Son of a B@%$#!

That was all yesterday.  Today I’m another employee number trying to make it through another corporate day of whatever it is that I do.  Cheers.


17 thoughts on “The Element of Surprise

  1. Glad it went well, Mrs. I’m-better-than-you-because-i- don’t-say-much……

    How in the world did you do it?! I can’t speak in front of a handful of people let alone a whole church full of them.
    Way to go! 🙂

  2. GP wasn’t there? CRAP!!! Maybe he’ll hear from the rumor mill how fabulous you were / are and strike up a conversation. Congrats on expressing yourself – your true self – in front of a large group of peeps who now think you’re the epitome of cool. Now just smile a little more!!!

    P.S. I found a spider in my SHOWER of all places the other morning. Just about had a stroke. Naked + spider = howler monkey scream only dogs can hear.

  3. Scottie: HAHA!! Loved your comment intro! Public speaking is something that for some reason doesn’t bother me much. Weird, I can speak in front of an entire congregation at once but pick them apart individually and I’m at a loss for words.

    johnnypeepers: Oh yeah, I forgot about that quote she said. She just might be right.

    Pammy Girl: Well it’s my luck he’s wasn’t there of course. That’s just the way it goes I suppose. That’s gross about the shower. For heaven’s sake – don’t those rotten things know they aren’t allowed to come into a place inhabited by you and me??

  4. You could have kept them entertained for a good 10-15 minutes with the many ways you can contort your face.

    Now for your analysis…

    Your ability to speak infront of large groups but being uncomfortable in small groups or individuals might be a sign of a fear of intimacy…my mom was a crisis counselor for a few years and practiced on us kids!

  5. Yeah, it’s true. Quiet people are not always stuck up or whatever. I would add that sometimes quiet people simply are not shy. I know a girl who speaks very softly and not very much, but she is definitely NOT shy at all. Kudos for putting that out there. Too bad about GP… 😉

  6. morethananelectrician: Cripes! Why didn’t I think of that?? Next time (if there is one) it’s all about the faces for sure! Hmm, interesting. I think I’m just think I’m a big goober with nothing to say that would entertain for an entire conversation.

    Allison: I would love to make up a speech for the breakroom. Though I don’t think it would be a cool one and I don’t think my co-workers would enjoy it too much!

    stolan13: You just never know about us quiet ones I guess.

  7. Hillarious comment – I’m sure your talk wasn’t a snoozer. Wish I’d been there to hear it! When some people get to know me they say those things too like I thought you were snobby before I knew you…hello? “Before I knew you” would be the key phrase here! You didn’t know me so don’t assume!! 🙂

  8. Yeah I get that one a lot as well, people thinking I’m stuck up. The talk was kind of fun and I had virtually everyone’s attention which is quite the feat at church. It is too bad that you weren’t there.

  9. I think you’re stuck up, but I actually know you. 🙂

    People are jerks. I love how everyone jumps to conclusions due to perceptions. Like me: I’m a blond with big boobs and am constantly called Pamela Anderson because we share the same first name. Therefore, I’m obviously dumb. Well, people either think I’m dumb or mean. I’d rather be mean and scare others than be thought of as a bimbo.

    Did the girls who talk and text pay attention, too? Excellent feat! Now the important question: any follow up phone calls asking you out?

  10. Way to go! In situations like that I usually take the opportunity to trip or sputter off a sentence fragment or two. Wish I was an audience member, but then again that requires going to church. I need to go. I’m a little built up in the sin category.

  11. Pammy Girl: Well, maybe I am a little – but only to dumb people. I didn’t notice anyone talking or sending out text messages so if they were they hid it much better this time. HAHA!! No, and I wouldn’t hold your breath either. Whereas they may have thought I was the stuck up snot before, I’m now the weird monkey, tree swinging, dumps trash on herself girl.

    Billy: I thought I might trip because I went ahead and wore high clog shoes (I don’t know what they’re really called). I almost wore flip flops but thought they would look tacky. Matter of fact the days prior I went over in detail what I would be wearing, how I would have my hair, etc. Lest you think it was b/c I’m vain I assure you it was not. I had to make sure the skirt wouldn’t ride up in the back when I stood up, since I talk a lot with my hands I had to make sure that my shirt would stay in place not revealing my bra strap and that it wouldn’t be too low in front, I already mentioned the debate about the shoes and why, went back and forth about a necklace b/c once when I wore it for no reason it came unclasped and fell down my shirt. Went ahead and chanced it and luckily it stayed put (though that could have been a great addition to the story had it fallen). And I had to have my hair pulled back b/c I hate when girls play with their hair when their speaking and I don’t like putting it behind my ears. But at the same time I didn’t want it up in a messy ponytail that I usually wear. And I checked the mirror a million times beforehand to make sure I didn’t have raccoon eyes from my eyeliner. Phew! Too much to keep up with. I skipped out on Sunday School afterwards.

  12. So pretty much I already knew you were the coolest girl and totally funny! Hello….we used to laugh our butts off in the lab. The other day I remembered the time that I was dancing in the lab and you and Chris were like “Tour….Tour” and by the time it registered what you were saying it was too late I had made a complete fool of myself. What’s new though, huh? Yeah I laughed. Oh the memories!

  13. Melodie: Man, I wish you were still here this place blows without you!! That was an awesome day indeed and I’m sure Jack enjoyed it as well. Here’s another dancing one for you, remember driving home from the bowling alley and I was busting a move in your car and the guy next to us looked over and I waved and kept dancing? Good times my friend, good times!

  14. I guess the grass is always greener. I would love to be quiet and mysterious. Instead I’m loud and obnoxious. Nobody I meet is EVER left to wonder whether I’m stuck up or not. I pretty much prove it every time I open my mouth.

    Oh, well. *sigh*

  15. bejewell: It’s a coin toss. Sometimes I really like that I can keep people guessing – as long as the keep guessing and don’t just assume something not true. But then again, sometimes I don’t care and am content to go on my merry way without a second thought to what people think.

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