My Unconventional 4th – and post #100!!

Many of you know that I went to Santa Monica to visit my sister for the 4th this year.  It was tons of fun and the only part that sucked was when I had to leave and go back to work.  So without further adieu here are the pics that make up my weekend:

Sprinkes got the party started with their yummy dose of pure sugar.  I’m actually not sure there was any cupcake involved or if it was just a giant blob of frosting.

That night we went down to the Santa Monica Pier and rode on the Ferris Wheel.  Before this ride I would have told you that I’m not really afraid of heights.  And I still don’t think I am really – as long as I’m strapped in with some sort of bar or belt.  I was not.  We were sitting in an open gondola that swung with every slight movement.  Not so much my favorite!

The next morning we went to the beach.  Walking down there was no big deal.  The weather was perfect and there weren’t a lot of people where we decided to go.  Walking back, however, was terrible and I was prepared to live the remainder of my days on the beach.

If I thought trying to get across the sand was hard, then I was ill prepared for this:

BEAST is an understatement.

That night we headed for the LA Galaxy game.  I know nothing about soccer but it didn’t matter – it was a blast!

Now I can say I’ve had my picture taken with Beckham…one of those white dots on the field is him.  No really…it is…I promise.

On Saturday we decided to do something totally different and visit a ghost town.  In my mind, I imagined it being spooky with stories of how at night you can still see the residents walking around.  Turned out it was just an old abandoned gold mining town.  It was still a lot of fun and I’m glad we went there rather than Knott’s Berry Farm where we were considering going.

So thanks PammyGirl for the adventures this past weekend.  Until next time….

28 thoughts on “My Unconventional 4th – and post #100!!

  1. Whoa you hussy! LOL! Love the old fashioned saloon picture!! Very sexy of you and your sis. Is that weird I just said sexy? Oh well….it is!! Looks like you had a great time!! I’m jealous!!! 😀

  2. Leigh: You know what was not sexy? Trying to figure out how all that crap goes on! Talk about complicated – but hilarious!

    lynnard: I didn’t have my camera with me when we actually bought the cupcake so all I got was a pick with the box. But I got double fudge or something like that.

  3. Wow, it looked like you gals had a blast. Loved the old west picture. That’s a must do when visiting a goldmine. I have one from years ago. I was dressed in a Confederate uniform. I hope that doesn’t come back to haunt me one day.

  4. L: It’s true. You think, “oh I’m just sitting here. No biggie” Then you look down…or worse, look up while it’s moving.

    Dead Charming: Very nice! Though being in the same league as as old west hooker…well, it’s gotta make my mom proud.

    Billy: It was tons of fun! I usually pass up doing those kinds of pics b/c I’m cheap but had to take it this time around. A Confederate uniform huh? I hope it doesn’t come back to haunt you either.

  5. Allison: Thanks, it was a lot of fun hanging out for a few days. I had only heard of things b/c Katie Holmes runs her trap about them all the time.

    morethananelectrician: Oh I’m sure he was thinking of me too, definitely…

  6. GASP!! I LOVE California. I am tres Jealous that you were there. I am still trying to force my family to send me to my aunts house. heh. Anyways that looks like awesome times. Santa monica is fun… I want to go to the beach:(

  7. It looks like you two had a lot of fun. Those stairs look really awful and I too would be prepared to live out my days on the beach if I saw those stairs.

  8. Knotts is SO much more fun than Calico! I can only imagine how hot it was out there. Thankfully, I was out of town for the 4th in Lake Tahoe… aahh, cool breezes!

  9. kelltick: Keep working on your parents. California is the way to go!

    Sarah: They were awful and I lost count how many times we stopped for a little rest.

    jenefur: It was really, really hot out there but I kind of like hot weather so it wasn’t crazy awful. Plus there weren’t hoards of people everywhere so that was a bonus. Glad to hear Lake Tahoe was a good time.

    Pammy Girl: That is a record and we’re only half way through the year.

  10. Your pictures are great. Those stairs look awful. I guess that pure frosting cupcakes resulted in the need to climb stairs like that. And I love the ghost town photos!

  11. Five Husbands: We had a ball and I really wish I could have stayed. Thanks for thinking of me to tag – I’m working on it and just hope I can come up with 6 things!

    pamajama: Thank! I like pics better when they’re entertaining.

    Jenn: Lots of fun! Glad you FINALLY started your own blog!!

    maleesha: They were completely sucky to climb! And to think there were people that would run up and down for exercise – madness I tell you!

  12. Billy: Thanks! I’d like to thank all the little people that made this possible…to my blogging community who actually reads this stuff…j/k I was pretty surprised when I saw that it was #100. I can now say I have accomplished something while at work.

  13. Is it my imagination or do you love to scowl or make funny faces in your pics? 😉 Looks like you had a great time… except with the near death experience at the ferris wheel, the long sandy walks, and the beast-like stairway.

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