My Heaven

Lastnight I was over at the park near my house, as I am almost every night, and it occured to me that it was my heaven.  So let me paint the picture for you seeing as how I did not follow my own advice about having my camera with me at all times.  In my heaven it would be sunset all day.  That perfect time in the evening when there’s still enough light to do whatever but not so much that you swerve off the rode when you turn your car west.  It’s in the upper 70s maybe even low 80s but feels cooler than that because there is a slight breeze blowing.  And heaven is a gargantuous park with soft green grass (with no chiggers!) to lay in possibly taking a nap, wide sidewalks, flowers/trees, and maybe even a pond.  In heaven I wear my shorts and groddy work out shirt because it’s unbelievably comfortable, switch between flip flops and sneakers that I don’t lace up, and pile my hair in a high, loose ponytail on my head.  And I never run out of Otter Pop Flavor Ice Popsicles or Jr. Mints.  All the orange and blue Otter Pops have already been removed and discarded from the box because those flavors are barfy and taste like cold medication. And I eat as many of the others as I want at one time,  I usually have 3-5 at one sitting.  There’s a never ending supply of good books everywhere and my Ipod battery never needs to be charged.  AAHHH, heaven!

27 thoughts on “My Heaven

  1. My heaven is in the early morning with the sun just peaking out over the horizon, setting the sky on fire with luminous rays of orange, pink and purple. It’s warm but there’s a slight breeze, so I can wear shorts and a long sleeve t-shirt without freezing or sweating. My hair is slicked into a ponytail and I’m only wearing lip gloss and some mascara. There are never any commercials (except clever or funny ones) and I can watch Will & Grace or Magnum PI any time I want. The more cookies or brownies I eat, the tighter my butt gets.

  2. And no kids….you forgot to mention no kids! 🙂 Oh wait, maybe that is my heaven!! 🙂 Don’t get me wrong, I love the little rugrats, but there’s nothing wrong with a quiet evening alone once in awhile!

  3. Pammy Girl: Sounds very nice. I guess if I were to include something about TV then Wentworth Miller would be there at my beck and call. *sigh*

    Leigh: That’s a good point to make but you’re right I think that’s more your heaven b/c I don’t have to deal with kids ever.

  4. If I remember an earlier post of yours correctly, wouldn’t it be better if, just as you were finishing off your book and box of Junior Mints, I handsome man with a amazing accent comes and delivers you a fresh box of treats?

  5. morethananelectrician: Yes!! My heaven just keeps getting better and better. Maybe if the guy looked like Wentworth Miller with an accent or GP for that matter….

  6. In my heaven, I have super powers. Not enough to level a city block with, just enough to lift into the air and fly around whenever I want and see things. I have really bad wanderlust, and my job won’t pay for enough traveling.

  7. Hey – I like the blue ones best! In my heaven I would have chocolate (good chocolate) & ice cream at my disposal with not expansion in my butt. I’d also have the same weather you and Pammy girl described, but definitely at a beach. Love the beach. I would ever get burned, but I’d have a great tan! I’d also be chatting freely with the original members of Duran Duran. Super cheesy, but who cares…it’s my heaven, right??

  8. angelbearoh: Flying is a great idea! Too bad your work won’t pay for traveling. Of course mine doesn’t either…boo!

    Billy: The Otter Pop entry was awsome! Wish I had one or 5 right now.

    Lynne: The blue ones are gross. But I’m glad you like them so when I visit you can eat those and I’ll eat the others. Your heaven sounds pretty awsome and I may just have to visit. Though I would be sure not to cut into your Duran Duran time!

  9. I knew I wasn’t the only one out there who loved their Otter Pops!!! They were a staple in my diet growing up. I think I’m going to have to buy some Otter Pops this weekend! 😉

  10. I’m a fan of orange and red ones. The blue and purple are NASTY. The pink one is gross, too. Maybe I’m thinking of Icee Pops. Whatever. Anything purple/grape lost all interest for me after the 7th grade.

  11. Pammy Girl: The orange ones tast like Triamedic – blech! I agree on the blue but the purple tastes yummy. Pink’s not my fav but I tolerate it. Green and red are the best.

  12. My heaven would be: to never run out of hot water in my shower, to be able to actually take a leak ( just for once) without someone interrupting me, for the phone not to ring just as I’ve stepped out and locked the front door, for the dogs to actually wait until they get outside to do their business in the morning, and (finally) for no one to yell my name out loud over and over all day long—that is unless its publisher’s clearing house telling me I’ve won a million dollars, but what are the chances of that happening ( especially if I’ve never entered the contest) ? 🙂

  13. that sounds so nice! Mine would be very similar to that, only I would have an endless supply of Diet Coke from the fountain, fresh Lime to squeeze in it, and a big ‘ol plate of chips and queso. Of course, they would be healthier than eating veggies, and taste amazing.

  14. Scottie: That would all be nice. Especially the million dollars. I tell everyone Plan A in my life is that I would win the lottery – even though I don’t play. Hey, it could happen.

    adam: Hmm, not much of a fan of diet coke but the chips and queso sound superb!

  15. Your heaven sounds, well – heavenly. And I wonder can I get Otter Pop Flavor Ice Popsicles in Ohio? I will Google it just as soon as I read entries under shlupadinka.

  16. fivehusbands: Seriously? The store didn’t have any? Very odd. Sometimes they market them as just Flavor Ice rather than Otter Pops but really they’re the same thing. Good luck on your quest!

  17. duffboy: Glad I could help expand your vocabulary. You can add “y” to anything to create loads of new words. Well, I don’t know if you really can but I do.

    sadiesadie: Sounds like a plan!

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