Weekend Update

This past weekend my sister Pammy Girl stopped by for a couple of days on her way to a friend’s wedding.  Honestly, I wish she could have stayed longer than a couple of days but I had fun with the time we did spend hanging out.  The “big activity” was to get our hair done.  Now, I’m not really one for fussing with my hair all that much.  I rarely go somewhere to have it fixed, prefering to just make do with my own mad hair skills – which aren’t all that good but whatever, it ends up piled on my head anyway.  For years my sister has been going to the same hair dresser singing his praises and since her hair always looks awsome I decided to take her up on her invite and schedule an appointment.  Even though he was dying to cut my hair I held my ground.  I’m trying to grow it out after all.  What he did do to my hair was a nice higlighted color weave.  I haven’t had my hair this light since I dumped Sun In on it when I was high school.  Ladies, remember Sun In?  Yeah, unfortunately I do to!  So here are some pics of the process and end result:



 I have before and after pics of both of us but she may be posting them on her blog.  Pammy Girl it was a blast and wish you could have stayed longer!


26 thoughts on “Weekend Update

  1. Oooo…so pretty!! It looks great.

    I just had my hair foiled…with three colors (blond, red, dark brown) yikes. If it weren’t for my curls helping the colors meld together I’d look like Bozo the Clown!

  2. Typical guy: “Did you do something…you look different?”

    Despite my theory that all things must NOT change, you didn’t to a complete change and it comes out looking very nice. Maybe a little change isn’t SOOOOOO bad!

  3. Lynne: Thanks!

    2lazydogs: Thank you! You should post pics of your hair I would love to see it!

    jenefur: Yeah I’m a nerd. I don’t think I’ve ever fixed it before getting it done until now.

    morethananelectrician: I’m usually a little skeptical of change as well but this turned out ok. Maybe change is ok…in moderation.

  4. Leigh: Thanks! Hope you had a better afternoon than morning yesterday.

    gibsondog: Thank you! Not only would that crap turn your hair orange but it wouldn’t come out. No matter how many brown dyes you put on your hair. Totally vile!

    Lynne: Hey Kendall! Glad you stopped by to take a look at the blog and pics. Maybe your mom will let you start a blog of your own!

  5. looks great! By the way, this is my first time here by way of a Southern Fried Mess. I recognize some of the commenters though, so I think I’m among friends!

  6. adam: Thanks for dropping by! I’ve seen you around on some of the other blogs. Funny how that works – I think there’s a solid group of us that stick together. And it’s always great to have new people.

  7. WOW! I like it. You look great! My daughter just got her’s done and now I’m itching to do mine. BUT… unfortunately I do remember my ‘Sun- in’ experience all to well. Try imagining someone with dark, almost black hair spraying that stuff on. Yikes! It wasn’t pretty. Maybe I should try a reverse highlight instead. Go with darker streaks instead of lighter? Hmmm…

  8. EVERYONE: Don’t let Bluesuit fool you — her hair ALWAYS looks good. It makes me sick. She doesn’t have to work hard and she always looks amazing. Bitch.

    Billy… you didn’t tell ME that we were hot. I think you might have a little secret crush on bluesuit. What do you think?

    And Bluesuit: I had a fantastic time and am totally jazzed you’ll be here for the 4th!

  9. Billy: No, you can’t forget that at all! j/k It was a good day.

    Scottie: Oh yikes! That couldn’t have looked good at all. I hate sun in and don’t know why they still market that crap. It took FOREVER to get that stuff out of my hair. Other dyes wouldn’t hide it so I had to just wait until it grew out. Let’s just say I had some short hair during that time.

    Pammy Girl: Bitter? Party of one? Poor Billy…awkward situations are my favorite. And I’m really excited about going out there in a little over a week. You can never have to many vacations and trips planned and it should be a total blast!

  10. Allison: Thanks! Having a sister comes with some benefits.

    Pammy Girl: She’s “most definitely the cool one of the group?” Hmm, She is cool but I think we can all hold our own.

  11. Great do, or due, or dew, whichever it is! Remember in the MTC when I dyed your hair and without even trying I acheived a great polka dot look for you! I think I have pictures of that, maybe, or was it just the swirly….

  12. Ginny: I do remember when you dyed my hair but I don’t remember it looking like polka dots. I had forgotten about the swirly, Hna. Coons was quite the character for sure!

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