Trix are for Kids…Another Sign of Aging

We all know that I love candy.  As I wrote in my last post, I went into an old fashioned store with old school candy in it.  However not all of it was rare, hard to find candy like the cigarette sticks, but some I just hadn’t eaten in a very long time and had sort of forgotten about.  Some of these included: Pixie Sticks, Smarties, Sweetarts, Nerds, Fun Dips, and Air Heads.  When you think about it, all of these with the exception of the Air Heads, are the basically the same thing – colored sugar.  Some like the Pixie Sticks and Fun Dips are in the powdered form while Smarties and Sweetarts are in solid form.  But whatever, I used to love to eat all of these and decided to take a trip down memory lane. 

I started with the Air Heads strawberry flavor.  I took one bite and thought, “This is disgusting!”  But choked it down because heaven forbid I waste 10 cents.  Thankfully I still really liked the Cherry flavor and semi-liked Watermelon.  Hmm, onto the next candy the Smarties.  These were heavy duty industrial sized not like those puny ones you get at Halloween:


That’s a mangled paper clip on top of the Smartie so you can get an idea of size.  They look like Vitamin C tablets and ended up tasting about the same as one.  Chalky and gross. 

Moving on to the Pixie Sticks.  I guess I inhaled as I was trying to dump the contents in my mouth because I ended up choking and coughing.  Further proof that I could not ever be a Coke addict.  Or Meth or whatever other powdered drug there is because I would not be able to snort it.  Not that I tried snorting the Pixie Stick but you get my point.  Drugs and Pixie Sticks are not for me.

Fun Dips!  I remember these being fun – as their name suggests.


Not so.  I and my face are not having fun:


My jaw tightened into this vice grip and I didn’t know whether to swallow or spit but was momentarily paralized and couldn’t do either.  And my left eye started watering and twitching.  So I thought the fun must be in the stick you use to dip into the sugar.  Again, not so.


It tasted like I was eating chalk and a calcium tablet.  Why I thought this candy equaled a good time I have no idea and why the stick used to be my favorite part will forever remain a mystery.

I didn’t buy any of this but I used to really like Bubbalicious Gum.  Mostly grape flavor.  I had some a few years ago and not only did the flavor run out in .5 seconds, I put my hand up to my jaw while chewing.  Remember in Bill and Ted’s Excellent Adventure when they gave everyone gum to chew so they could use it to stick the antena back together?  Well, notice Freud.  That’s what I looked like.  Plus I had an added problem that I didn’t use to have.  I started drooling.  Apparently that much gum was too much for my mouth to handle at once and I had trouble keeping it all inside.  That was the last time I had Bubbalicious.

Anyway, I made it through the Sweetarts and Nerds though there was a little jaw tightening and slight eye twitching going on.  And for the record, I brushed and flossed my teeth immediately after.  Twice.


20 thoughts on “Trix are for Kids…Another Sign of Aging

  1. It looks like you may have eaten that paper clip! Do you still have it? My mouth started watering with the mention of the grape gum.

    This reminds me of a Sweetarts story that ended up with me not being able to put anything in my mouth for a week. I’ll have to write that one up this weekend.

  2. I thought you did some clothes shopping? Looks like that shirt is about as old as some of your favorite candy memories. You should stick with the tried and true favorite: CHOCOLATE. Because just thinking of grape gum makes me a little sick.

  3. morethananelectrician: I looked and phew! I still have the paperclip. Can’t wait to read about the Sweetarts story.

    Billy: Looking at the pics and reading what I wrote makes jaw tighten just a little.

    pamajama: Thanks so much! That really made my day.

    Pammy Girl: I did do some clothes shopping but that’s one of my favorite work out shirts. Actually it might be my only one. Until it falls completely apart or becomes a little too revealing I’ll keep wearing it. And you’re right, I need to stick to chocolate – but only good stuff. Nothing from Mexico.

  4. Heehee…your expressions ARE priceless…I could almost feel the tarty tang just by looking at the photos! I must admit I have Fun Dip sitting on my kitchen counter right now, and funny, it doesn’t make my face do that. I still like the taste of it…but not the stick…oh, no, never eat the stick. Yuck!

    Sweetarts are the bomb and I will NEVER stop eating those (unless my teeth fall out, which they probably will, because I eat far too much candy).

  5. Reading this post made my jaw tighten up too. Your expressions though are completely priceless. I imagine that is how we all look when we try eating that stuff again.

  6. As with eveyone else my mouth I got the wierd mouth reactions too – Yesterday at the movies I tasted one of my kid’s sweet tarts (the big ones in the long roll package) and I nearly gagged. Total yuck. I do however still like the giant, chewey ones that come in a pack of three. The fun sticks are nasty these days, but I used to think they were the greatest.

  7. You’re just going after the wrong old school candies, where are the bottle caps, chick-o-sticks, major league chew, and razzles. Seems to me you’ve got a number of other candies to go through before you can say you’re too old to enjoy the little pleasures of years past.

  8. 2lazydogs: I think the taste caught me by surprise. If I were to keep eating I would get used to the flavor…or I just wouldn’t have tastebuds anymore. Either way, I would be able to keep eating them. I do like Sweetarts a lot.

    jenefur: I think I’ve just become more impatient as I’ve gotten older. It took forever to dip in the stick to get the candy. Not much came out. I finally just ate the stick and dumped the pack in my mouth.

    Sarah: Yeah probably. I remember eating those sour ball things with my friends and seeing if we could eat them without making a face. We were never successful.

    Lynne: The chewy ones are pretty ok. I still say chocolate is the safe bet.

    Blaine: You commented!! I don’t think I’ve ever eaten bottle caps, chico – o-sticks, or razzles. I do remember Major League Chew though. Oh, but I really remember the gum that came out like tape. I think it was 6 ft. long. Maybe I should try the other candy before I make a final judgement.

    Scottie: I still really like sprees! Hmm, I may need to make a run to the store in a little bit.

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  10. I used to LOVE fundip…and based on your facial expressions I’m pretty sure there’s NO WAY I’d try and “relive my youth”…

    Wow. I, like so many others, had that scary tight-behind-the-jaw feeling just reading about that. You are brave!

  11. A worthy experiment! Way to sacrifice your tongue for science. I’m happy just remembering how much I loved Fun Dip. And that’s as far as I need to go.

  12. kelltick: I didn’t know there was fun dip that changed colors. Maybe I’ll have to look into that.

    Dead Charming: If I had known what it would taste like I’m not sure I would have tried it again! Well, maybe I still would have LOL.

    BusyDad: Sacrificing my tongue for science? Hmm, yes that’s what I was doing! I like the sound of that much better than “I dipped my tongue in a bag of sour sugar just because”.

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