I Think Something’s in the Water!

This was kind of a bizarre weekend for me.  Saturday I woke up with this foreign urge to go shopping – for clothes!  It was so strange but I found myself in the mall, which next to being in Walmart, is my own personal hell.  But it actually wasn’t too bad.  Then the really weird part.  Not only did I find clothes I liked and they fit but I actually bought them!!  In all total I spent about $120 on 6 tops and a pair of capris.  Not too shabby.  Plus 4 of the shirts can be worn casual with jeans/capris or dressed up with a skirt and if I owned any, dress pants.  So I can wear them both to work and church. And the entire shopping excursion took place in the span of about 2 hours.  Plus I came away with clothes that don’t have holes in them, are stylish and current, and don’t make me look like a 14 year old skater throw back from the 90’s – score!

Then on Sunday I had this weird desire to bake.  WHAT??  Yeah I know!  And more bizarre still is that I had the ingredients to make a cake, brownies, fudge, apple tort, or these cream cheese cookie dough brownie things.  I didn’t necessarily want to eat any of it (I’m undoubtably certifiable) I just wanted to make it.  So I remembered that there is a church BBQ tonight and the girls were asked to bring desserts while the guys are bringing the main food.  And I decided to 1) actually go to this thing which is another thing I hardly ever do and 2) take homeade desserts while I know the rest will all be store bought cookies.  So I made both the fudge and cream cheese dessert.  Yes, I’m really beginning to believe there’s something in the water I’ve been drinking!!


11 thoughts on “I Think Something’s in the Water!

  1. Yeah – I heard about both of these from mom and thought it was beyond wierd. So are you turning a new leaf or was it a one time deal?

  2. Lynne: Let’s hope it was just a one time deal. Time will tell I guess.

    morethananelectrician: Holy Crap! It has a name! Now that I’ve been warned I’m going to keep on my toes so I don’t fall for further signs.

  3. Yeah, Morethananelectrician is right. Nesting. I’ve been doing that a lot lately. A weird urge to clean your home is also part of it. If you feel the need to clean EVERYTHING and actually throw stuff away that you don’t use anymore, it’s too late for you.

  4. Sarah: OH SNAP!! Friday night I made a special trip to the store to get pledge and toilet cleaner b/c I couldn’t stand the mess and dust. I cleaned my bathroom and mopped the kitchen floor…on a Friday night!! Oh help me!

    Erica: yeah it was pretty awsome and I wish more stuff happened like that!

    Allison: I don’t know if I was a hit or not. All the cream cheese things were gone by the end but it didn’t look like anyone even touched the fudge. Very bizarre!

  5. Shopping! I went to the Food Mart two days in a row… that was the extent of my shopping. 😦
    I think you just reminded me that it is time for summer sandal shopping.

  6. I think that “nesting” is what happens when you are pregnant. Are you pregnant? That would be weird, and all. I called it domestication. Domestication is one of the more common side effects of living in the “happier” part of happy valley. If it has come this far, you may not have a chance to recover. I was able to get out (serving a mission) before it got me!

  7. Ginny: I hope I’m not pregnant or I would have a lot of explainng to do…or someone would have a lot of explaining to do to me! Domestication huh? Well I think I still have hope…at least that’s what I’m going to keep telling myself.

  8. gibsondog: I love sandals! I pretty much throw out all socks and tie shoes in the summer. Come to think of it, I think I only have one or two winter shoes. Everything else is for the summer.

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