Dulce = Candy…But Not Always


Yesterday I was sitting in our break room enjoying my lunch and reading a book when a fellow co-worker and his sister came in to eat. This co-worker is from Mexico and since I lived both there and in Guatemala we’ve had many conversations comparing life in the US vs. there. Before you go thinking these conversations had to do with politics, rights, or other equally important things – they don’t. They’re usually centered around insignificant observations about grocery stores, driving, or food. And not just any type of food but specifically: candy.

I love candy. I eat entirely way too much of it. I didn’t realize how good we had it until I moved to Mexico and tried some of their chocolate and about gagged. Unless I was willing to fork out some good money for basic chocolate, like a Snickers bar, I pretty much stayed away from it all together for the 4 months I lived there. Same thing in Guatemala. I am going to interject here that there were some types of candy that I loved and wish they sold here in the States but as for chocolate it was a no go.

So back to lunch yesterday. His sister offered me a piece of her favorite candy from Mexico that her mother – in- law had brought over while visiting. Since I don’t normally turn candy down, I took it. She told me that it was like a piece of caramel with a few nuts in it. I like caramel. And I like nuts. That was NOT, I repeat, NOT what it tasted like at all!

I took a bite and immediately realized I was in trouble. It had a gritty, you could taste the crunchy sugar grains texture mixed with something that made it soft and a little moist. But not in the soft tafy kind of way but in the I think this piece of candy is old and is beginning to enter the crumble stage but isn’t quite there yet. My tongue’s first reaction was to eject this morsel immediately and go brush my teeth or at the very least rinse out my mouth with water. But I couldn’t do either because both of them were still in the room and I really didn’t want to offend her. So I sat there with this “candy” stuck to the roof of my mouth because I couldn’t bring myself to swallow. And I waited. After a few minutes they finished and left. Meanwhile, my mouth had automatically been salivating (and not in a good way) because the candy was still in it and then some of the saliva managed to trickle down my throat. It was at that point I started to gag. I made a bee line for the napkins and disposed of all evidence. I promptly downed my water bottle and found a piece of chocolate in my bag.

Later in the afternoon, I was talking to this co-worker and he asked me if I had liked the candy his sister had given me. I don’t always think honesty is necessarily the best policy – sometimes it’s kindness. But since he and I are pretty good friends I had tell him that it was awful…and to please not tell his sister that I had spit it out. He just laughed, knowing that I wouldn’t like it….then he offered me another.

*Yes that’s me in the picture up top.  I started the candy addiction early and by the looks of it, I’m about to OD at any moment!!


14 thoughts on “Dulce = Candy…But Not Always

  1. I remember candy just like this when I lived in Costa Rica. They kind of reminded me of the old “protein bars” from the 80’s…disgusting!

  2. Lynne: Good call on old protein bars!

    morethananelectrician: LOL! I think I am wearing overalls and a red turtleneck. But the costume was an old dance outfit from one of my sisters. It probably was a cold Halloween – but hey, as long as I got candy!

  3. I guess candy is a tricky thing. Here in Guatemala there are lots of variations, a very popular one is something called “canillita de leche” (a small leg of milk), which is delish… but there is also crappy local candy, I apologize on behalf of that crappy stash you probably tasted.

  4. Ahhhhh. a fellow candy aholic! I have it stashed all over the house so i can get to it quickly when my kids are around. In my room: upper closet shelf. In the kitchen: right medicine cupboard, upper cabinet over stove, fridge butter container. Downstairs: Top drawer of my craft stuff and top top shelf of book shelf. In my car: deep door pocket on drivers side, ash tray they do not know exists because it is under a handy cup holder. I had to take it out of my purse as they have all discovered it there:( So, want to start meetings—wait does that mean we’d have to stop—-never mind!

  5. duffboy: I don’t remember hearing of a small leg of milk candy but if it’s as good as you say then I wish I had. There was a candy that I can’t remember the name of but I loved, loved, loved it! It reminded me a little bit of a bite sized butterfinger without the chocolate. It came in an orange wrapper with little bears on it I think. I had it both in Mexico and Guatemala and would buy handfuls of it all day long. I’ve looked in vain here in the states everytime I go into a Latin store but it’s nowhere to be found. I also ate more than my fill of Chiki (I think that’s how it’s spelled) cookies. Hmm, I’m getting hungry.

    Jackie Goddard: Holy Cow!! I want to come to your house! I actually don’t keep a lot of candy in my apartment. Not because I don’t want it, but because it never makes it all the way home from the store before I eat it! I did have a bag of Tootsie Rolls in my car once when I went to visit my niece and nephew. It was a new car and they thought it naturally produced the candy. Now everytime I go to visit I try to have a bag with me in the car – but the bag doesn’t last long!

  6. Candy is both good and evil. My new addiction is Pink Berry (yogurt) but I’m NEVER one to turn down chocolate. My favorite candy can be found across Europe: Lion Bars!!! YUMMY! In fact, Europe has some of the best chocolate around. Let’s not forget Magnum bars! Apparently you can buy them in the states now, but only from street vendors (which kind of frightens me). Candy that will NEVER tempt me: licorice or Twizzlers, Jelly Beans, sour patch anything, things covered in coconut, and whore hound candy.

  7. Pammy Girl: European chocolate is the best! And those Magnum bars are killer for sure. I just sent mom a few bags of locorice (gag!!). I see to your gross candy list and raise it those marshmellow easter chicks, orange marshmellow peanuts, and that Halloween candy that’s wrapped in the orange and black paper. I know you’ll agree considering your affinity to marshmellow fluff!

  8. Peeps are the worst! I don’t think they should even be considered candy. In college we’d buy a bunch of boxes and stick them in the microwave for entertainment (hello… I lived in Ephraim for 2 years!). They grow about 17 times their normal size. Grandpa Jones used to buy (and expect me to eat) marshmallows rolled in toasted coconut. That was pure torture for me.

  9. My husbands family is Polish and every Christmas we get these chocolate bars that are like the size of our heads. That is some good stuff there. It makes me wish Christmas was more than once a year just so I could get more of this stuff.

  10. Ugh, when I read the phrase “orange marshmallow peanuts” I just gagged a little. They’re even worse than those sugared orange slices.

    Last year for Halloween, one house gave my imp blue mint hard candies like you would find in an outdated office. I immediately disposed of those…besides the fact that she shouldn’t have hard candy, I woudn’t abuse her by permitting her to eat ick candy.

  11. Pammy Girl: I’ve never put peeps in the microwave before but now I have an urge to do so just to see what happens. Grandpa sometimes ate gross things.

    Sarah: Yum! That candy bar sounds heavenly.

    Allison: There should be a fine implemented on houses that give gross candy for Halloween! They don’t all have to give candy bars but absolutely no hard candy or anything marshmellowy.

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